Lorena Leigh [unedited] Music Review

“Where I’ve been is sacred inside me, And all I know won’t hide. When the big show rolls on by, Or I’m crucified being who I wanna be.” ~Girls Like Me by Lorena Leigh

The Coronas [unedited] Music Review

The Coronas (2020)

“I’m good for a little bit, but I get lost in the thick of it. I hate to say that I’m wrong, feels better playing along. Hope you don’t notice it, when I’m just a bit low-spirited. I gotta face it alone…” ~Lost in the Thick of It by The Coronas

Rachel Grace [unedited]

Rachel Grace on SpotifyRachel Grace Interview & Review     Rachel Grace is a 15 year old musician from Wexford, Ireland. In Rachel’s own words “I have always loved music, it has always been a happy constant in my life growing up and it’s just what was in my life the longest. It’s always been music that…… Continue reading Rachel Grace [unedited]