Zilla with Her Eyes Shut [unedited] Music Review

Zilla with Her Eyes Shut (source: Accidental Records) I was told for years that I always talked in my sleep, and most of the time the things I would say were the most bizarre things ever. I was always interested to hear what I said, so I downloaded an app that records what you say…… Continue reading Zilla with Her Eyes Shut [unedited] Music Review

DJ Ekki [unedited

DJ Ekki on SoundCloudDJ Ekki (Small) Interview & Review             “Music is just more then music. Music can change your mood within seconds, if you’re in a bad mood just listen to one of your favorite songs. Music has so much power and is influencing our feelings.” DJ Ekki was inspired to make…… Continue reading DJ Ekki [unedited

Ed Han [unedited]

Ed Han on SoundCloudEd Han      I was pleasantly surprised by the lightness of this cool tune by Ed Han from California. Moonlight Beach is a very mellow and kind of relaxing music to listen to. It makes for some sort of zoning out and just being in the moment. Hearing this kind of put me…… Continue reading Ed Han [unedited]