Photo taken by Emilia Pare

Photo taken by Emilia Pare

What inspired you to start making music?

Almost as far back as I can remember, I’ve been making music…I started playing piano when I was about 4 or 5, and would make up my own songs.  I would sit and play for hours as a kid.  Later my Dad got me my first guitar, and soon after I started my first band.  I wanted to be the singer, and since then I’ve never looked back!  Now, making music, singing, writing and performing are the best ways I know how to let my emotions out.  It’s one of the only places I know how to truly be free in my expression and my emotions.  

What is your fan base like?

I have had so many amazing fans during my time with my band SHIROCK, and now with my solo artist project!  I love seeing the familiar names of fans that I remember from years ago – maybe we met at a show or took a picture together, and now years later they’re commenting on a new music video or single…you develop a sense of friendship and family with your biggest fans.  When you see them at a show it feels incredible to know that they’ve walked with you through so much life and a very personal journey of songs and lyrics. So to every fan that takes the time to write, comment and reply – thank you 🙏 it means so much me to know that this music that I pour my heart into connects with you, and becomes a part of the soundtrack to your life. 

What is “All We Have is this Moment” about?

“All We Have Is This Moment” is about living in the moment – it’s about staying present.  I am the kind of person that’s always thinking about the next step…about the future, and the steps I want to take to get there.  This can be a strength at times, but it can also be a huge hinderance to enjoying the process and being present to life today.  It’s so easy to miss, but this very moment is all we have.  “All We Have Is This Moment” is a very literal reminder to myself…

Which musician have you been compared to the most?

Over the years it’s changed…sometimes people compare my vocals to Bono, other times I get Peter Gabriel comparisons with the song writing…certain songs have gotten comparisons to Coldplay, some to Prince, some to Bruce Springsteen…I like that everyone seems to have their own opinion!  I love all of these artists, and am constantly inspired by their work. 

What kind of direction do you want to take with your music?

My favorite kind of music has always been honest and vulnerable…it doesn’t matter if it’s acoustic driven, or a big anthemic, arena ready production – the music that connects with me feels authentic.  Like you’re getting a little glimpse into the story and life of the artist.  No matter what comes next for me, I want to do my best to always make this kind of honest and vulnerable music.  “All We Have Is This Moment” is a single released from my upcoming album, Evidence of Things Unseen – out later this year.  But during this quarantine, I’ve been writing and already dreaming up the next album…

What are your plans for the future?

To be honest, I don’t know right now.  As things evolve with the current situation, I’ll do my best to stay flexible…I was hoping to tour around the release of Evidence of Things Unseen, but given the current situation, that may not be an option. If touring isn’t an option, then my plan is to go straight back into the studio and being workin on the next album.  I also am working on poetry book, and an instrumental album…for the latest news, be sure to visit or follow me on Instagram – @cshirock

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