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         I am absolutely not surprised that A Little While is MXK’s #1 song on Spotify with over 3k listens, it’s such a catchy and chill tune. Whereas New York reminds me of why I don’t like Hip Hop tracks. Either way, I’m eager to hear more songs like Confessions, Feel The Wind, and Level Me. There’s is no doubt in my mind that Mitch deserves more recognition for his work, he certainly does have a good touch to his music.
Mitchell Krause (DJ and producer) began in early November 2017 after his release of Level Me with Ryan Green. Hailing from Cincinnati (Ohio, USA), the producer/DJ makes music that is inspired by the likes of Bruno Mars’ new albums and Calvin Harris. “I really dig the old funk sound mixed with pop,” Mitch tells me. He was inspired to make music when he “took some CDs from my dad’s office and discovered bands like Metallica and Alice In Chains”. 
Despite his pop tracks are gaining a decent amount of friction with his pop tracks (Confessions hitting almost 7k listens and A Little While reaching just over 3k listens) Mitch tells me he’s taking a new direction for his upcoming releases. “I am currently working on a hip-hop song for this new EP that I’m excited to finish,” Mitch tells me.
As I already hinted, I don’t necessarily care for hip-hop music, and especially songs like New York… They just don’t sound appealing to me with all due respect. So although I will be following MXK’s progress, I will not be too excited for the hip-hop tracks to be honest. As he has already seen some success with pop music, I hope he keeps coming out with those kinds of tracks… But from what I’ve heard from him, that doesn’t sound like it’s going to happen. I hope this review helps steers his releases either way!
I would like to thank Mitchell Krause for reaching out to me on Facebook, I am very intrigued by his work and I’m eager to hear more! Go follow MXK on Facebook and listen to him on Spotify as well as Soundcloud. Now go make some “bad confessions” but don’t make “liquor too strong”!

Overall: ★★★★1/2
New York: ★★★★☆
Summer Vibes: ★★★★3/4
Air: ★★★★★
Level Me: ★★★★★
Top Song: A Little While (2018)

Cincinnati, OH, USA

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