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      At 4 years old Bruno learned how to play the keyboard. At 8 he learned drums. He became interested in guitar at 12 years old. And, with encouragement from his mother, he began composing his own music at the age of 14/15 years old. 

       “My first original song was in honor of my fish that died tragically, a (song) that is called
‘Blue (for the Fish)'” says Bruno. I don’t know if I should find that funny or not at the moment…. What makes Brupamu’s music unique is how Bruno likes to find “different sounds” through mixing “electronic sounds with organic sounds in the composition”. This interesting mixture definitely did stand out to me, but I am always open to hearing a new kind of sound…. It’s why I enjoyed bands like AWOLNATION and experimental bands like Yellow Ostrich. “I try to create deep harmonies while trying not to escape from pop music, so that most people can understand, enjoy, and decorate the letters” the composer says.

         “Every artist has his own vision in relation to music, I like to listen (to) all kinds of sound but I try not to imitate any specific artist.” 
          He writes his music to capture not only his view of the world and how he thinks, but also to talk about his struggles in his life. “Most of my lyrics are about personal difficulties that I have gone through in my life, especially in my mental state … a period of depression and difficulty in acceptance in relation to society where I saw that one of the ways to self help and get out of that state was by writing about What I was going through, not in a sad way, but simply exposing my vision at the time … but I write about everything, about my daily life, about my state of mind, about what I think and how I see the world” Bruno tells me. He appreciates his fans tremendously, mainly cause they feel that the lyrics come from a fictional place.
            “(The fans) also like to know that my lyrics speak about real experiences, and are compositions that say about my true point of view about everything. This is really cool, and having that feedback was what really helped me a lot in life.”


Mystical Dimension: ★★★★☆


By John Cronin

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