Pilod [unedited] Music Review

Latest review of Pilod by Unedited Music Blog.

Long Ladder Home [unedited] Music Review

Long Ladder Home(Original UMB Review) https://open.spotify.com/artist/3QNFob39EKsYCn5zzM0lFH I guess you could say I’m setting my expectations for Long Ladder Home high, but to me I actually believe they could be something bigger than they are right now. They haven’t toured outside of their state of Illinois for almost a month now, and they only have been…… Continue reading Long Ladder Home [unedited] Music Review

Ni/Co [unedited]

Ni/Co on SpotifyNi/CoDani Brillhart & Colton Jones (Ni/Co)Picture was taken by RUNA Creative Co. (@runacreativeco) Interview & Review      Dani Brillhart of Atlanta (GA) and Colton Jones of Kettering (OH) met in Nashville, TN were they instantly connected musically. “We both listened to people like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Brian McKnight, Destiny‚Äôs Child, etc growing…… Continue reading Ni/Co [unedited]

cleopatrick [unedited] Music Review

Before my in-person interview, Luke and Ian said they were ready and I was kind of confused….. “Wait aren’t there more members?” I said… And I swear I thought they were a four-piece because they definitely sounded like one. Vannessa laughed and said, “no they’re a two piece”. It blows my mind that these guys…… Continue reading cleopatrick [unedited] Music Review

Bajton [unedited]

Bajton on SpotifyBajton Interview & Review     Right now as I speak Jaguar by Bajton currently has over 76k listens on Spotify, although they don’t like how people don’t know that there is actually more than one person who is making the music, they are very proud of the reception of the song and hope their luck…… Continue reading Bajton [unedited]