Musosoup Features | June 2021

Moon Walker

Moon Walker

Sean McCarthy (drums) and Harry Springer (guitar/singer/producer) of Moon Walker came out with their newest sophomore single The TV Made Me Do It on June 18th. With their debut single Tear Down the Wall already reaching close to 50k streams on Spotify alone, the LA duo has seen success with this single as well with over 10k streams on Spotify.

The single was written as a direct response to the horrific January 6th capital insurrection, and was ironically written the day before the insurrection. I am a huge fan of the song and the video, it definitely compliments their Talking Heads and Jack White influences. To some the song can be “whiny”, but to me it drips with nostalgia and wit. With that said, I have a feeling Matt Schultz would love this song.

Kindred Connection

Kindred Connection

Gabriele (singer/lyricist) and Mattia (guitarist/pianist) of Turin, Italy released their fifth single Some Kind of Dream on June 12th. Influenced by neoclassical and electronic components like Jon Hopkins and Olafur Arnalds, the duo are also inspired by the world of pop and rock music like Coldplay and Oasis. Kindred Connections’ previous tracks have seen massive success, including their debut single Secret Places hitting 100k plays as well as hitting the top 50 for the indie folk genre on Submithub.

Entirely self-recorded and self-produced in the middle of the Italian countryside, the track was mixed and mastered in London by two extremely talented sound engineers. The emotional single is about death and rebirth, and the duo says the song is “an intimate moment that makes you want to look up at the sky and feel that every single thing in the world is connected”. I believe that single quote just sums up everything I wanted to say.

Jordan Popky

Jordan Popky

Brooklyn’s indie-alternative singer-songwriter Jordan Popky recently came out with Worth the Risk on the 25th. Raising the stakes that were planted by her debut EP Closer to Mine, this single is a hard hitting arrangement with stiletto-sharp lyrics and powerhouse vocals. The single features the talents of Dr. Blum (Misterwives), Kristin Marilyn, Giselle, and Ellajay.

Jordan is not just the average singer-songwriter, to me she is the next Hayley Williams. She has a beautiful voice, and she makes pop and rock the perfect pair. I genuinely really love listening to this very relatable and intriguing single.



Indie pop rock artist boywithahalo has recently released the 8th single and fourth release under the AWAL distribution, summer we never had. The single is a tale of 2020 and the moments when time stood still due to the pandemic.

With a 1974-like intro/riff, the song is topped with somewhat mysterious female vocals that make this the perfect indie bedroom pop song. For some reason, it reminds me of Cults’ song Go Outside that I memorably heard swaying in the air at the 2013 Boston Calling.

Lydia Briggs

Lydia Briggs

17 year old singer-songwriter released Daylight on the 28th, via AWAL (Kobalt Music Group). Kobalt’s Music Group’s select AWAL Core family member, Lydia has already reached over 30.1k streams on Spotify and Apple Music and over 427k views on YouTube with her 9 singles.

Blessed with a pure voice, blues-influenced piano style, and bohemian sensibility, this song is about the social psychological theory called “bystander apathy”. This theory states that individuals are less likely to offer help to a victim when there are other people present. The song is basically questioning why that happens, and it is her way to speak out for the people who are suffering during and after these experiences.

Aimee Broom

Aimee Broom

Faces is the new single by UK based singer-songwriter Aimee Brown, a 16 year old that is already garnering over 100k combined streams for her debut single Love Me Hate Me that was released in March 2020.

This single is a bubblegum dance pop with an uplifting and youthful EDM energy that was co-created with Laurence Hobbs and Jonny Amos. I don’t usually like commercial pop, but when I heard the chorus I realized that this song was something more than that. It’s more anthemic than it is commercial.



North West England’s 5 piece released their genre bending song Star Collisions. Escapades aim to reach beyond their genres, and to show their listeners their own take on indie pop. The song takes their fans on a journey to outer space.

Recorded at Electric Church in Blackburn, this single was recorded with the intention of developing their sound into something distinctive to their name. This synth wave guitar like sound is really mystifying, something that would appeal to Wolf Alice and Black Honey.



Self-producer and self-taught DJ, Kate Hazeldine (NIIX) is the Liverpool-based artist who’s name is dedicated to the Greek goddess of the night. NIIX is currently being mentored by producer and artist Lapsley as a part of the Bright Sound Mentoring Scheme programme (PRS/Festival Republic) that addresses the gender imbalance within the music industry.

