Cafe Disko [unedited] Music Review

Cafe Disko
Photo posted on Instagram

“(The next generation) might rely heavily on electronics, tapes. I can kind of envision one person with a lot of machines, tapes and electronics set up singing or speaking and using machines.” This quote from the famous Jim Morrison, who’s quote found it’s way on a Skrillex 2011 track, can be directed towards any of today’s DJs, producers, and musicians that are categorized under any electronic genre. Cafe Disko is one of these artistic duos, and while there’s no doubt Paul and Patrick are talented and know what they’re doing… But I’m going to focus on their undeniably infectious vibe that they bring to every track… A vibe that even Jim would appreciate.

Paul and Patrick have always had a strong passion for music, and they said it was “only a matter of time before we started making it!” Cafe Disko pulls their inspirations from many different angles, such as the artists they work with and their fans who listen to mostly pop and hip hop music.

Up to right now, Cafe Disko has already opened for the likes of Matoma, Robert DeLong, and Autograf.

According to Bandsintown and Facebook

As I said in my introduction, I wanted to focus on Cafe Disko’s vibe because they’re undeniably talented. They’ve played and worked with equally as talented musicians, and continue to master their sound and improve with each release. But what I find fascinating about their music is how easily they work with hip hop, pop, and rock elements. For instance, just listen to their fantastic remix of Heart Shaped Box (originally by Nirvana). In this remix they took the familiar guitar riff and replaced it with a similar electronic version. Then they put an absolutely crazy drop that pleases the ears. In other songs they take rappers like Austin Filmore and Divmond and combine them with crazy drops and a popish beat. They have done a very good job with basically all their tracks, and I can’t wait to hear how they will continue to grow in the future. I also want them to collaborate with other type of hip hop and pop musicians, artists similar to Blackbear, Khalid, and such.

Confirmed: Chance the Rapper approves of Cafe Disko. If that isn’t a reason you should, then something is terribly wrong with you!

Proof: Instagram

As of right now, the guys are finishing up a few songs that they’re really excited about, two of them already came out and both were remixes of All These Pretty Girls (Milk N Cookies and Flynninho). They have confirmed with me that these two remixes are the only ones that they will be releasing, and the rest of the tracks will be their original songs… Those will come out in the next few months. Their past tracks have touched on “hip hop/pop/future bass” and they tell they like the sound they’re coming up with. “We are always looking for new ways to push our sound to the next level so we will continue to try new things and see where it takes us,” they tell me.

I would like to thank Cafe Disko for keeping in touch with me during this process, even though we lost touch for a months between 2018 and 2019. I was really really excited to get to this article, and I’m really excited to hear what other people think of this review. You can follow Cafe Disko on Facebook and Instagram. You can vibe with their music on Soundcloud and Spotify. You can follow Unedited Music Blog on Instagram (@unedited_music_blog) and Facebook (@uneditedmb). You can also listen to Unedited’s Spotify playlist of other musicians that have already been reviewed. Enjoy your day and I hope work goes swell for you next week!!

We Came to Dance (Ftr. Divmond)
by Cafe Disko

Overall: 4.7/5

Heart Shape Box: 5/5

Sleep In My Shirt: 4.9/5

All These Pretty Girls: 5/5

SOS: 5/5

Lindsay Loh (Uh Oh): 5/5

Santeria (ftr. Divmond): 5/5

Love Is War: 5/5

We Came to Dance: 5/5

So High: 4.5/5

Take Over Me: 5/5

Don’t Let Go: 5/5

Top Song: We Came to Dance (2018)

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Make Like a Tree (unedited) Music Review

Photo taken by Arkadiy SosninPhoto of Sergey Onischenko by Arkadiy Sosnin

To Sergey Onischenko of Make Like a Tree, traveling and going outside is the main inspiration behind his music.All tastes, smells, fragrances that stay with me, all strangers who I meet on my way and they turn to be my best friends, all landscapes from bus, train, airplane windows – all these things stay deep inside my heart and later on when I start working on a new song,” says Onischenko. That’s a big reason why I choose Arkadiy Sosnin’s photo of Sergey. The photo represents a man surrounded by water and mountains in the horizon. It is calm… Peaceful… And that’s exactly what Mothernight is.

