Features | March 2023 (2)

Mariele Jankowski

Mariele Jankowski
Photo credit: Lea May

Cologne-based Mariele Jankowski is a singer-songwriter who mixes indie folk with folk-pop music. Since she was little, she was always interested in music and storytelling. She studied drama and musical theater in Mainz, Germany, and uses her skills to create her music. Some of her songs have been broadcasted via Sam Lee’s Nest Collective’s Singing With Nightingales in April 2021 and 2022.

On March 3rd, she released her debut single, The Long Song of Mary Green. The song tells about the human nature of wanting to reach the end goal of eternal happiness, after which the search for it will finally end. However, ultimately the world keeps turning, and the art of letting go and enjoying life’s journey.

I enjoyed the ambiance in this song, and it reminded me of traveling through Europe. Mariele’s storytelling is excellent and very compelling. I am looking forward to hearing more in the future. I would love to hear what you think about this song, so please leave a like and comment below with your thoughts on this single.

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The Wren

The Wren
Photo credit: Ursula Bowling

Los Angeles-based musician The Wren is a singer-songwriter who mixes indie pop and alternative pop music. She draws her name from the bird of Arizona, her home state. The Wren pairs contemplative lyrics with intimate vocals and guitar. Singing has always been part of her life, but when she was 12, she began to do songwriting and seriously play the guitar.

On March 1st, The Wren came out with the newest single, December. The song is about removing the rose-colored glasses of infatuation to see a heartbreaker for who they’ve been all along. It is about accepting the truth, seeing the good in not getting what you want, and realizing that you’re better off being single.

This is a standout song in this week’s Features; the Wren’s production overall is the pinnacle of this track. Breath-taking vocals and clear acoustics bring me speechless, and it is a beautiful track that belongs on a Sofar stage—well done. I would love to hear your thoughts on this track, so please leave a like and comment below with your thoughts.

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Tom b

Tom b

London-based Tom b is a bedroom pop musician with lofi-pop and electronic pop elements. Tom is heavily inspired by US acts like The Books and The Microphones. Tom has been producing and engineering for other bands since 2018, but now has turned his attention inward and create the music he wants to hear.

On March 15th, Tom released his newest release featuring vocals by Lucy Wroe; She’s Like A Dream. The song began as a phone recording of some piano chords, and then the voice note transformed into the noisy, trippy, sexy groove it is now. In Lucy’s words, she wrote the song when imagining watching somebody, being in a room that person you’re obsessing over, and watching them glow. Tom b states that he was incredibly and uncomfortably familiar with the song, so the idea directly fed the continued production of the track.

I love this song, but the vocals are too soft. I understand that this song is influenced by Lofi pop, but the lyrics are an essential part of the song. Other than that, the production was well done, and I enjoyed the track. However, I want your thoughts on this track, so please like and comment below.

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Features | March 2023 (2)

Karen Harding

Based in Australia, Karen Harding is a female singer-songwriter who makes music that mixes indie and commercial pop. Her music has opened up a world of exploration and possibility for Karen, serving as a medium for therapeutic work and promoting personal development.

Today she released her first release of the year, Devil in the Mirror. Compared to the sad ballads she put out in 2021 and 2022, this new single shows how much Karen has grown. According to her, in today’s modern world, we are continually confronted with images of what we should look like, how we should behave, who we should be, and so on.

I enjoy the offbeat nature and the raw honesty behind the lyrics. There is also a mirror between the lighthearted melody and the deep meaning of the lyrics. I love when artists put themselves out there and authentically express their feelings. I would love to hear your thoughts, so if you enjoyed this single, please like and share your thoughts in the comments below.

I’d recommend this single to fans of Fiona Apple and other alternative singer-songwriters. If you enjoy this song and want to hear more, please like and follow the links below.

Luch Stefano

Based in Eastbourne, UK, acoustic singer-songwriter Luch Stefano makes folk-pop love songs with easy-to-listen-to-study vibes. He finds inspiration in artists from Ed Sheeran and Passenger to Eminem and Drake. He has also been a guest on radio and television shows, like BBC Introducing, BBC News, London LIVE TV, and many others.

Today Luch came out with his newest single, I Like It On You. According to him, it’s a love song about recognizing undeniable chemistry with someone already in a relationship. The guitar echoes the opening of “HErARTWORK,” the album that will contain 17 tracks and be released this year, ushering you into his music world.

I enjoyed the clear acoustics in this song and the slow build that the music takes at the beginning. This beautiful song is great to listen to at the end of a long day due to its soothing voice with a lot of depth lyrics. I like this song, and I would like to know your thoughts on it as well. So please click like and share your thoughts in the comments section below!