On June 4th her lead single DRV hit the scene, but that’s just the beginning before her EP is set to be released on July 2nd. While this dark and crunchy pop single is a catchy track, I imagine LST&FND to be a fan favorite. W8NG would be great for fans of Billie Eilish and maybe even Lorde. BBY will polish off the single with a soft touch, leaving fans wanting even more.

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James Millier | Brighter Day

James Millier

Table of Contents

  1. Who is James Millier?
  2. Brighter Day by James Millier Review
  3. What’s Next for James Millier?
  4. Links

Who is James Millier?

Alternative Country James Millier from Barton on Sea, Hampshire in England (UK) is set to release his newest single Brighter Day on July 2nd.

Following massively successful releases like his hit single This Life (2018) that reached over 30k streams on Spotify alone, James is hoping for just as much success with this newest single as well.

Brighter Day by James Millier Review

Brighter Day is a story about how a breakup that can improve a person and lead to brighter and more fulfilling life. James felt a connection to this song from a moment in his life because he knows how hard breakups can be.

The single was co-written with acclaimed Nashville songwriter Trey Bruce, produced by Olli Dafforn, mixed by Alfie Cattell, and mastered by Streaky.

What’s Next for James Millier?

At the moment, it is unknown what is next for James. Follow and like the links below so you don’t miss his next releases!


Larry Mindel | Whisper the World Away

Larry Mindel

Table of Contents

  1. Who is Larry Mindel?
  2. Whisper the World Away by Larry Mindel Review
  3. What’s Next for Larry Mindel?
  4. Links

Who is Larry Mindel?

Drawing from folk traditions and jazz harmonies, Larry Mindel is an evocative musician that makes music for the ages that tell affectionate stories about grown-up people and their place in a complex world.

Larry started his journey in the music industry at the young age of 15, playing in West End coffee clubs in the UK. He played across England, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. He hopes that his music and instrumental talents connect with people on a personal level.

Whisper the World Away by Larry Mindel Review

Following his December 2020 debut album release (Love in Troubled Times), Whisper the World Away is Larry’s newest release from earlier this month. With help from Italian producer Matteo Galesi (Ten Fe, Omahrose Frank Mada, and others), this captivating three minute symphonic song is about maturing into adulthood and was recorded during the 2021 Winter/Spring lockdown.

The video for Whisper the World Away was recorded by London Film-maker Rob Thom, and the strings are contributed by multi-instrumentalist Joao Silva (Still Life) from Portugal.

What’s Next for Larry Mindel?

At the moment, Larry and his team are working tirelessly on further material. The future material is based on Mindel’s extensive unrecorded catalog, and original new material.

To stay up to date with when the new material is being released, make sure you follow and like the links below.


Mark Westberg| Ghost

Mark Westberg

Table of Contents:

  1. Who is Mark Westberg?
  2. Ghost by Mark Westberg Review
  3. What’s Next for Mark Westberg?
  4. Links

Who is Mark Westberg?

Mark Westberg is a graduate of the performance arts from Santa Fe University of Art & Design in Spring 2014. They then went on to receive a certificate from Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London in the summer 2014. Originally grew up in Seattle, WA, Mark now lives in Santa Fe. They began their career at an early age in theatrical productions, going on to write and produce music as a teen and has been performing ever since. They are on the autism spectrum, pansexual and gender-fluid, as well as a director on Santa Fe Human Rights Alliance in the US State of New Mexico.

Ghost by Mark Westberg Review

In Mark’s words, Ghost is “a metaphorical and personal reflection if internal struggle, and touches on how gradually healing from pain and past conflict is not always the easiest of journeys,” they say. The song is very relatable and should speak to many if not everyone who listens, I admire this element.

What’s Next for Mark Westberg?

It is currently unknown what and when the next releases are coming out. But follow their links below to stay up to date on their progress! Have a great day and be safe and respectful to each other.


Echolily | Higher



I’m a mid 90s kid, and I am proud of it.

I love the alternative 90s music, everything from Massive Attack to Nirvana… I love it all.

So when I hear 90s influenced music, I will have to admit… The bias in me comes out, rather it be because I am a 90s kid or it be because I love 90s music… It just happens.