Sergey Onischenko, singer songwriter for Make Like a Tree, isn’t just a musician. He’s also a traveller. “I travel with a pocket size recorder and do some field sessions capturing nature sounds, noises of the big cities, symphonies of big factories and solos of subway and intercity trains. I’m always happy to use them as a background  for some of my songs where it fits to the ideas of the song,” says Sergey. His influences also include the music he listens to on his own time. He dreams to produce an album where every track is different then the others… “Let’s say after an ambient track – there would be hip-hop track, and then midwest-emo song, then hardcore tune and finishing the album with some classically composed fugue for strings quartet,” says Onischenko. Sergey’s fan base is mainly people who’ve been lucky enough to hear his music played live. He often play small venues of 20-50 people. While he does play larger venues and festivals, he actually prefers smaller venues. “I actually like it a lot as every show becomes a very intimate dialogue between me and audience and I feel like I can really be heard and understood by those people,” reflects Sergey.

“Sometimes I feel that I know most of my biggest fans personally. As I keep in touch with some people who are deeply inspired by my project and it makes me feel very motivated to write new songs and release new albums.

– Sergey Onischenko (Make Like a Tree vocalist and producer) [7/23/2019]

Under Water is the 4th most popular song on his Spotify library and also the opening song for his most recent album Mothernight. The song features Sergey Savenko (Owl Clarinet) and was recorded/composed on the island of Zanzibar. Savenko’s part in the song is his clarinet, sax, and akai ewi melodies that fit beautiful upon creating the song. “I met Sergey long time ago seeing him performing with other bands in clubs of my hometown Kharkiv where we all used to grow up. Some solos that he played from stage got carved in my memory and when coming back home from his shows these melodies were always on repeat in my mind,” says Sergey. Under Water is focused around the feeling of being united with someone for no reason. Unity and togetherness is actually what Sergey discovered during a 3 year journey through the world. “I can definitely say that travelling changed my life, changed myself – hopefully to a better person, helped me to overcome many complexes, get rid of stereotypes and I actually started trusting people much more than in the beginning of my big trip,” reflects Sergey. This world journey was more than just collecting nature sounds for background in tracks like Birdwatcher. It was also a time for him to find himself and his own peace in the world around him. “When I came back from my long journey home (Savenko and I) made our collaboration happen. Being ‘Under Water’ with other people means finding out that you have something in common that makes you feel a strong connection even without knowing each other well,” Sergey says. That connectedness is common when you travel and meet new people he tells me. Mothernight is not only an attempt to connect with more people around the world, it’s also Sergey giving back to the people who he connected with on his long journey.Travelling alone somewhere on the edge of the world and being saved by complete strangers who shared everything with me and never asked anything in return. I feel I came back home as an updated version of myself and I realized that this world has no limits,” Sergey says.

“The main idea of my performance is to take the audience on a journey with the help of my music, photos, and videos to the places and experiences that I have seen and witnessed. The deeper that journey can be – the more my concert and music would mean something special to myself and to my listeners.”

– Sergey

Sergey is currently working on improving his performance in live venues… As mentioned above… He is also focusing on releasing an album sometime around 2021. That way he “will have enough time to work on a more quality record and trying to express my emotions and feelings more accurate in lyrics and music,” says Sergey.

I would like to thank Sergey Onischenko for the response to my questions and being so patient in waiting for this review. You can follow and like Make Like a Tree on Facebook and Instagram. You can listen to Sergey’s music on Spotify and SoundCloud. I would like to also thank Johnattan Suckling and Arkadiy Sosnin for taken the two photos used in this article. You can follow and like Unedited Music Blog on Facebook and Instagram. Finally, you can also listen to previous music that has been reviewed on Unedited’s Spotify playlist. Have a good rest of your weekend and upcoming week!

Mothernight (2019)Mothernight by Make Like a Tree (2019)

Overall: 4.9/5

Mothernight: 5/5

Animal: 4.8/5

Top Song: Under Water (2019)

Harley Huke: Nothing But Trouble

Harley Huke on Genius


“When I made the decision to pursue music, countless people around me did everything in their power to convince me that it wasn’t the right decision, that it’s too hard, or that it was wrong for me all together. So that’s really what (Nothing But Trouble) is talking about” Harley tells me.

With this drive and passion to prove to so many that this notion is wrong, Harley has gained quite a following… 4.6k Facebook page likes, 50k monthly listeners on Spotify, and almost 20k Instagram followers all believing in what she does is the path that is paved for her… Me included.

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Harley Huke?
  3. Inspiration Behind Nothing But Trouble
  4. What’s Next for Harley Huke?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Harley Huke?

