DJ Ekki [unedited

DJ Ekki 

(Small) Interview & Review
             “Music is just more then music. Music can change your mood within seconds, if you’re in a bad mood just listen to one of your favorite songs. Music has so much power and is influencing our feelings.” DJ Ekki was inspired to make music through a passion and influence from other DJ’s and his own cousin when he was “11-12”. He hasn’t had any opportunities to tour the USA yet, but I would love to see him if he comes though. His talent must make for a good show!

      Ekki’s fan base is mostly kind young listeners that are grateful for his music, and this is another motivator for him. The German DJ is currently working on DJing in real life and producing his own music. He is also working on expanding to YouTube. In July he did play at the German Festival Sommerwiese with DJ Sound.

Overall music: ★★★★★



By John Cronin

John is the founder and main writer for Unedited Music Blog, and although he struggled to obtain a satisfying amount of views on BlogSpot he is certainly more hopeful for success on WordPress. He currently is in touch with many musicians worldwide ranging from small to big bands, all of them he considers more than just musicians... He also considers them to be something like his friends. John's interest in music started back when he was attending Adams Middle School in his hometown of Massachusetts (USA). Considering himself as a music geek, little did he know he would make a kind of impact on the music industries the way he is doing now. Currently training to be an editor for Genius community and Waze Map Editors community, he certainly enjoys all that he does and is not planning to stop anytime soon.

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