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       Mint is a band from the UK that runs everything, they even have said that they are having trouble with going to festivals and shows because they don’t have enough money. Their song, Elise, was on the Spotify’s Hot New Bands playlist from September 2016 to March 2017. The song is now at almost 300k listens on Spotify, as of right now. 
      Zak was inspired to make music through reading Ronald Dahl and listening to music. He says that his music is also inspired to make music that sounds like “Horror” music… “I don’t think it’s like a real thing…. It’s the kind of music that would be in a horror film.” Mint’s fanbase; “They can be an absolute party animal, and drinking, and wild or they tend to be a teenage girl or someone shy…. Or like 21 year old girl, or 71 year old guy…… (They’re) really cool.”
      So far they have gigged at some shows and festivals, but are struggling with money to get more out there. Fans should react to their music, “however they want.” I reacted to Mint’s music positively, despite the different sounding vocals that can kind of throw people off sometimes.
      4 American bloggers have already interviewed their band, and they are saying everything from “oh it’s so different!” to mildly unimpressed reviews because it doesn’t sound like actual American Rock N’ Roll. “The nicest thing that someone has said… is that a girl said that they are their favorite band” Zak says.
     They just recorded a new song, and I think they are planning to make a new album. They will see what they’re going to do after that.
(10/22/17 update) 
       On November 1st, Mint is releasing probably my favorite song I’ve heard by them. The song’s name is called St. Oxford, and they claim “this is our creation of ‘horror music'”. They really nailed this sound in my opinion, and I think people will generally agree with me! 
           This kind of music comes out at a great time of year, oh wait it didn’t release yet…. Well, you get what I mean, for cool people like me it comes out at a good time! The shows have seemed to be treating Mint well because the shows look filled in the concert videos and stuff. 
         To give you and overall for the new song, lets just say it’s similar to Cage the Elephant vocals and Otherkin background
Overview: ★★★★1/2
St. Oxford: ★★★★★
Hypoallergenic: ★★★★1/2
Happiness is Heroin: ★★★★1/2
Living and Dying For: ★★★★1/2

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