The Mowgli’s [unedited] Music Review

Check out the latest music review for The Mowglis! They are well known for their songs Im Good and San Fransico.

Magic Giant

Magic Giant on SpotifyMagic GiantAustin Bisnow tuning his acoustic guitar, Brian Zang (in the blue shirt), and Zambricki Li (playing the violin)Brighton Music Hall (February 17th, 2018)(short) Interview & Review       I have a theory when it comes to listening to Magic Giant’s music, I refer to the proposition as the ”Magic Giant Experience”.…… Continue reading Magic Giant

Only Sun [unedited]

Only Sun on SpotifyOnly SunInterview (10/14/17)How’re you guys doing today?“Got a bit of studio madness. We’ve just come back from the studio.” Yeah? What’d you guys do? “Preproduction! So we’ve gone in and played through a couple of new songs. We just want to be heard (laughs). Erm, yeah, it’s quite alright.”You can’t tell me what you’ve…… Continue reading Only Sun [unedited]