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  1. Who is James Millier?
  2. Brighter Day by James Millier Review
  3. What’s Next for James Millier?
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Who is James Millier?

Alternative Country James Millier from Barton on Sea, Hampshire in England (UK) is set to release his newest single Brighter Day on July 2nd.

Following massively successful releases like his hit single This Life (2018) that reached over 30k streams on Spotify alone, James is hoping for just as much success with this newest single as well.

Brighter Day by James Millier Review

Brighter Day is a story about how a breakup that can improve a person and lead to brighter and more fulfilling life. James felt a connection to this song from a moment in his life because he knows how hard breakups can be.

The single was co-written with acclaimed Nashville songwriter Trey Bruce, produced by Olli Dafforn, mixed by Alfie Cattell, and mastered by Streaky.

What’s Next for James Millier?

At the moment, it is unknown what is next for James. Follow and like the links below so you don’t miss his next releases!


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