Joy Kate Music Review

The latest music review of Joy Kate, a musician known for her song writing. Joy Kate recently released her new single Puppet.

Peachy! Music Review

The latest music review of Peachy!. Peachy is a successful singer-songwriter and producer from Atlanta, known for his hit singles Falling for U and Pop Star.

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She is Jules Review: Chill Pop Music

The latest music review of She is Jules. North Carolina born singer-songwriter wrote hit songs like R U Really Sorry? as well as Love Me with Cafe Disko.

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Molly. Review: Paradise

“Miles ahead, There’s a place called Paradise. Blue in the skies, Let’s try to get high.”
~ Paradise by Molly.

Holy Wars Review: IHATEMYSELF

“Baby, I was born dark, Full of holes in my heart. Riding on a high of pain, Mind of a hurricane.” ~ Born Dark by Holy Wars

Lani Renaldo: Trainwreck

The latest review of Lani Renaldo. Lani just released her newest single Trainwreck.

Waiting for Smith [unedited] Music Review

“Stuck in sticky stuff, It gets tricky when you’re low. It’s a long life, When you don’t know where to go.” ~Long Life by Waiting for Smith