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Depression is like a snake haunting its meal in the middle of the night. Thoughts of not being good enough is the snake, and when you realize that you’re depressed is like that snake eating its meal.

As a mental health worker I knew that my field is heavy, and that’s why I go to a therapist on a weekly basis… That and for my anxiety and seasonal depression.

My seasonal depression began about 5 years ago, and when winter comes around I have recently found it hard to talk to my therapist. The past couple of sessions have been me just sitting there and not wanting to be there. That’s not like me at all, because on a normal day it’d be hard to get me to shut up.

Airport’s song, U Feel It 2, is about being trapped with your feelings or a vice. And those therapy sessions have definitely made me feel trapped. But I also know as a mental health worker that sometimes silence can help too. I don’t know why, but it does, so I allow myself to sometimes just sit in silence.

So maybe that’s what people who feel trapped need sometimes…


Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Airports?
  3. Inspiration Behind U FEEL IT 2
  4. What’s Next for Airports?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Airports?

Aaron Lee is the mastermind behind Airports, the Sydney based DIY hip hop, punk, electronic, and pop artist who has garnered attention from independent streaming productions (including Triple J) and global music productions (including Universal Music and Capitol Records). He is an advocate for personal development in mental health, following two life-threatening illnesses and the rollercoaster of being a musician.

Through the journey, Aaron has garnered what he calls an “inspired and understanding” fan base. He says they are “people who understand the journey and want to be part of it!”.

After taking on two life-threatening illnesses and the ups and downs of being a full time creative, AIRPORTS is an avid voice for personal development in mental health. With his eyes set on influencing listeners while traveling the world, the Sydney dwelling artist isn’t afraid to take a non-conventional approach.

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Inspiration Behind U FEEL IT 2

Airports mix of multi-genres are so different, unique, and… Different. Like you can’t put a finger down on who he sounds like.

I love the top 5 songs on his Spotify library, but I am interested to know more about what Mum is about. It’s most likely about his mom or a person who was like a mother figure in his life. Either way the song sounds very sentimental, but I still would like to know who it’s about.

Just about all his songs that I rated 5/5 below will be added to our Indie Unedited Spotify playlist, but I am still trying to figure out if I like Cheddar… My current opinion is it’s a really weird song… Probably going to add it EDM Unedited at some point…

The visuals for “U FEEL IT 2” were filmed during a unique time stamp in history where most of the world is in the same situation, so AIRPORTS decided to invite anyone and everyone to submit videos of themselves answering questions he’d given them about their personal loves and struggles. Aaron explains, ‘The intention of the video was to show that everyone walks the tightrope of this duality in their own lives, no one is exempt from happiness nor suffering.’ The heartfelt video emits a sense of unity and togetherness.

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What’s Next for Airports?

Right now, there are no known releases that are coming up, but future releases will have a little funk and punk in them.

The plan for now is to keep releasing music, and when the pandemic allows for shows then that will come next.

Thank You Notes

I would like to thank Lydia Reed (LPR Agency) for introducing me to Airports, he is an unique talent that has a very bright future.

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Party All the Time by Airports (2020)

Hi3ND [unedited]

Interview & Review

         “Since 2012, Energy Sound is (a) community (of) DJ/Producers but people (in) this group (are) under 20 years old, (and) I’m the leader of this group. The purpose is (to) make music for everybody and make (their dreams) come true. Everybody in this group wants to be the (a) famous DJ/Producer but we’re (don’t have) good (skills), we must practice (ourselves). (By) 2016. we (were well) known (in) Thailand. If you say “Energy Sound”, everybody (would start) talking about (our) young (talented) DJ/Producers from Thailand (for) sure. And now, Energy Sound (is) larger than the original. We (are a part of) Beatport and foreign (fan clubs). (Beatport is an) EDM label (in) Thailand.” The dreams for Energy Sound is quite big, but they do show that practice makes perfect. I am excited to say that Kittitep Kaewpea (DJ/producer for Hi3ND) is my first artist that I have met from Asia, and he has some incredible skill in all of his songs. 
         He is (and was) inspired to make music because of many DJs he listened to. “(An) idea (I had, was) I should have my (own) music. (So) I’ll make my music!!” And so he did, and he has made a whole lot since that day. His influences come from “everybody because they listen to my music and give (me) feedback to my music. All feedback (helps) me improve my skill. (My family is very important to me), they’re my stamina for (everything I) do everything.” Some great songs from this year (since his last EP) includes amazing edits and original songs like Miracle, One Man, and System Error. “My fanbase (are) people (who) like EDM, DJ/Producer from Thailand, and (some know) me.”
      In Thailand “‘Sphinx’ (made) me popular, because I produce it at 16 years old. Many people think Sphinx isn’t my track, (and that I renamed it another name.)”
        One of my favorite edits of Shape of You by Ed Sheeran isn’t fully out, and when I asked Kettitep why he said: “yes (the) remix (is) done, but I can’t upload it (onto) SoundCloud because (of) licensing.” When asked if he was inspired by the bands he remixes, he says; “no bro, I’ll remix music when I have an idea.” Finally, In five years, he sees himself on the internet.
        “(I’m making) my (tracks) better than (ever) now, and soon (I’m releasing a) great track with (a) DJ/Producer from Revealed Recordings.” These releases will be coming out next year, along with an EP and another with a foreign DJ/Producer.
Update: 6/5/2018

         Been talking to Hi3nd a lot recently, and the tracks are coming along well. His success with making an impression on Revealed Records has been very well received. To say the least, the exciting news is yet to come.
(Update 7/9/2018)

           Hi3nd has a new Energy Sound project for the label called Energy Network. “It’s (a) network (to promote) the talented DJ/producers (in the label).” You can find the SoundCloud collection here: Energy Network.
           He has also created a radio show that comes out every week called Energizer Radio on SoundCloud. He plugs for EDM artists in the label and throughout his province on that station.
                “But what about Revealed Records label deal?!?!” Oh yeah, that’s in the works and he is currently working on a demo with Jetty Rachers & OUTRAGE….. “But it’s not finished.” GAH! If the deal falls through, which may or may not happen… Then the demo will be sent to Quartzo, but my fingers are crossed for Revealed to work out.
         Meanwhile, enjoy his newest releases that I rated below!

Overview: ★★★★1/4
*Oedipus (Sphinx): ★★★★★
*Shoryuken: ★★★★★ 
*GXD: ★★★★★
*Paramour: ★★★★★
Miracle (Extended Mix): ★★★★★
Shinobi Shingeki: ★★★★1/2
Shape of You (Hi3ND Edit): ★★★★1/2
In The End (Hi3ND Edit): ★★★★1/2
One Man (Original Mix): ★★★★★
System Error (Extended Mix): ★★★★★
Sololist (Hi3ND Edit):★★★★☆
Dhoom (Hi3ND Edit): ★★★★1/2
LessonOne (EP): ★★★★★

(*)= new ratings