Matt Rysen

Matt Rysen on SoundCloud & SpotifyMatt Rysen Interview & Review        “I really started producing music 4 years ago. So, my influences (were) young. The first (person) who gave me the motivation to start music is KSHMR. I love his style, and the stories in his songs. I love him because he always tries to surprise…… Continue reading Matt Rysen

MoonDreams Music [unedited]

MoonDreams Music on Spotify MoonDreams Interview & Review        At this moment, I’m in a happy place and getting entranced with MoonDreams songs on Spotify, it’s like some sort of country lullaby. “I’ve loved music as long as I could remember and really loved starting to sing at 6 years old.  I started writing lyrics at…… Continue reading MoonDreams Music [unedited]

Brookelyn Rose [unedited]

Brookelyn Rose on SoundCloudBrookelyn RoseBrookelyn Rose2018Interview & Review        “To me, vocals are very important and sometimes artists… Especially like Pop artists that I hear now… It kind of goes to the wayside with words, and melodies… Lyrics are important, and they should stay important.” Brookelyn Rose, a graduate from Temple University, studied…… Continue reading Brookelyn Rose [unedited]

Nate Mainegard

Nate Mainegard on SoundCloud Nate Mainegard Interview & Review    “‘Boy what are you doing? There’s no point to this, you can’t make any difference. Look there’s millions of starfish on this beach, no matter what you do you can’t make a difference… It’s pointless, you might as well stop!’ The boy looks up at the man…… Continue reading Nate Mainegard

We Are Bandicoot [unedited]

We Are Bandicoot on SpotifyWe Are Bandicoot Interview &Review          “Whether music has improved or burdened our lives is definitely a question. One thing is that music is the only consistent thread through all our lives. People and experiences come and go, music just seems like it never will leave us. It comforts…… Continue reading We Are Bandicoot [unedited]

Mint [unedited]

Mint on SpotifyMint Interview & Review       Mint is a band from the UK that runs everything, they even have said that they are having trouble with going to festivals and shows because they don’t have enough money. Their song, Elise, was on the Spotify’s Hot New Bands playlist from September 2016 to March 2017. The song…… Continue reading Mint [unedited]

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Katrin Johansson [unedited]

Katrin Johansson on SpotifyKatrin Johansson Interview & Review              Terrorist attacks are happening more often now-a-days, and when I heard that there was a terrorist attack in Finland not to long before Katrin’s interview….. A thought lingered into my mind that I just had to ask her, do these events inspire her…… Continue reading Katrin Johansson [unedited]