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Martin Aelred Colgan

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  1. Who is Martin Aelred Colgan?
  2. Last Boat to St. Helena by Martin Aelred Colgan Review
  3. What’s Next for Martin Aelred Colgan?
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Who is Martin Aelred Colgan?

After fronting many bands, Martin decided to explore his own production when introduced to record producer Colin Thurston. Following his time with Colin, he went on to study flamenco and classic guitar in Scotland. In 2012, Martin was chosen to perform in HH The Dalai Lama’s UK Tour, where he performed as a musical instrumentalist with his classical guitar skills.

Last Boat to St. Helena by Martin Aelred Colgan Review

Last Boat to St. Helena’s conception focuses on the isolation that everyone experienced during the worldwide COVID pandemic. St. Helena is a sub-tropical island in South Atlantic. This album sounds overall festive, and it’s got a fun feel to it. When reading the lyrics, you do get a feeling of isolation. However, what should be appreciated more is the festive feel to the songs like Street Chant and Flame. I actually enjoyed listening to this album, and I think people who are fans of U2 would to!

What’s Next for Martin Aelred Colgan?

Stay tuned for more that Martin has to offer by following the links below!


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