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Paulina Sjöberg
Paulina Sjöberg
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Interview & Review
I honestly have nothing bad to say about this amazing musician, she’s got a voice of Dolores O’Riodan (The Cranberries) along with powerful and inspirational lyrics, an incredible drive for self-improvement, and an overall friendly and approachable personality… Oh did I also mention that she can rap? Paulina’s messages “faith, hope, and love” come through very clearly in songs like When The Sea Became The City which is a song of hope after Hurricane Harvey devastatingly struck her hometown of Houston, Texas. Paulina remarks on those days by telling me “it was impactful in the best way. Lives were lost but they were respected. Everyone helped each other. Houston united for the surrounding areas and vise versa. It was an experience I wouldn’t take back. My home wasn’t affected but my life was forever.”

         Life events and experiences inspired Paulina to start making music, “I think we all have different experiences that shape us to become who we are, and being someone who has devoted my life to God, I feel I’ve been through my share of life. So much that I want to tell everyone about it in song, and become a relatable artist” says Paulina. As well as her life and experiences in her life (either directly or indirectly) inspire her songs and have a heavy influence on them. Sjöberg tells me that her fan base is diverse and admire her voice as well as her writing, such as I do. “There’s no specific group of people who like my music, it’s become widespread and I think that’s amazing,” she tells me.
       “When you hear an artist for the first time one of two things runs through your mind. It is either, ‘Holy s#!t!’ or ‘Holy s#!t…’. And you all know what I mean. Well, when I first caught a glimpse of singer/songwriter Paulina Sjöberg, it was definitely the former.” – Lemonade Magazine (click here for article) 
       While I could say good things about all of the albums and EPs Paulina has released from this year to 2015, I fear that I don’t have that much time… So I will have to talk about the songs that I absolutely admire… When deciding what would be her top song, I was honestly at a stalemate between 5 songs: 1. When The Sea Became The City, 2. Love You So, 3. World, 4. Forever, and 5. Stopsign. Forever is quite a song with a wonderfully written chorus, and I quickly caught on to the song once I heard it. World and When The Sea Became The City was probably my first two favorite songs, mainly because of the hope within the struggle of today’s society in America and the world. Stopsign is an intriguing song with a powerful meaning to her. Paulina says, “Stopsign is about my ex-stepdad who ran away after a fight my mom and him had while we were vacationing in San Antonio. The song was written after he came back and it became a song of that experience and the mental struggle he endured that came along with it.” However, the best song out these 5 songs has to be Love You So. The unique and haunting tone created by her guitar and voice is the element of the song differs from the rest of her tracks, and this would be a great song to see performed live!
           Future tracks will differ in his music by “(incorporating) more instruments live and in the studio! I’ve recently started to learn lead electric guitar, ukulele and my next instrument would be piano (again). I played (the) piano when I was much younger but never stuck with it because I was young and became more interested in developing my vocals” she says.

          This year Paulina has released an amazing album called Deja Vu (Vol. 1), and it is probably my favorite album she has released ever since. It is unknown right now, but she is certainly still performing across her city of Houston. When The Sea Became The City’s YouTube video has over 1k views (click here for video), she expanded her music from streaming just on SoundCloud to all popular platforms including Spotify, and there should more music videos coming soon. 
         I would 1,000% thank Paulina for her remarkable music and continued communication, she is truly a good person with a great heart. Please check her out on Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, and her website! Have a wonderful weekend everybody!!!!

Deja Vu (Volume 1)
by Paulina Sjoberg (2018)
Overall: ★★★★★
Deja Vu (Volume 1): ★★★★★
Forever: ★★★★★
World: ★★★★★
Heartstrings: ★★★★★
Top Song: Love You So (2018)


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