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Crybaby Special

     Crybaby Special’s newest song, Let The Boy Down, is a piano driven rock song that has a flow to it that makes you want to sing “let the boy down” along with the band. In fact all the songs are like this, and in that way their songs are contagious. So please listen at will, and be aware that you may become addicted to Crybaby Special. 
   Their vocals kind of sound like the The Clash alittle bit with the kind of funk sound that Jack White brings. With that said, I feel a little connection between Jack White and Crybaby, because the ballad lyrics in their songs.
    In speaking to the band I learned more about them, they formed in 2012, are apart of The Preservation Society Presents record label, and have headlined and played shows across the UK. For their newest single they duct taped microphones to the pub ceiling in Gillingham for the video.
    “When recording the video we agreed to start at 12 in the afternoon. One member was still asleep at 4pm so we planned to go ahead without him. He finally woke up and we managed to get him over in time to feature in the video” Crybaby said through Facebook messenger. Finally, they “mimed” the lyrics “let the band down” in parts of the video.
      I would like to thank Crybaby Special for all the information they gave me, and thank you Nick Connett for introducing me to the band. As always I will keep my readers updated with my opinions on future tracks they make!

          Crybaby Special’s latest single is to release on the 13th, it’s called “Surrender”. It’s slightly different then Let the Boy Down, with the same kind of punk feel. While I liked the chorus of the last single, I enjoyed the eclectic guitar riff in this song. 
           The band reports that he has found a whole new world of artists that they wouldn’t of known without this blog. The reception has been heard from the US… “Your blog has certainly helped us find new artists we enjoy. We believe it helps others discover our music too” the band tells me.
               CS has luckily opened for some big bands in GB like “Maximo Park at Dreamland, Margate and Lendakaris Muertos at Nambucca, London.” If they made a connection with the bands they opened for I have yet to find out however. Enjoy the single on October 13th!

Overview: ★★★★1/2
Surrender: ★★★★1/2
Let the Boy Down: ★★★★1/2


By John Cronin

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