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Synth Rock Duo, Red Back Light, have released their stand out single, ‘Nothing I Can Do’, an energy soaked, full of strength track taken from the duo’s stunning 2017 EP, ‘No More Memories’.

The duo found great success with their debut EP, and this single is sure to be equally impressive.  ‘No More Memories’ is proof positive of their enduring clamp on their talented musicality.  The edgier and solemn themes are portrayed through a complex, creative melodic arrangements.  Adding to that the accomplished and slick production, which is topped fully of finished details, the aimed drums and stellar guitars all anchored by a solid bass line, all come together is fabulous cauldron mixed to perfection and churning out a great finished product.  The duo have crafted something solid here and know their craft well, finding success with ease and something to attach to.  

“I Have Been Waiting For A Track Like This For A Long Time, Splendid!”


Red Back Light are a pair from Montevideo, Uruguay, producing a unique synthy sound with rock undertones, finding solid pace with each track. Crediting inspiration from groups such as Depeche Mode, The Cure, St Vincent and Gorillaz, Red Back Light’s music has found a basis in the dark and moody for their creations, blending it perfectly and with the punch of modern pop added for variation on a theme.  It’s intelligent, twisting and paints an electric landscape for the senses to experience.  

‘No More Memories’ is unique and catchy, making Red Back Light one to follow as they make their ascension in the music industry and will surely find a place in your playlist!

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