Five Mile Smile [unedited]

Five Mile Smile
       Forming in 2000, Five Mile Smile is a rock band hailing from Northern Ireland. They took a 11 year break, 2003-2014, but got back together to find their “American rock sound”. They have recorded many songs throughout the time they’ve been together, but the song that is a “in your face rock song” is Brawlin In Belfast. “Most of our other songs have an American rock feel, but with this one we decided to celebrate our home town, and the history of local boxing. We feel it is our best song yet” says the drummer (Brian Finley). 
       In the “early days”, the band was made up of Ross as guitarist/vocalist and some bass, Brian on drums, and Connor on bass. The 3 piece band worked hard with a “small but loyal following” touring across Ireland. They recorded singles like Long Road Out in 2001, Walk Thru in the following year, and Pirate “a rough jam recorded during a band practice in 2003”. They decided to break off and do other things in 2003.
       After talking to each other via Facebook, they recorded some songs and played a couple small gigs starting again in 2014. They recorded Call to Arms in 2014, and The Villain that following year. Connor left to be a father in 2015, but Ross and Brian stayed together “embracing the American rock sound” and went on to record loads of songs. Some of of the tracks include Drinkin All  Day in 2015, and Working Man that following year. Brawlin in Belfast is their latest and personal favorite song.
      Loyalty and passion is what this band seems to have, along with hard work. I enjoyed rocking out to Brawlin in Belfast and Drinkin All Day, two songs that stuck out to me the most. I do have to agree with the band, Brawlin in Belfast sounds like their song. But hard work should never be overlooked, and with that said I will have to say Beg Borrow or Steal, Working Man, and Lights Out were impressive too.
Overview: ★★★★☆
Brawlin In Belfast: ★★★★☆



By John Cronin

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