Oscar N. [unedited] Music Review

Latest review of Oscar N. on Unedited Music Blog.

Drakmah [unedited] Music Review

Drakmah The electronic group from London, Drakmah, have just released their most recent single, ‘Hear’, extracted from their clever EP, ‘Storyteller’.  The track has all the elements of the electronic sound fleshed out with an alternative vibe and loaded with the requisite energy. With this latest single, ‘Hear’, you can instantly hear the band’s given talent…… Continue reading Drakmah [unedited] Music Review

Sciarra (Original UMB review) [unedited]

Sciarra on SoundCloudSciarraCandace Sciarra (2018)Facebook- PhotosInterview & Review           With over 2.1 followers and only a couple of tracks, Candice is building up quite a following. Afterglow (2017) has reached closed to 40k streams, while her most recent track called Love on the Line (2017) has reached almost 48k streams with the help of…… Continue reading Sciarra (Original UMB review) [unedited]


Boostedkids on SpotifyBoostedkidsTomorrowland (2016)Boostedkids- FacebookInterview & Review         During their Tomorrowland days (2014-2016), Dany and Francesco seemed to have a thing with bagpipes (just listen to Escocia [2014] and Loknez [2016]). “We really like folk instruments and they inspire us a lot, as you can hear in our track GIPSY with Dimitri Vegas…… Continue reading Boostedkids

Hi3ND [unedited]

Hi3ND on SoundCloudHi3ND Interview & Review         “Since 2012, Energy Sound is (a) community (of) DJ/Producers but people (in) this group (are) under 20 years old, (and) I’m the leader of this group. The purpose is (to) make music for everybody and make (their dreams) come true. Everybody in this group wants to be…… Continue reading Hi3ND [unedited]