Airports Review: U FEEL IT 2

The latest music review for Airports. Airports have most recently came out with his single U FEEL IT 2.

Holy Wars Review: IHATEMYSELF

“Baby, I was born dark, Full of holes in my heart. Riding on a high of pain, Mind of a hurricane.” ~ Born Dark by Holy Wars

Lani Renaldo: Trainwreck

The latest review of Lani Renaldo. Lani just released her newest single Trainwreck.

Ebony Buckle [unedited] Music Blog

“I keep my hope in a jar by the door, And I pray it doesn’t get out.” ~Ghost by Ebony Buckle

Tay the Don [unedited] Music Review

“I think you like me, I swear. I think you might be, I swear… All she said is, Don’t save me…” ~Don’t Save Me by Tay the Don

YVR [unedited] Music Review

“Baby I’m not heartless, I just wish I used my heart less.” ~Heartless by YVR

Elliot Lee Review: Bubble Gum Pop

The latest music review of Elliot Lee. Brooklyn’s upcoming alt-pop artist has been compared to the likes of Billie Eilish and Lana Del Ray, and passionately raises awareness for mental health.

Tia Gostelow [unedited] Music Review

Photo taken by Kate Jean & Jeff Andersen Jnr.

“I don’t mind hasty, and if my times wasted.
I wouldn’t touch you in the freezing cold,  what’s on your mind lately, I know your eyes say things,.” ~Out of Mind by Tia Gostelow

SKIES [unedited]

SKIES on SpotifySKIESSKIESInterview & Review         SKIES band members Alie and Jericho have single-handily created what is now their sound. Through a small period of what sounds like an awkward experimental stage with songs like Hold On (2016), Feel Like It (2015), Leave Me (2015), and Lines (2015). That stage brought up what…… Continue reading SKIES [unedited]

Brookelyn Rose [unedited]

Brookelyn Rose on SoundCloudBrookelyn RoseBrookelyn Rose2018Interview & Review        “To me, vocals are very important and sometimes artists… Especially like Pop artists that I hear now… It kind of goes to the wayside with words, and melodies… Lyrics are important, and they should stay important.” Brookelyn Rose, a graduate from Temple University, studied…… Continue reading Brookelyn Rose [unedited]