Music has been something that Harley has loved for most of her life, and she “kinda just went with it and hoped for the best”. Writing about “the usual stuff” like life and experiences, she released her first single (a cover of Radiohead‘s Creep) in 2017.

It was with that single that Harley‘s success already began to grow, and today Creep has been played over 300k times on Spotify.

It’s so crazy to think that there are people out there who actually identify themselves as my fan. It’s the most fantastic thing when I get DMs, comments, and messages on social media.

Harley Huke (4/1/2019)

Inspiration Behind Nothing But Trouble

With her past music, Harley was too afraid to be vulnerable. So she wrote in a more general way, a way that a large majority of people can relate to.

As recently stated, her first original single (Nothing But Trouble) was about believing in one’s self or standing up for yourself. Fire seems to be about letting go of painful memories even though they are hard to let go. All these are general, but made in such an Emo Pop way that sounds different and catchy.

I would love to see more music videos, as I believe Nothing But Trouble paints an amazing picture of what she is trying to promote as her music, that being dark and raw music.

Due to personal and family issues that came up, she had to take a break from releasing new music. However, the next single is set to release sometime in the Spring. Harley tells me these tracks are going to be focused more on her personally, and she plans to be much more vulnerable with these tracks.

What’s Next for Harley Huke?

I’m from now on just focusing on myself, my art, and just what I want to do & hopefully it’s the right decision, and hopefully it works for me.


She is now focused on finishing school and releasing new music, which is what she loves. Plans are to release about five songs throughout this year, and hopefully one or two more music videos are to be released within that time period as well!

Thank You Notes

I would like to thank Harley for her continued communication, we have been working to make this review possible for about a 6 months now, and I am beyond excited to say it worked out! I will be keeping in touch with Harley obviously, and when the next single comes out I will update everyone!!


This update can be found on UMB’s Facebook page, so please go like the page… By the way, thank you to everyone who already liked the page because we are creeping up on 1k likes!!!


Have a good night!!!!

Nothing But Trouble (2017) by Harley Huke 

Overall: 5/5

Fire: 5/5

Nothing But Trouble: 5/5

Creep (Radiohead Cover): 5/5

Top Song: Fire (2018)

Sciarra (Original UMB review) [unedited]

Candace Sciarra (2018)
Facebook- Photos
Interview & Review
           With over 2.1 followers and only a couple of tracks, Candice is building up quite a following. Afterglow (2017) has reached closed to 40k streams, while her most recent track called Love on the Line (2017) has reached almost 48k streams with the help of a local channel in Los Angeles (Trap x Rave Series). Candice’s fan base is still growing, in fact, interest in her music is growing on all her platforms so there is no doubt that she is an upcoming musician… Although, she’s kind of hinted that the best has yet to come…?
      Candice tells me that she “started out singing and writing songs when I was a kid. Later on, I started attending music festivals and was really inspired by dance music.” At some point, Candice began putting a beat behind her words. Sciarra is influenced by “everyday life”, such as situations she’s been through that are relatable to others. “I also love writing from different perspectives and putting myself in someone else’s shoes”, she tells me. Her fanbase mainly based throughout the world, and (like I’ve already said) is still growing!
      Sciarra claims her “fanbase (as) the most loyal and amazing people to talk to. I love talking to them and finding out their stories”. Fans of Billie Eilish, Bishop Briggs, Broods, CHVRCHES, and basically any dark electronic female musician would also be drawn by Sciarra. 
       Sciarra comments that her 2017 single “Afterglow is about how we get so caught up with everyday life (work, school, whatever it may be) and sometimes just need to take the time to live in the present and see how far we have come.” Despite the lack of quality in which Candice even admits to not be her best, the beat and especially the bass drop is nothing short from impeccable. In fact, these parts of the single make the track better. Sometime around late October 2017, Love On The Line came out via Trap x Rave Series. This track proved to be a huge success, as well as an improvement from her debut single. Candice continues to release tracks with a great beat to it but what differs to Afterglow is the voice didn’t sound so off. All in all, Candice’s project is turning into quite a creative and wonderful success… But yet she hasn’t released any new music for over a year now…
       A reason that may be behind why she hasn’t released any music yet is probably the tracks are just taking “forever to release” just like Afterglow took. Either way, her future releases are definitely on her agenda for the new year as well as possibly going on tour.
        Sciarra tells me that he is planning to release new music this fall (2019), “it has taken me a while to release new music as I decided to change the style of music I was creating and go away from pop”. She told me that she is deciding to go in a darker sound with her music while also representing where she is as an artist now.
      I would like to thank Candice Sciarra for the continued communication. Over 12k+ fans and I are (im)patiently waiting for the next release! Please feel free to listen to Sciarra on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Reverbnation (URL unavailable). You can follow/like her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Candice is one of the nicest people I have met with an amazingly great taste for music (especially EDM music)! I hope she continues to see her music grow in success, and I am so happy to introduce her to my readers and followers so please go and listen to her tracks!!!!
Love On The Line (2017)
by Sciarra
Overall: ★★★★1/4
Afterglow: ★★★★☆
Love On The Line: ★★★★1/2
Top Song: Love On The Line (2017)