For example, when I heard Higher by Echolily, I immediately compared her sound to Massive Attack songs. When I said that, I almost immediately was drawn to it.

It doesn’t mean I hate all other music, well with some exceptions… It just ****ing means I’m a 90s kid. So if someone feels the same as me when they hear 90s music, leave a comment below cause I am pretty sure many people can relate to this!

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Echolily?
  3. Inspiration behind Echolily
  4. What’s Next for Echolily?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Echolily?

Melbourne-based and Malaysian born Echolily has been writing songs from a young age, but has been taking music production seriously for the past 3 years. In this short amount of time, she’s built up quite a fan base, and her releases have amassed to over 90k streams in about 3 months.

Echolily produces her music in her bedroom, and works as a medical doctor that she has been doing throughout the pandemic as frontline worker. She pulls her influences from the likes of Bjork, Jamie xx, Sia, and many others.

(Her tracks) also went on to garner support from Australian, UK and US radio stations including SBS, Flow FM, Triple H, Essex TV, Pheonix FM, and FUBAR.

Press release

Inspiration Behind Echolily

Echolily’s music has taken a turn from sensible pop to 90s nostalgia music in her newest single, Higher. Something that everyone needs, as she hopes this and all her music can be an escape for people.

Higher’s 90 nostalgia has an interesting element of lofi to it, it actually reminds me of a combination of New Order and the XX. I can also feel the influences of Jamie xx and Bjork that are pulled into the song. It’s a great song, and I’m looking forward to hearing more songs like this by her.

I really enjoyed reviewing Echolily as i think she will continue garnering attention worldwide. I hope that Higher gets just as many streams than her past tracks.

What’s Next for Echolily?

Echolily is currently working on new music in her bedroom, and fans can expect more 90s nostalgic themed music. They can additionally expect some lofi in the upcoming releases.

When to expect these new releases is unknown to me at the moment, so make sure you follow all the links below so you can stay up to date on her music!

Thank You Notes

I want to thank Echolily for connecting with me via SharePro, as well as patiently waiting for this review. I hope to see her play a show in Boston one day! Make sure you follow and like her if you enjoy her music!


Have a wonderful rest of the week, and remember to continue following your state/country guidelines! Respect each other as well!

Also musicians can now submit their music through SharePro! I have left the link in the contact page if you’re interested in submitting through that platform.

Higher by Echolily

Martin Aelred Colgan | Last Boat to St. Helena

Martin Aelred Colgan

Table of Contents

  1. Who is Martin Aelred Colgan?
  2. Last Boat to St. Helena by Martin Aelred Colgan Review
  3. What’s Next for Martin Aelred Colgan?
  4. Links

Who is Martin Aelred Colgan?

After fronting many bands, Martin decided to explore his own production when introduced to record producer Colin Thurston. Following his time with Colin, he went on to study flamenco and classic guitar in Scotland. In 2012, Martin was chosen to perform in HH The Dalai Lama’s UK Tour, where he performed as a musical instrumentalist with his classical guitar skills.

Last Boat to St. Helena by Martin Aelred Colgan Review

Last Boat to St. Helena’s conception focuses on the isolation that everyone experienced during the worldwide COVID pandemic. St. Helena is a sub-tropical island in South Atlantic. This album sounds overall festive, and it’s got a fun feel to it. When reading the lyrics, you do get a feeling of isolation. However, what should be appreciated more is the festive feel to the songs like Street Chant and Flame. I actually enjoyed listening to this album, and I think people who are fans of U2 would to!

What’s Next for Martin Aelred Colgan?

Stay tuned for more that Martin has to offer by following the links below!


Jay Moussa Man| Tell Me

Jay Moussa Mann

Table of Contents

  1. Who is Jay Moussa Mann?
  2. Tell Me by Jay Moussa Mann Review
  3. What’s Next for Jay Moussa Man?
  4. Links

Who is Jay Moussa Mann?

Singer-songwriter, writer, and filmmaker Jay Moussa-Mann is a rather new musician having released her debut album Little Deaths in 2019. Jay has so far played tracks on BBC Introducing and BBC 6 Music, and performed at festivals across the UK including Middlesbrough Mela and Twisterella.

