Dylan Goff

Dylan Goff
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According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the human condition is a part of being a person. They also say that the need to be loved is simply part of the human condition.

Dylan Goff’s “Untethered (Side Two)” is a five-track EP about the nuances and challenges of the human condition. The tracks describe the experience of getting older, navigating life in a new way, struggling with vulnerability and despair, and finding a sense of home.

As a man who’s been single for five years, I am itching to find a new sense of home. I want to navigate my life in a new way. I am getting older (in two years, I will be 30 years old), and I am ready to change.

But something is missing; I need to find that person I want to explore my new life with. I need to find my new human condition.

This is a big reason I relate to Dylan’s second EP so much.

Alexander Evangelista


I hear the phrase “life is short” a lot, week after week and day after day. I won’t lie; it’s true, and I know that. Life is very short, and life should never be taken for granted. Life shouldn’t be taken for granted, life shouldn’t take the way you live your life for granted, and the way you want to live your life shouldn’t be taken for granted. Before I am dead, I hope I tell my kids that.

I live life to leave a mark on people who have made their mark on mine. I make my mark by helping others in need, and I make my mark by helping musicians passionate about their craft, etc. How I live my life is a snowball effect, and that’s how I want it to be.

I want people to read these articles, I want them to feel enlightened, and I don’t only want them to say, “hey, this was a good article”… I want them to find some meaning in each of the articles as well.

I am not a celebrity, and what I say won’t be heard by many. But that’s okay with me; I don’t want people to feel bad about that.

Take these words, hold on to them, find meaning, and try to pass them on. Don’t just pass the snowball on to the next person. Make sure it is a giant fluffy, and meaningful snowball.

Do that everyday in your life.


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The holiday season is hard for everyone; fewer people (like me) are single. I have been living with my parents for three years, single for five years, and just recently been active on Hinge for about two years. Each year had its ups and downs, but overall it left me feeling lonely and desperate.

The loneliness and longing for someone haunt me every day someone mentions how their loved ones are doing. I work in the mental health field, and I have had at least two person’s served hospitalized for mental health reasons this season alone. Although that does not necessarily relate to the holiday season, it doesn’t help that only a handful have a family supporting them.

This is what Emmrose’s Cuffing Season is about, loneliness and longing for someone. That feeling of not being loved by someone who will be your best friend is hard, so that’s why the universe created music. It was made to be a safe place and to let your imagination run wild. But also knowing that you’re not alone and there are millions of single people during the holidays is comforting to know as well.

If you are lonely this Christmas, please take care of yourself by doing what you can. That includes; reading this article with headphones on by the fireplace while listening to Emmrose’s music. Allow it to be considered part of your self-care routine. If you like hot chocolate, then make it extra chocolaty.

My favorite routine includes driving while listening to Minimal Winter, and when I’m home, I like running to TMM Workout. I then enjoy cooling off by writing or watching TV with my Dad.

If you’re into the same thing, please follow us at YT Music.


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It’s been over nine months and three weeks since Russia invaded Ukraine. In the past 24 hours, a toddler’s body was pulled from the rubble of an apartment building in the Ukrainian city of Kryvyi Rih. This was a part of yet even more Russian attacks across the nation.

Russian forces are shelling the Ukrainian cities up and down, not showing any resentment or signs of stopping. Both sides have ruled out a Christmas truce, and there are no talks to end the conflict that’s nearing ten months.

Within the last 24 hours, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said, “repair work continues without a break after yesterday’s terrorist attack; of course, there is still much work to do to stabilize the system.”

Countless articles. Countless information. And numerous reasons to question what we can do. People are dying needlessly, and it can be overwhelming to see it on the news daily.

If you’re reading this, that question has now been answered: Donate

UpdateWhen I wrote this article (12/19), I still needed to donate to the cause. We have officially donated, as of 12/27, $25 to this cause.

I am extending my gratitude to TATE and his team for creating and raising this fantastic cause, a cause that I wanted to be part of the minute I heard the song.

I am grateful to all who donated before and after this article. Thanks for the support, and if you haven’t supported this cause, please make some room in your budget to donate as soon as possible.

If you’re having difficulty with your budget, switch your budget over to YNAB. Read or listen to the book, download the app, and before you know it, you can donate whatever you want to the cause.

Catherine Elms


The pandemic was a complex and massive pill to swallow for everyone, whether they were directly affected by it or not. It made me an introvert, for one, and I say that now because I have always been outgoing and social. But then I was cooped up for what seemed like forever, and I just got comfortable with that.

I am still an introvert, but I long to be with others as I branch out of my home. One reason being age and probably another being the sickening thought of living with my parents for the rest of my life.

People don’t stay in one place or state all their life and are static no matter how they act. I was an extrovert in my school years, but now post-school years, I am an introvert. It’s fascinating.

But also exhausting.

Catherine’s debut album captured that exhausting but fascinating path in two years when it was written.

Update: Today, 12/28, I decided to go to the city’s New Year’s Eve party. I am not in panic mode yet, but I almost dread the day. The people that will be there will be strangers to me, UGH. 

I do get that I can’t be single forever; I have to be with someone forever at some point. I hope that person doesn’t mind me being moody when I wake up before my cup of coffee and then isolate myself in my room after work. If I find someone, I want to enjoy my time with them and know that they won’t hate me for being an introvert when I need to be for my sanity.

I can be a handful, but I know I am worth it.

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