Brookelyn Rose [unedited]

Brookelyn Rose on SoundCloudBrookelyn RoseBrookelyn Rose2018Interview & Review        “To me, vocals are very important and sometimes artists… Especially like Pop artists that I hear now… It kind of goes to the wayside with words, and melodies… Lyrics are important, and they should stay important.” Brookelyn Rose, a graduate from Temple University, studied…… Continue reading Brookelyn Rose [unedited]

Ruby Leigh Pearson (10 Year Old Country Singer)

Ruby Leigh Pearson on YouTubeRuby Leigh Pearson(Facebook)Interview & Review      Everybody scanning through my blog stop right here. This is a future star that everyone should stop and listen to. Country fan or not, I found Ruby to be a remarkable singer even though I know nothing about Country. Ruby is opening for country music…… Continue reading Ruby Leigh Pearson (10 Year Old Country Singer)