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  1. Who is Marq Electronica?
  2. Spirit of Shaman by Marq Electronica Review
  3. What’s Next for Marq Electronica?
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Who is Marq Electronica?

Originally from Middlesbrough and currently in Newcastle, Marq Electronica has spent most of his life as a singer and collaborating with local artists. After decades of organizing musical events and performing, Marq has finally gotten enough confidence to release his solo material with support of local musicians.

Spirit of Shaman by Marq Electronica Review

With influences ranging from RnB and electronic to Daft Punk and Missy Elliott, Spirit of the Shaman is another great addition to Marq’s musical collection.

I personally hear a lot of Mennska influenced in the song, especially the vocals. The beat is nice and catchy, but definitely leaves room for improvement.

What’s Next for Marq Electronica?

Right now there’s no sign of when the next releases will come out for Marq, but follow and like the links below to keep up to date and have a wonderful rest of the week! Stay tuned!!


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