Bajton [unedited]

Bajton on SpotifyBajton Interview & Review     Right now as I speak Jaguar by Bajton currently has over 76k listens on Spotify, although they don’t like how people don’t know that there is actually more than one person who is making the music, they are very proud of the reception of the song and hope their luck…… Continue reading Bajton [unedited]

Matt Rysen

Matt Rysen on SoundCloud & SpotifyMatt Rysen Interview & Review        “I really started producing music 4 years ago. So, my influences (were) young. The first (person) who gave me the motivation to start music is KSHMR. I love his style, and the stories in his songs. I love him because he always tries to surprise…… Continue reading Matt Rysen

DJ Ekki [unedited

DJ Ekki on SoundCloudDJ Ekki (Small) Interview & Review             “Music is just more then music. Music can change your mood within seconds, if you’re in a bad mood just listen to one of your favorite songs. Music has so much power and is influencing our feelings.” DJ Ekki was inspired to make…… Continue reading DJ Ekki [unedited

Chris Ultranova [unedited]

Chris Ultranova on SoundCloudChris Ultranova Interview & Review          Chris Ultranova has always loved his music, “I have always loved listening to music, hearing it on video games in the background was something that really started my interest” he says. He would sit with a tape recorder, go on a bus, and just listen to…… Continue reading Chris Ultranova [unedited]

Listening Area Remixes [unedited]

Listen Area on YouTube(Listen Area)Channel Review      I got in touch with Levan Nisparishvili, channel owner of Listen Area, the other day on Facebook after listening to his remix post Heathens (which by the way Viv thinks is better than the overplayed original version). The collection of remix songs is very impressive, with hit songs like I…… Continue reading Listening Area Remixes [unedited]

Jameo [unedited]

Jamie on SoundCloud Jameo (Facebook) Interview & Review      I had the pleasure to talk and get to know Jamie Okrzynski, EDM DJ, named Okski, that started on July 2016 in Los Angeles, California. After touring on and off with multiple Alternative Rock/ Punk bands, he decided to do what Skrillex did and start making…… Continue reading Jameo [unedited]