Yoav [unedited]

Yoav Sadan (2018)
Interview & Review

        A Foolproof Plan (2010) is the album I measured all Yoav songs I listened to when preparing this review. The songs are perfectly mixed with electronic influences, a guitar-driven beat, and a little eclecticism. Blood Moon (2018) along with the whole Multiverse album that is releasing on September 7th is a collection of songs that symbolize a higher element of those characteristics in his music. During his hiatus (where he went 4 years without an original song release and 3 years with any releases), “nothing was planned, everything fell into place and I just followed along” Yoav tells me. The biggest addition to Yoav’s music comes within his lyrics. It is here that he dives into “desire and temptation” (Blood Moon) and many other meanings. “Wherever Yoav went on his travels there was always an accompanying constant nagging question at the back of his mind… ‘What next?’ The irony was that after recording 3 albums and playing numerous tours that centered around performance with loop pedals, he had found himself stuck in his own loop” Yoav’s Multiverse press release says.
     Since he can remember Yoav Sadan was “banging drums on plates and tables with my knife and fork”. But with Pop and Rock music being banned in his house, all the young Yoav listened to was classical music. However, when Yoav saw that he could write music, “that was pretty much the rest of my teenage years, as I wasn’t the coolest kid around.. A lot of time (I wanted) to get my hands around those chords.” All of his music had/have a variety of lyrical influences such as; dreams, whatever is happening in the world, or whatever happens in his life… “A beat or a word… You have to stay alert a little bit. Who knows what songs I may have missed out on in the past by daydreaming and not noticing something.” The close to 50k Yoav fans are as eclectic as his music. “Different songs have resonated with different people. So, for instance, one song was popular in Brazil, another in Russia, another in Denmark or Canada. There are elements of singer/songwriter in what I do, as well as elements of electronica. There are acoustic guitar and trippy beats, so the sounds seem to connect with lots of different types of people” Yoav says.
       Yoav has been blessed with many cool live show opportunities, such as driving 3 Fiats around on a tour of Europe and playing at Coachella. The Fiat tour was made possible because “since my live setup is so small, we could do that. Had some friends along for the ride. We had walkie talkies so we could communicate between the cars. I seem to remember playing some gigs at some point too.” And thankfully Coachella lived up to the hype, Yoav says “I was treated wonderfully by the festival and the audience, and the rest of the line up was simply amazing. Definitely in the top three favorite festival shows I’ve played.”
    Like I mentioned before his music varies in musical genre influences, but it seems like all of them have a guitar influence. His guitar was present from the beginning, in which Charmed & Strange (2008) set the tone with amazing songs like Live, Adore Adore, and (my personal favorite song off of the album) There Is Nobody. Even that album wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t until I listen to A Foolproof Plan (2010) that I was hooked into Yoav’s sound. In fact, I was so intrigued that I saved the whole album onto my Spotify library! While Blood Vine (2013) came out with noteworthy songs like Blink and Know More, nothing topped Foolproof. Yoav then slowed down the amount of material he released, with singles and EP’s for Dopamine (2014), Touch (2018), and Blood Moon (2018). 
        “Most recently I’ve enjoyed electronica coming out of Berlin, some Afro House and some of the new, more organic sounds coming from Ibiza while I was there making this latest record. I also am a guitar player, so I find a way to blend that into what is usually programmed synthesizer-based music” Yoav tells me. 
          A lot of change is coming along with Multiverse: a new live setup…… “Using hardware and software loopers and a plethora of insane effects”….. And Yoav may even be looking into adding a DJ path. Yoav also tells me “at some point when the smoke clears, I would like to figure out where to go next to explore some new musical and lyrical possibilities. And hopefully, have some soul expanding adventures in the process.” Songs to look for when the 7th comes are the following: Future History, Lost Heads, and Want More Do You Want More (which has an incredible drop towards the end of the song).
       I would sincerely thank Yoav Sadan, Peter Bek, and everyone else who reached out to me requesting my review of Yoav’s music. Yoav is an incredible talent, and I am looking forward to following his path and Multiverses’ reception. Stay tuned readers, and don’t forget to check out the album on Spotify, iTunes (pre-orders available), CD/Vinyl digital, and other platforms. Please be aware there will also be a more in-depth analysis of Yoav’s music on in the future!

