Wide Eyed Boy [unedited]

Wide Eyed Boy on SpotifyWide Eyed Boy      When I joined a Spotify promotion Facebook group, I thought that I would get decent artists. Well I was wrong, cause I got a couple impressive and unique bands. Wide Eyed Boy was the first one, and they weren’t the only ones. The other ones will be…… Continue reading Wide Eyed Boy [unedited]

Rave Logic Session on Dose Radio [unedited]

Rave Logic (https://www.facebook.com/Rave.logic.)onDose Radio (3/30/17)             If you like Rudimental or fast EDM artists, then you would of liked what I was listening to yesterday. I like this stuff not only because it’s probably very difficult to make, but it also gets your heart racing and adrenaline pumping. I definitely appreciate that kind…… Continue reading Rave Logic Session on Dose Radio [unedited]

MUX [unedited]

MUX on SoundCloudReview of Italian Alt-Rock Band MUX     The very first person that had reached out to me while I was promoting my blog was Rebel Rebel PR manager, Nick Connett. He wanted me to help him with promoting his bands from RR, and the first band was MUX. The first song I listened to by…… Continue reading MUX [unedited]

Listening Area Remixes [unedited]

Listen Area on YouTube(Listen Area)Channel Review      I got in touch with Levan Nisparishvili, channel owner of Listen Area, the other day on Facebook after listening to his remix post Heathens (which by the way Viv thinks is better than the overplayed original version). The collection of remix songs is very impressive, with hit songs like I…… Continue reading Listening Area Remixes [unedited]

Jameo [unedited]

Jamie on SoundCloud Jameo (Facebook) Interview & Review      I had the pleasure to talk and get to know Jamie Okrzynski, EDM DJ, named Okski, that started on July 2016 in Los Angeles, California. After touring on and off with multiple Alternative Rock/ Punk bands, he decided to do what Skrillex did and start making…… Continue reading Jameo [unedited]