I would recommend this song to fans of Ed Sheeran and other pop singer-songwriters; I think the acoustic nature of the music would resonate with fans of these musicians. If you enjoyed this song, please like and follow the links below.

Zilla with Her Eyes Shut [unedited] Music Review

Zilla with Her Eyes Shut (Accidental Records)
Zilla with Her Eyes Shut
(source: Accidental Records)

I was told for years that I always talked in my sleep, and most of the time the things I would say were the most bizarre things ever. I was always interested to hear what I said, so I downloaded an app that records what you say in your sleep. I had it for years, and caught a lot of funny moments.

But then one night I had a horrifying nightmare…

I never heard myself scream like I did in that recording, it was like I saw something that would effect my life in the worst way possible. I cried as I heard myself crying in fear, and I shut the recording off immediately.

I deleted that app after I captured that, and I haven’t downloaded since… And I probably won’t ever again.

Zilla with her Eyes Shut’s song Sleepwalker is about her own sleep talking and her own adventures with sleepwalking.

Based around the artist’s own sleepwalking adventures and even featuring her own ‘sleeptalking’, the track takes on an almost dub vibe at times, laced with heavy beats, deft vocal work and a penchant for the strange. It does well to delve into the singer’s fears as she opens up about anything and everything these night terrors can bring out in her: ‘I’m scared of who I might become if I never wake.'” ~(Vinyl Chapters)

Zilla’s musical path begun by learning classical music with a piano teacher in Paris, France. She quickly discovered her true passion was to make music, “I’d always been into painting as a kid and writing poems but piano hit me really hard. That day I knew I had found my passion,” she tells me.

In the beginning, she was only learning and playing classical piano, wanting to learn as much melodies and compositions. “There’s something surreal about playing someone else’s piece to the point where it becomes part of you and the experience never leaves you, it’s like biting a piece of the composer’s memory and intentions and adding it to your psyche,” she says.

She naturally progressed into writing music, because that “is what songs do, they travel with you, get you through pain and joy and they compliment your psyche,” she says.

Her music is about what happens whenever she dreams, what she calls her “creative gifts” that come up when she’s asleep. These things that come about in her dreams more often than not could be related to whatever trauma she endured in her childhood.

The music she creates lacks a description, and defies any boundaries of a specific topic. “I’m inspired by so many things, moments of the day, sounds around me, people’s accents, there is flow everywhere. I like to call it surrealist pop because I layer unexpected vocals with unexpected sounds of unexpected objects,” she explains. She equally values a fan base that likes to be surprised, but is unclear if this has been achieved.

“Instead of denying my trauma, I tend to embrace it through music and even celebrate it. There’s no other way to get over it for me. I recorded myself sleeping talking and sleepwalking. We used objects that are related to the songs as instruments.”

~Zilla with her Eyes Shut (4/20/2020)

I am absolutely inspired by Zilla’s music and songwriting, especially since I can relate to having such vivid dreams and nightmares myself. The fact that she finds her dreams to be a source of musical inspiration is very unique, and makes me want to explore this on my own.

Whisper Whisper was written “when I was about 10 I started hearing whispers when I played the piano, it was really scary until I turned the whisper into my imaginary friend that would help me go through sh*t,” she says. It’s really cool to see that Zilla could take a really scary scenerio and make it into a very unique song that looks on the bright side.

If you’re a fan of Billie Eilish and Bjork, then Zilla’s music is definitely a must listen to. Her style of music is definitely a mix of those two artists, but more.

There definitely is a storyline in each song, it’s just a matter of time until the whole story is told. But not everyone needs to know everything about everyone… But I hope this article can provide more clarity to her story.

“Although the inspiration is my trauma, it’s so important that it is not a self pitying song, the trauma made me strong because I accepted it and turned it into something else. It’s an explosion of innocence and control.”


At the moment, Zilla is working on songs that take a brand new approach. She wants to maintain a sense of surprise for her listeners, but is not to compelled to release any more music at the moment.

I would like to thank CEO of Independent Music Promotions Inc., James Moore, for connecting me with Zilla. I would also like Zilla for answering my questions and also staying in touch through Instagram.

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Zilla with Her Eyes Shut [self-titled album] (2020)

Overall: 4.7/5

Zilla with her Eyes Shut: 4.7/5

Top Song: Sleepwalker (2020)

Scott Beckett [unedited] Music Review

Scott Beckett, the Liverpudlian singer-songwriter recently released the stand out new single, ‘Take Me Home’ from his stunning EP, Teach Me To Fly.  The assured lyrics are stratified over unhurried drifts of guitarwork and delivers an optimistic directive and something to hold onto. 