Tell Me by Jay Moussa Mann

Interestingly, her newest single Tell Me is not about a break up. It’s more about breaking up with the whole world. The song is touches on the overwhelming loneliness and complexity of what the world and it’s people went through during the 2020 COVID pandemic.

What’s Next for Jay Moussa Mann?

Tell Me is the second single Jay has released this year, and both of these singles can be expected to appear on her second album called The Breakup Album. Her sophomore album is due to be released later on this year.


Joy Kate Music Review

Joy Kate

Gramophone PR



It’s easy to listen to Joy Kate‘s music and get lost in how catchy it is and loss sight of the importance in what she says.

Kate is the same person who wrote and produced an anti-bullying song after winning a songwriting competition at the young age of 10.

So while you listen, dance, hum, or whatever you want to do while listening to Joy‘s music…

Listen, read, or do whatever you need to do to educate yourself on what exactly her music is saying.

In fact, do that for every song or artist you listen to. There’s always something to learn.

Table of contents:

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Joy Kate?
  3. Joy Kate Review
  4. What is Next for Joy Kate?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Joy Kate?

Melanie Martinez…. Oops I mean Kate has always been extremely passionate about music, knowing from a young age that she was very connected with and wanted to explore on a higher level.

Today, she has built a strong and supportive fan base from around the world…

“I love talking to my fans online and making connections with them through my music. It makes me feel less alone knowing I have people who relate to what I am saying in my songs, and I consider each one of them a friend I couldn’t do without,” she says.

Joy Kate Review

I am definitely a tea person! Growing up in the south, sweet tea is a big deal, so I always loved the taste. Then as I got older, hot tea became something calming and soothing for my voice after long hours singing on stage or in a recording studio.

Joy Kate (10/29/2020)

Before I say something that can be misleading, I am saying this based on Joy’s musical personality. In other words, although Joy Kate appears through her music videos and music as an extrovert, this may not be true as a person outside of her musical career.

You may be wondering what the quote above means to this article, well according to an article I read on Medium that was brilliantly written by Antoinetta D, introverts and extroverts are equally prone to being victims of an abusive relationship.

But it is also true that those victims don’t always have to suffer forever with an abusive spouse, and they don’t always have to be (like Joy says so perfectly) a puppet.

The quote and her music above tells me that Joy is an extrovert, because according to a study by the New York Post (that was discussed in an article by Long Island News 12) tea drinkers are more adventurous and daring extroverted night owls who are average sleepers and they just so happen enjoy pop music.

In her personally life Kate was manipulated in a toxic and long standing relationship, which she is now broken away from. Puppet is the after effect of this break up, and it’s probably the strongest and most vulnerable song I have reviewed yet.

I have nothing but respect for that as a person who’s been in the same spot. Not to mention how many of my friends have been in the same spot too…

(Puppet) was so special to me and brought out a vulnerable side that my fans have never seen from me before. I wanted a song to empower my fans and myself with the strength to realize when we are not being treated the way we deserve. ‘Like a puppet’, we might all feel the pull of outside forces whether it is from a bad relationship, social media influences, or political, but it is up to us to know our true worth and “break free” from strings that try to control us.

Joy Kate

What’s Next for Joy Kate?

Me: what kind of direction do you want to take with your music?

Joy: I am still experimenting and exploring through music. I would love to get more into sync with songs in tv and film and also write for other artists because songwriting has always been something I am so passionate about.

As a teen, I still have so much growing to do and music is my creative outlet, so I am sure my craft will evolve over time as I change as a person.

Me: What are your plans for the future?

Joy: I am continuing to study hard at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music to further my craft and gain access to tools that will help me have longevity in my career. Right now I am also working on several projects including sync opportunities, collabs, and a new EP!

My fans can expect to see announcements about all of these things as well as a new sound from me and more songs that help me use my voice to be vulnerable and spread positive messages.

Thank You Notes

I would like to thank Brittany from Gramophone PR for introducing me to the stunning talent, Joy Kate.

I really like Joy and hope for nothing but success with my support.

Joy Kate’s links:

Unedited Music Blog’s links:


Hope everyone has a good rest of the week, and please remember to respect each other.

Even though there does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel, we are still in the middle of a pandemic so please be safe and if you have to go into public then wear a mask.

Puppet by Joy Kate (2020)

Peachy! Music | Blood!


Independent Artist



So you want to be a Minimalist?

