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I’m a 90s kid, and I am proud of it.

I love the 90s music, everything from Massive Attack to Nirvana… I love it all.

So when I hear 90s influenced music, I will have to admit… The bias in me comes out, rather it be because I am a 90s kid or it be because I love 90s music… It just happens.

For example, when I heard Higher by Echolily, I immediately compared her sound to a 90s musician (Massive Attack). When I said that, I almost immediately was drawn to it.

It doesn’t mean I hate all other music, well with some exceptions… It just ****ing means I’m a 90s kid. So if someone feels the same as me when they hear 90s music, leave a comment below cause I am pretty sure many people can relate to this!

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Echolily?
  3. Inspiration behind Echolily
  4. What’s Next for Echolily?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Echolily?

Melbourne-based and Malaysian born Echolily has been writing songs from a young age, but has been taking music production seriously for the past 3 years. In this short amount of time, she’s built up quite a fan base, and her releases have amassed to over 90k streams in about 3 months.

Echolily produces her music in her bedroom, and works as a medical doctor that she has been doing throughout the pandemic as frontline worker. She pulls her influences from the likes of Bjork, Jamie xx, Sia, and many others.

(Her tracks) also went on to garner support from Australian, UK and US radio stations including SBS, Flow FM, Triple H, Essex TV, Pheonix FM, and FUBAR.

Press release

Inspiration Behind Echolily

Echolily’s music has taken a turn from sensible pop to 90s nostalgia in her newest single, Higher. Something that everyone needs, as she hopes this and all her music can be an escape for people.

Higher’s 90 nostalgia has an interesting element of lofi to it, it actually reminds me of a mix of New Order and the XX. I can also feel the influences of Jamie xx and Bjork that are pulled into the song. It’s a great song, and I’m looking forward to hearing more songs like this by her.

I really enjoyed reviewing Echolily as i think she will continue garnering attention worldwide. I hope that Higher gets just as many streams than her past tracks.

What’s Next for Echolily?

Echolily is currently working on new music in her bedroom, and fans can expect more 90s nostalgic themed music. They can additionally expect some lofi in the upcoming releases.

When to expect these new releases is unknown to me at the moment, so make sure you follow all the links below so you can stay up to date on her music!

Thank You Notes

I want to thank Echolily for connecting with me via SharePro, as well as patiently waiting for this review. I hope to see her play a show in Boston one day! Make sure you follow and like her if you enjoy her music!

Echolily Links

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Have a wonderful rest of the week, and remember to continue following your state/country guidelines! Respect each other as well!

Also musicians can now submit their music through SharePro! I have left the link in the contact page if you’re interested in submitting through that platform.

Higher by Echolily
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