There is a fresh, straightforward message within this track and joined with such musical artistry, creates a radiant song to be appreciated.  There is plenty of adept songwriting and technically dazzling and intense delivery.  The track uses the music and lyrics ably and judiciously to evoke the right sentiment. Despite a slightly rock vibe, the track really resides in an almost folksy genre.  It is authentic and real, nothing coerced or forced but is textured, transforming without remotely being ambient.  The narrative feels honest and thought provoking.

“Unbelievably Strong Release”


Beckett describes his genre of music as ‘acoustic driven with relatable lyrics’ and the singer-songwriter brings home exactly that in his creative process.  Stating that most music that’s singer-songwriter based inspires him (Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, The Calling and of course The Beatles, are some of the strong influences), Beckett brings those flavours to his sound.  As the listener, you are keenly aware of that injection some of those artists have made into his creative process.  However, he has taken that genre of music and made it his own, finding his way artfully into a space that he occupies comfortably and with great ownership.  You can feel that he has grown into his own here and found the right tone and temperament with the rather unplugged and almost folk atmosphere he delivers with this track.  

 There is no doubt that Scott will go far in the industry finding much love along the way, starting with ‘Take Me Home’.  If acoustic singer-songwriter is a style you are drawn to, Scott will be one to follow on the long journey he has ahead.

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An Orange Conspiracy [unedited] Music Review

An Orange Conspiracy on SoundCloud

The Scottish Rockers, An Orange Conspiracy, have recently released their stand out single, ‘Feelin Fine’.  Taken from their impressive debut EP, AOC, the track, deftly created by this band of brothers, is one to take notice of certainly.

Ricki, Leo and Casey Galea, who make up AOC, debuted their EP in late 2018, a year that was full of breakthroughs for the brothers three.  This single is the first release from that stunning new EP. With intense energy at their sell-out shows and loving, generous support and endorsements, this band are an easy favourite so this new single, ‘Feelin Fine’ will be no different than all of their previous material.  The brothers find inspiration from bands like Nirvana, The Black Keys and even a bit of Led Zeppelin to name but a few.  However, An Orange Conspiracy create their own sound particular to themselves, with only a nod to their influences.  Their music drifts easily between grunge, blues and even hints at psychedelica. 

“It Is Hard To Forgive This Band For Creating Such An Infectious Catchy Track”


‘Feelin Fine’ relays critical lyrics on modern life, delivered through infectiously catchy melodies with grit and evocative passion.  With stratified sounds of riffy, bluesy guitars, a bass line driven straight through it, and a backing drum beat that anchors the track between laid back and energetic, this song is going to be solid favourite with anyone who loves a strong guitar sound.    

The band will be on tour in the UK in February so be sure to catch them and the clever new single, they are definitely ones not to miss! 

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Drakmah [unedited] Music Review

The electronic group from London, Drakmah, have just released their most recent single, ‘Hear’, extracted from their clever EP, ‘Storyteller’.  The track has all the elements of the electronic sound fleshed out with an alternative vibe and loaded with the requisite energy.

With this latest single, ‘Hear’, you can instantly hear the band’s given talent as they explore musical creativity.  With a strong baseline, classic synths and creative vastness, the single is meant to grab your attention.  The vocals don’t disappoint either, they evoke passion in their delivery making the whole track captivating and engaging.

“Outstanding Track From An Outstanding Band”


From Naples originally, but now calling London home, Drakmah put out a unique blend of electronic indie sound mixed with hints of alternative.  Giving credit to their influences of Alt-J, Pink Floyd and Flume along with others, they are constantly innovating their sound to include a host of styles along with trying out many instruments to produce music that challenges the boundaries and limits of sound experimentation.

Drakmah are set on an upward trajectory and are definitely ones to watch.  Make sure not to miss them or their new release, you will be glad you did.

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Storyteller EP (2018)
By: Drakmah

Brazier [unedited] Music Review

Brazier on Spotify

Cornish-born songwriter, Brazier, has recently released is latest stand-out single,’ Holding On’.  With vocals provided by Lydia Dudfield coupled with a solid rhythm to move to, this track is for sure to be a hit. 

With the passionate delivery of vocals from Lydia Dudfield anchoring it, ‘Holding On’ is instantly gratifying.  Brazier credits influences as bands such as The 1975 and Walk The Moon and this is comes through clearly in the funky guitar sound as well as the upbeat rhythms from the off.  Plus, the lyrics simply do not disappoint.  They go over the common story of working for the money, all the while pursuing something more, something that fulfils the deeper needs of the soul.  Combining all the brilliance of the musicality, the lyrical gravitas and quality vocals, this track just cannot miss.