Okay great! First, you see that iPhone with all those apps you don’t need…

Yeah, get them outta here, you said you don’t need them so who really cares!

Next, see that closet full of clothes you don’t wear?

Yeah, get rid of them too!

I think you catch my riff, just get rid of everything you don’t need! It’s very simple, but the question is…

Can you do it?

For a while now, I personally have admired the minimalist lifestyle. If I am ready for that kind of lifestyle, I don’t know…

But I sure hope I get there.

Peachy!, however, does live that lifestyle. He doesn’t only live with it, but he also travels with it.

I can tell from just reading about him, that this teen is an old soul.

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Peachy!?
  3. Peachy! Review
  4. What is Next for Peachy!?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Peachy!?

Atlanta native artist/producer, Peachy!, has been releasing music since 2017 that showcase his melodic guitars, lofi drums, soothing vocals, and beautiful melodies.

He begun making music at 8 years old with an electric guitar after hearing a song called Sombre, Green by Birocratic, “I never heard someone mix hip and jazz,” reflects Peachy. Eager to learn more, he then taught himself how to play piano, bass guitar, and ukulele at age 14.

Because of his underground hip-hop upbringing, Peachy! focused on releasing instrumentals in 2017. His vocal debut came with Drown with You featuring Ward Willis, introducing a dark synth-pop sound to his music collection in 2018, and then he released Falling for U in the Summer of 2019 which broke him onto the music scene at around the ages of 15 and 16 earning him an RIAA Gold Record.

After graduating high school in the Summer of 2019, he rid himself of most material things things and lived as a nomad and minimalist while traveling the world.

In total, Peachy! visited 11 different countries while creating his debut album as a vocalist (We Make Characters that Look Like us to Make Us Feel Less Alone). During his travels he learned 3 foreign languages (French, Korean, and some Polish) as well as picking up on Finnish and Swedish along the way.

Today, Peachy lives in New York, currently working towards his newest album in Spring 2021 with tracks in English and Korean.

My fan base is very diverse. I love hearing about their cultures, languages and learning their stories when I talk to them at concerts. Social media can complicate my connection with fans just as much as it assists. Still, the moments I treasure most in my career are often the times I get to hear stories, take photos, and hug the people who support me all around the globe.

Peachy! (December 27, 2020)

Peachy! Review

It is absolutely clear to me that Peachy! doesn’t want to be a Popstar, he just wants to mean something to his listeners and fans.

Every song he writes feels so thoughtfully made. The only song I don’t like is You Can’t Imagine, but there’s nothing wrong with the song… It just doesn’t fit his sound in my opinion.

Listening to his music is very soothing and magical, it makes me calm and helps me slow down.

That’s why leading up to this article being published I increased the amount of time I take in the day to meditate, because I didn’t only want to connect to his music… I wanted to feel it.

I feel like I definitely achieved that, as his music means more now. It lets me escape and refuels my energy in a way that is wholesome and real.

He hopes that his newest song, Blood!, reaches others who might have been betrayed by someone who was once a best friend in the same way. “Often, the people who hurt us the most are the people we’ve been closest to,” he says.

What is Next for Peachy!?

One of my favorite artists is a Thai singer named BOWKYLION. She doesn’t sing in English, but I feel such a connection to her music, and the way she sings is so powerful to me. I’d not only love to learn from that and become a more powerful singer in my own music, I’d love to create some art with artists like her that truly move me.


Peachy is planning to move forward with his music, including music that mixes English with Korean without leaving out the possibilities of including other languages.

Right now, Peachy is very excited to move to Korea in a few months… “My environment is a significant factor in my ability to create. I think once I return to Seoul, I’ll be making not just more, but better music,” he says.

Once the pandemic ends, Peachy! has shows planned across 3 different countries. He also is planning to continue traveling the globe and learning about the different styles of music that inspire him.

Thank You Notes

It was an absolute pleasure to review such a genuine and good person, I really do hope to meet Peachy! in the future.

I also want to take time to thank Brittany from Gramophone and Peachy’s manager for allowing this article to happen.

His manager is a huge reason for this article, and I can’t thank him enough.


Have a wonderful rest of the week and remember to respect each other! If you need to go into public then remember to wear a mask because we are still in a pandemic!

Blood! by Peachy! (2020)