Elliot Lee Review: Bubble Gum Pop

The latest music review of Elliot Lee. Brooklyn’s upcoming alt-pop artist has been compared to the likes of Billie Eilish and Lana Del Ray, and passionately raises awareness for mental health.

Trish Discord Review: Educational Rock

The latest music review of Trish Discord. Trish has released her recent debut album Is This My Mental Breakdown?

Cooper Phillip [unedited] Music Review

Cooper Phillip and her boyfriend (8/11/2020)

“I pushed away my feelings, gave up on love completely. Never thought I’d see the day I want tø say, thank you heartbreak.”

~Thank You Heartbreak by Cooper Phillips

The Upstart Crows [unedited]

The Upstart Crows on SoundcloudThe Upstart CrowsThe Upstart CrowsInterview & Review When I first heard The Upstart Crows music, the comparison of Jon’s voice with Death Cab For Cutie vocals was quite acceptable. Their debut album is focused around a relatable and personal subject that I believe everyone might struggle with at any age. Jon explains…… Continue reading The Upstart Crows [unedited]