“There Is No Reason This Track Cannot Become A 2019 Anthem”


Brazier admits has found inspiration for his music in the vast seascapes of Cornwall, a never-ending source for him.  His passion for music is widescreen and his ability to cross musical genres makes him a unique songwriter in that sense.  He has received radio play from the BBC Introducing and has hit the number two spot on the ReverbNation Pop Charts, and now is releasing his follow up to that, this latest single, ‘Holding On’.

So, if you are looking for a modern pop sound with plenty of heart, then this is track for you.  To be sure, Brazier is one artist to keep an eye in the coming months of 2019.

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Home State [unedited] Music Review

The New York based band, Home State, have recently released their new stand-out single, ‘Tried To Stay’, a wholly clever pop track that will definitely impress old fans and certainly bring new ones to the fold.

‘Tried To Stay’ has every component for an amazing hit single. Frontman Alex Friedlanger delivers the lyrics with such passion and conviction, it all comes across effortlessly. Combining the electrifying synthesizers that deliver an 80’s feel but keeping the track cool and pop-centric, enveloping the listener in their encompassing sound all the while the abundant beat moves you along throughout the track unrelentingly.

“One Of My Favourite Tracks Of 2019 So Far”


Home State came together in Brooklyn in 2015 and found fast success with their critically acclaimed debut single,’ Without Your Love’, which was featured in Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist and US Viral 50 Chart. Creating a combination of rock and pop, all filtered through the band’s talents, Home State have anchored themselves deep into the US music scene as ones to watch and this most recent release will surely cement them further and spread their musical message far and wide across the country divide.

If creative, cool pop with a strong, rocking beat that hovers in the pop sphere is what you are after, look no further, you have found home. Home State are a band to get on your playlist now and get to know!

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Laura Airaksinen [unedited] Music Review

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Based out of Finland, the talented singer-songwriter Laura Airaksinen, has just released her top new single, ‘Tonight’.  It is an accomplished, elegant track soaked in loads of soul, jazz and pop musical influences, giving it plenty of FLAVOR.

Laura is a wholly creative songwriter living in Fiskars, Finland. Her music credits influence from jazz, soul, folk and pop genres across the board.  She has recorded with top musicians from all over the world, including live strings, horns, choirs and more. Centering on subjects of love, yearning, long-distance relationships and the unpredictability in life, her lyricism are the generative direction behind many of her songs.

“‘Tonight’ By Laura Airaksinen Is As Elegant As They Come”


Her latest single, ‘Tonight’, is an emotive ballad delivered with authenticity. The melodies are luminous and sit well with the accompanying harmonies. The production of the track is full of clever live instrumentation creating a beautiful soundscape without being ambient, which we so often miss in modern pop music. The song is a perfect demonstration of Laura’s innate talent as an artist.

If you searching for a genuine song with sensitive, well thought lyrics, then Laura Airaksinen’s latest single, ‘Tonight’, will be the track you are looking for. Be sure to follow this artist, she will be on the rise in 2019.

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Red Back Light [unedited] Music Review

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Synth Rock Duo, Red Back Light, have released their stand out single, ‘Nothing I Can Do’, an energy soaked, full of strength track taken from the duo’s stunning 2017 EP, ‘No More Memories’.

The duo found great success with their debut EP, and this single is sure to be equally impressive.  ‘No More Memories’ is proof positive of their enduring clamp on their talented musicality.  The edgier and solemn themes are portrayed through a complex, creative melodic arrangements.  Adding to that the accomplished and slick production, which is topped fully of finished details, the aimed drums and stellar guitars all anchored by a solid bass line, all come together is fabulous cauldron mixed to perfection and churning out a great finished product.  The duo have crafted something solid here and know their craft well, finding success with ease and something to attach to.  

“I Have Been Waiting For A Track Like This For A Long Time, Splendid!”


Red Back Light are a pair from Montevideo, Uruguay, producing a unique synthy sound with rock undertones, finding solid pace with each track. Crediting inspiration from groups such as Depeche Mode, The Cure, St Vincent and Gorillaz, Red Back Light’s music has found a basis in the dark and moody for their creations, blending it perfectly and with the punch of modern pop added for variation on a theme.  It’s intelligent, twisting and paints an electric landscape for the senses to experience.  

‘No More Memories’ is unique and catchy, making Red Back Light one to follow as they make their ascension in the music industry and will surely find a place in your playlist!

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