Blood Moon (2018)
Overall: ★★★★1.5/2
Multiverse [9/7/2018]: ★★★★1/2
Touch: ★★★★★
Blood Moon: ★★★★★
Dopamine (the song): ★★★★★ 
Blood Vine: ★★★★3/4
A Foolproof Escape Plan: ★★★★★
Charmed & Strange: ★★★★1/2
Top Song: Blood Moon (2018)


Miles Prower [unedited]

Miles Prower

Interview & Review

            I will be honest, I didn’t take Miles seriously when I saw “DJ Mustard Stain” as his DJ name……. I thought it was a joke at first. “When I was just starting out, I used to make songs with no words, no tags, and I got mediocre results. I started adding DJ Mustard Stain (at) the beginning and end of some songs as almost a tribute to old-school DJs. Soon after, when people would hear the DJ Mustard Stain call in the beginning, they knew they were in for a good time. I also made a lot of my songs ‘mustard based’ as my niche as an artist, but it’s grown wary and overdone at this point, so I dropped it entirely.” Then I heard songs like “Bad Apple” and “Smithy”, and I was like “hey, this guy isn’t that bad after all!”
             Miles tells me that he has always loved music, “growing up I’ve also always loved technology. It wasn’t until recently that I heard music the genre Dubstep, with artists such as Skrillex, and Datsik. I knew that I had to try my best to sound like them, but also put my own spin on my sound.” He also says that his inspirations are quite random at times, and sometimes he doesn’t even know where they come from. “I could just be sitting on the couch at home, and a song idea, or melody could pop into my head. I have to act fast when that happens though. It’s usually gone as quick as it comes.” When it comes to his fan base, it is mixed with EDM fans and dedicated fans who like anything Prower comes out with.
           Miles calls his type of genres on the lines of “dance, light dubstep, and hard styles. Those genres are more apparent (on) my latest album, versus my older works. Those I would consider more comedy driven.”
            Miles has submitted some of his work to local clubs, and his songs were in the rotation for a little while. However, “I haven’t submitted any since my newest album though.” It does help when people give him pointers from fans and other artists when making his songs, but it’s mostly all of his creation.
              Some of my favorite songs by Miles Prower are rather new, off of the tracks from an unofficial album called “Blastmania”. My favorite song definitely has to be “Bad Apple” because it has so much goodness going on in it… It’s an earful, but it actually sounds good. Other tracks I find a liking to is “Smithy”, “Disturbance”, and the self-titled track “Blastmania”. 
              “In five years, I hope that in the least I’ve made a lasting impact on the music scene, and at least showed someone out there that you can start from anywhere, and as long as you can dream, you can achieve.” His future plans are to make his music popularity grow and make a couple collaborations with other artists. His next releases “I’m hoping (to come) in the next couple month. I have a progressive type trance style album I’d like to release. I’ve never dived too much into trance, but I’ve always been a huge fan of it.”
Overview: ★★★★☆
Blastmania: ★★★★☆
Anx Sciety the Contrac: ★★★★☆

Kohilo [unedited]

