XY&O on SpotifyXY&OXY&O (2018)Facebook- PhotosInterview & Review     “Yeah, I remember I was at a wedding… I was at a friend’s wedding…. and I got a text. A friend texted me, and (Nick sent me a picture message and he said to me ‘hey man, check this out… this is cool’). But I couldn’t download…… Continue reading XY&O

Katrin Johansson [unedited]

Katrin Johansson on SpotifyKatrin Johansson Interview & Review              Terrorist attacks are happening more often now-a-days, and when I heard that there was a terrorist attack in Finland not to long before Katrin’s interview….. A thought lingered into my mind that I just had to ask her, do these events inspire her…… Continue reading Katrin Johansson [unedited]

Brupamu [unedited]

Brupamu on Spotify Brupamu (Facebook)Interview & Review      At 4 years old Bruno learned how to play the keyboard. At 8 he learned drums. He became interested in guitar at 12 years old. And, with encouragement from his mother, he began composing his own music at the age of 14/15 years old.        “My first…… Continue reading Brupamu [unedited]