Simon Alexander Gothberg [unedited]

Simon Alexander Gothberg

          To be honest, I have no idea what else I think about this Swedish artist other than “wow”. When it came to finding a similar artist/singer, it took me the longest time to compare Simon. It all came down to Marcus Mumford, from Mumford & Sons. Yes, there I said it, in a lot of his songs I would say he sounds like Marcus Mumford. On top of that, I’ld also say he sounds like Kaleo and Matt Corby
         The fact that I’m comparing Simon to Marcus and Kaleo is one of the highest compliments that I think I could give to a musician, and honestly I really like this guy. His voice is so strong, especially in his newest hit song Won’t Be Found which is on Spotify and SoundCloud. He has many dimensions of type of voices that he seems to play, but mainly he sounds like a rock singer. With a voice that sounds like it’s made for the radio, I’m very appreciative that Dude.FM showed me his talent on Twitter.
            All of his music on SoundCloud including Won’t Be Found and Phoenix Fire are some of his very unique sounding music that I very much like, but his live version shows off the power in his voice. More impressively is the fact that he made it on to a couple Spotify playlists, and I predict he’ll make it onto some more with more publicity that I think he’ll deservedly get. 
            For his other music projects that he does on the side, he is the drummer for a ska-punk band called Y P & Pork.  He is actually a drummer for them, which shows off the fact that he is multi-talented. As far as his solo career, he is planning on releasing “few surprises” with the songs that are from his newest EP “Won’t Be Found”

Overview: ★★★★★
Pheonix Fire: ★★★★★
Won’t Be Found (Album): ★★★★★


By John Cronin

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