Interview & Review
        Christian tells me, “‘Waiting For You’, which was the first single, I was working a lot on the text and the lyrics. And that was really meaningful to me, it’s a special time in life turning thirty, everything in place, work and all the material stuff, but you kind of miss someone to share the things with. It was all about ‘Waiting For You’. And the same summer I met my girlfriend, and we sailed together. So yeah, everything went really well with ‘Waiting For You’. I don’t have to wait for her anymore.” 
      Christian and Daniel created Kohilo through simple talk. “I just said to Daniel, ‘Take me into the studio and let’s do some new music. I have these great ideas and you should have me on board.’ Suddenly he called, and we made a track for just for fun for my part. He’s a professional. But soon he got some jobs to make a remix of Christina Skaar’s new track. And he asked me if we could use what we made in the studio, and bam, that was the starting point and also my starting interest in the music making.”
         “Often the songs we make is a collab between, like, Daniel in one studio, Tommy in another, and the singers coming into one studio, and me sitting at the office and getting demo tracks and different verses and commenting on it. That’s how it usually works.” 
          Christian says that his part in making the tracks are “boring” part of it all. “When we collab for example, Tommy sends the track which he has me working on and then I’ll listen to it, and I’ll write him back and give him feedback. Like, ‘More of this, more of that, can we put in something like this?’. That’s how we work. And sometimes I’m also in the studio where we start making the tracks from the beginning.”
           This is how tr he collaboration works to make the songs, “how we do it is that, for example, with Kristian, he comes into the studio–for example we can talk about “In Time”– then we have this track, just the sound and music, and we’re working Tommy, Kristan and myself in the studio, in Tommy’s studio where we physically met, and we sat down, listen, write, and Kristian went in to sing and we tried out different stuff and, yeah, finally we had the takes. That’s how we work on all that we do. A singer comes into Tommy’s studio and then we start the recording and everything.”
            The group is currently working on releasing a track sometime in January 2018. But right now isn’t looking into any record deals, and is waiting for their time to come as far as festivals and big concerts. 
      As for my favorite Kohilo song, it would have to be “Make My Day”. I really feel like that song encaptures the bands sound out of all their other songs. 
Overview: ★★★★1/2
Make My Day: ★★★★★
Breathe: ★★★★☆
In Time: ★★★★★
Dream On: ★★★★☆
Waiting For You: ★★★★★


Janxx [unedited]

Interview & Review

  “It pretty much is my lifestyle”, Janxx says about how her music is affecting her lifestyle….. Which she says she even is taking time off of work. Everything about her music is worth spending more time with it, with inspirations coming mainly from the 90’s such as Radiohead and Portishead.  Her inspirations seem to be rubbing off of her fans because her “local fans seem to be older, like in the 30’s and 40’s. Which I didn’t notice until I opened for a band that has a very young fan base…. Like 16 years old” she states.    

   Living in an area that doesn’t have a lot of electronic gigs in the music scene, Janxx finds herself traveling at least 6 ho urs to play gigs in other parts of California. Other than her local fans, it seems like she has more online fans she says.

           She says that after years of trying to build her success with playing on different bands, she decided “instead of forming a band I decided to do it by myself” she says.

      Her songs are, like I have said, influenced by mainly 90’s bands, and when she makes them she “sit(s) down to a piano and a song comes out.” This is a very broad and interesting way to make a song, and one way that I have never heard anyone do. It seems like most of the bands I have interviewed lately have made a majority of their songs by coming up with their background first and then writing the lyrics.
      Janxx wasn’t even aware that she was on the #MonsterThread playlist when I reached out to her and asked her to do an interview and review, and in fact didn’t even know who Jon Magnusson was. So I told her her song “Beat Down” was on House playlist, I believe, and she says so far she hasn’t gotten any bigger of an audience.        She is awfully busy, “I’m currently getting ready to record my first album” she says. It’s a good life she’s living right now though, because she’s making money off of what is her passion. In a year from now, she says she can see herself “make a living doing what I love, that would be happy” Janxx says. 

Undress: ★★★★1/2
High Horse: ★★★★1/2
Janxx (Album): ★★★★☆


Curved on Spotify



Interview & Review            

           French Kiss has this beautiful voice mixed with a fun riff that captures your attention throughout the whole song. On top of that, Janne Kaarto, DJ for Curved, is just an overall nice person. He loves what he is doing and sees making music as a hobby…. Just like how I like to say blogging as a hobby. However, his hobby could totally become something bigger than that, and I am excited to see how this goes for him.

