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According to Sunrise House American Addiction Treatment Facility Centers’ website, the arts and entertainment industry has the third highest overall rates of substance use from 2008 to 2012. That is 12.9% of the self-reported data from SAMHSA.

Out of that percentage, 11.5% also reported heavy use of alcohol.

9.5% of those cases were diagnosed...

At a young age, Will can remember his Dad playing the Santana III album being his earliest memories that attracted him to music, “I remember chasing the guitar parts from speaker to speaker. I don’t know why this was such a spark, but it was. The belief in the magic of music never left me since and my mind goes back to this memory every time I pull out that record.” Other inspirations include Radiohead’s album OK Computer, Will says he learned a lot about music from that one album.

Will Bradford started the band in Boston, MA in 2000, and for 11 years had seen great success. At times the band would play about 200 shows a year, opening for bands like Presidents of the USA, Death Cab for Cutie, Franz Ferdinand, and many more. According to an article from The Maine Edge, Will and his band members were forced to put a very sudden stop to Seepeoples. Constant touring brought on a cluster of problems for the band, which ultimately resulted in all members suffering from some sort of drug abuse. Will found himself slipping deeper than anyone, commenting that he “went to a dark place. Some call it heroin/crack island… I called it home. But I’m just thankful I remembered to bring my guitar with me.” Seeing the concern he was raising for his family, Will decided to go into rehab.

In July 2015, Seepeoples returned from their hiatus with Dead Souls Sessions, and the band have come out with various other singles and EPs leading up to their most recent release, Blink.

SeepeopleS fans are a small group of weirdos, libtards, nihilists, anarchists, drug addicts, convicts, artists, and other musicians especially. Anti-Genre Anarchist pop music isn’t for everyone, so as small of a group as our fan base may be, their loyalty is second to none. Honestly, after 20 years on the road, at this point I consider them ‘friends’ and not ‘fans.

Will Bradford (8/2/2020)

Listening to Seepeople is like listening to your whole Spotify music library on shuffle, you never know what you’ll get.

Shuffling such a random amount of music can be very bittersweet. Depending on your mood you might want the variety, but other times you absolutely hate it and instinctively turn on a playlist that fits what you want to hear.

That’s how labels see music, whatever fits what you want. You meaning the masses of people who generally like listening to one genre.

But that’s not exactly how experimental music projects work… You need to be open-minded, and that’s exactly what I did when taking on this review…

As a result, I actually liked what I heard. If you want to check out my thoughts, see my ratings all the way below the article.

I’ve been so lucky to record and play music with so many of my heroes, and even luckier that I get to call many of them my close friends now. I am truly blessed!


So what is next for Seepeoples? The band is currently recording at Chillhouse Studios in Boston MA with long time co-producer Will Holland (Pixies, and Dead Can Dance). The album was slated for a late fall 2020 release in conjunction with the band’s 20th anniversary, but that has been postponed till 2021 along with the album release tour, due to the coronavirus. With many other musicians contributing to Field Guide For Survival in this Dying World, the album will be released through RascalZRecordZ.

Additionally, Will tells me that he is “also thrilled to announce that Pete List, the renown animator best known for his work on Celebrity Death Match / MTV, is doing another video for us. He was the animator and director of the ‘New American Dream’ video that was banned by Facebook / Instagram. I’ve seen some clips already and the video is stunning! Hopefully, this one won’t get banned.”

Seepeoples will continue to make music that defies any expectations. Will comments, “earlier in my career, the band took some meetings with some labels and management companies, and they always said the same thing, ‘focus on one kind of music,’ this is ‘impossible to sell.’  Every time I kept hearing that, it just made me want to, of course, do the exact opposite.  I started SeepeopleS as a musical project that I would never have to put walls around it, confine it, or essentially be restricted in any way.”

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I would like to thank Will Bradford for keeping in touch leading up to this article, and I hope to meet him in the city in the near future!

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Blink by Seepeoples (2020) [Credit: Andrea Georgas]

Overall: 4.7/5

Blink: 4.8/5

The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill: 4/5

Hate: 4.6/5

Love: 4.8/5

Dead Souls Sessions: 4.5/5

Top Song: Fall in Rome (2015)

Bloxx [unedited]

Facebook- Photos
Interview & Review

What inspired you to make music?

We’ve all been relatively focussed on music from a young age, so I think it’s always been in our bones to make music. We just happened by chance when we needed a few friends to help out at one gig and ended up forming Bloxx!

What influences your songs?

I’d say day to day life situations that we go through and albums/artists that we listen to.
Each of our songs have influences from different places for example Taz (guitar) loves Sonic Youth, Tame Impala and even Fleetwood Mac! We take inspiration from small things in our every day lives, and make it Bloxx!

What’s your fan base like?

The fans we have are incredible! We seem to have become very lucky because we have a very supportive fan base! We love them all, it’s incredible the things we have achieved in a year and it’s mostly down to our fans I think!

What is your song Curtains about? 

I (Fee) remember writing Curtains in a rehearsal studio with the boys and thinking that it needed some straight up sassy lyrics, I think the inspiration behind it was just an irritated mood and perhaps a bit of bad blood.

What is your song Coke about?

Coke is the most relative song I think we have released just because it’s a song that reflects on a stage of my life (and perhaps even others) where you have to deal with things that you don’t quite understand and don’t quite agree with. I think that tune is the epitome of needing to keep headstrong. I wrote that song before Bloxx were together so it’s come along way from what it once meant to what it means to us now!

How is your year going?

Our tours before Christmas in 2017 were insane! We were out with Sundara Karma in September and INHEAVEN in October! All of those shows were dreams for us! We had an amazing time! We miss it already.

What festivals/concerts are you planning to go to in 2018?

We hope to play as many as we can, we love a good festival!
In terms of going to them as guests, I’m thinking about Truck Fest again and maybe Reading! Festivals are always fun, a few of us have been to festivals a lot! I really want to see The Cure this year and I have tickets so I’m really excited for that!

Where do you see the band in 5 years?

We would love to be selling out our headline tours, making really kick ass music and having a lot of fun!! I know it’s sort of a communal dream of all of ours to sell out a big London show, because that’s our hometown. Me and Paul wants to headline the Latvian festival Positivus haha!

What are your plans for the future?

Write, Release, Release! We want to put out the music we love most and that’s the goal for now! The near future sees a bit of new music!

When are you planning to release further tracks?

Very soon! We are ready to go on a few bits of music that we can’t wait for people to hear! It’s almost Bloxx.2! We’re looking forward to these tracks being heard!

:Overall: ★★★★3/4
Second Option: ★★★★★
Novocain: ★★★★★
Coke: ★★★★1/2
Curtains: ★★★★★
You: ★★★★★
Your Boyfriend: ★★★★★