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  1. Who is Jay Moussa Mann?
  2. Tell Me by Jay Moussa Mann Review
  3. What’s Next for Jay Moussa Man?
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Who is Jay Moussa Mann?

Singer-songwriter, writer, and filmmaker Jay Moussa-Mann is a rather new musician having released her debut album Little Deaths in 2019. Jay has so far played tracks on BBC Introducing and BBC 6 Music, and performed at festivals across the UK including Middlesbrough Mela and Twisterella.

Tell Me by Jay Moussa Mann

Interestingly, her newest single Tell Me is not about a break up. It’s more about breaking up with the whole world. The song is touches on the overwhelming loneliness and complexity of what the world and it’s people went through during the 2020 COVID pandemic.

What’s Next for Jay Moussa Mann?

Tell Me is the second single Jay has released this year, and both of these singles can be expected to appear on her second album called The Breakup Album. Her sophomore album is due to be released later on this year.


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