     “My biggest musical influences are Van Halen (especially Sammy Hagar period), Marillion, Dio, Queen, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and of course today’s artists Deadmau5 and The Prodigy.” Hearing this unique variety of influences, it’s no wonder why I like Curved the moment I heard him on Meet the Underground. He loves music, “from childhood to (now)” he makes these amazing tracks just for the pure pleasure. Although to me, he sounds like an EDM artist, he actually considers himself as an electronic artist. Janne says, “I play guitar and bass but electronic music fascinates because computers give you unlimited possibilities for creating music.”
      His newest and biggest song French Kiss has gotten him on a Big EDM, as well as over 100K stream on Spotify. Kaarto says about the reception to his newest song is a “happy surprise. It has succeeded well considering that I am a completely independent artist without any support from record companies. It is my first track that has been taken to the official Spotify playlist.”
       Janne is working on two new songs for the upcoming tracks, “the compositions are complete and now I need to find vocalists (for) these tracks.” The mood in the tracks is “pretty chill future bass” kind of music. He is unsure about a whole album, but maybe an EP….. “I don’t know if I’m ready for (a) LP.” JK says his music is unique because of his “musical roots,” referring to how he tries to find “the perfect rock bass line like ‘John Deacon.’“…….. However, for his new music will sound different, because “the bass (will usually) fall behind and the synthesizer replaces it.”

Overview: ★★★★★
French Kissed (instrumental): ★★★★★
French Kiss: ★★★★★


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     I had the pleasure to talk and get to know Jamie Okrzynski, EDM DJ, named Okski, that started on July 2016 in Los Angeles, California. After touring on and off with multiple Alternative Rock/ Punk bands, he decided to do what Skrillex did and start making his own music without a band. With over 2k followers and a growing audience every on his social media pages, this was obviously a big artist to reach out for me. I felt honored to talk to him, and we might even meet up if he tours in my area one day!
      His newest remix, High By The Beach, is my favorite song so far. It takes a low-key Lana Del Ray song and puts a higher dance beat to it… And it definitely works. His other songs like; Wanderer-Driving, and Love Myself; are just like his newest beat. Except for these beats they play with every little part of the songs, which is impressive. I highly encourage Jamie to continue doing these beats like he is doing right now. And he is excited for his upcoming remixes. Again like I hinted at, I definitely see him touring all over. 
   For me, Okski’s kind of music is growing on me, and I definitely hear his influence coming out in his songs. The only artist I’ve heard on his influence list is Porter Robinson, (whose hit song is Shelter). I definitely hear his influence in the song, because of the bass drops and voice synthesizers. 
    Looking forward to more, and please please share his songs because he is such a nice guy with a great talent!!
(6/12/2018)Jameo on Spotify

       By the look of things, I have realized that I am long overdue to update this article. I by no means forgotten about Jamie, I just had so many other artists to update and write about (over 100+ of them). Jamie has changed his artist title from Okski to Jameo, which to me a more appealing name just like how I changed from John Cronin’s Music Blog to Unedited Music Blog. 

           In 11/10/2017, released his first track/single on Spotify. The song is called Natural ftr. Tima Dee, and the release introduced a more mainstream sound to Jamie’s work which I appreciated. As of today, (without being many playlists that would help him get more of an audience) Natural has steadily gotten just under 6k listens on Spotify and over 5k views on SoundCloud. His audience seems to be more approving of Natural then High On The Beach remix (over 100 likes, almost 50 shares, over 5k views, and almost 50 comments on Natural versus under 80 likes, under 30 shares, over 3k views, and under 20 comments on High On The Beach both on SoundCloud as of the moment). 
          While it seems like Jameo’s audience is growing on SoundCloud, the most recent remix Jameo came out with isn’t being received as well as it is on Spotify (which is why I also added his Spotify artist profile). Feel Good- Rip Van x JAMEO Remix by Crow and Miranda Glory was released in early March of 2018, and it is continuing to gain listeners each month. At the moment, the song has over 1k listens in just 3 months, but to me the song deserves more recognition than that. I absolutely love this song, and just like Hush Forever’s On The Road Again I also find myself listening to this song about 1 or 2 times a day. 
         So what is the difference between Okski and Jameo? I believe the difference isn’t with how it is easy it is to pronounce the two names. To me it’s still really hard to know how to precisely say Jameo (is the “o” silent or not, or is the “e” pronounced or not?!…. I don’t know). The difference to me is that Okski seemed to be more experimental. But with Jameo he is really trying his best to grow as an artist and get an actually legit chance to make his artist name bigger than himself. And honestly, I really like it. And look out, cause he’s got over 3k Facebook likes!

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Overview: ★★★★1/4
Feel Good (Remix): ★★★★★
Natural: ★★★★★
High On The Beach: ★★★★1/2
Wanderer (Driving): ★★★★★
Luminati: ★★★★★
Love Myself: ★★★★☆