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In 2012, The Strumbellas released their first album My Father and the Hunter. My favorite song on that album is “Lakes”.

In 2013, they released their sophomore album We Still Move on Dance Floors. My favorite song on that album is “In This Life”.

In 2016, Hope was released and gained attention across the music industry. Although this whole album is full of greatness, “Spirits” is my favorite song.

In 2019, Rattlesnake was released and I will admit, that even though I haven’t heard the entire album… But, “Running Scared (Desert Song)” would have to be my favorite.

Most recently, Simon released his first ever solo EP Simon and the Island. And having listened through, “Muse” stands out to me the most.

So why am I being such a fanboy?

It feels good to express how my love for these songs and Simon’s music. And, well if you want to demonstrate that you are a fan of Simon’s work, you need to know at least 3 of these songs. Just in case you haven’t, I’ve included the music videos for each in this article.

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Simon and the Island?
  3. Simon and the Island EP Review
  4. What’s Next for Simon and the Island?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion
Lakes by The Strumbellas (2012)

Who is Simon and the Island?

For any new fan of Simon Ward, you’ll quickly learn that Simon’s raw lyrics are often engulfed in emotion, flowing by on a sea of poppy melodies.

Following his success with his Canadian-based band, The Strumbellas, Simon looks to bring his words of unspoken truths to a deeper level.

In This Life by The Strumbellas (2013)

Simon and the Island EP Review

There’s a deep feeling of desperation that listeners can relate to, especially if they’re struggling. Simon has a talent for grabbing onto the listener’s emotions and therapeutically soothe them, even when you least expect it. This was evident with the music from The Strumbellas, but it is even more pronounced in his solo work.

I am excited to see how Simon continues to weave his unique sound from his past musical venture into his new project. I think Simon Ward has a lot to give, and I’ll be here supporting him like I have been since I first heard “Spirits”.

Spirits by The Strumbellas (2016)

What’s Next for Simon and the Island?

While we all can feel alone, as if on an island, Ward wants everyone to remember that “no matter the distance, the size of land, or measure of experience, there is always a space for retreat, reflection, and renewal and reassurance that someone out there understands what you’ve been through”.

While it is not known what is next for Simon and the Island, much less The Strumbellas, Simon is obviously not done, so click the links below to keep an eye out for new material!

Running Scared (Desert Song) by The Strumbellas (2019)

Thank You Notes

I want to thank Alex Wiley (LPR Agency) for sending me this musician who I’ve been a huge fan of since I first heard Spirits. I also sincerely want to thank Simon Ward for not only being an inspiration to my writing, but also being a role model for so many around the world.

Simon and the Island

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It was an honor to do this article! However, don’t look now, but I will be coming out with Musosoup Features and a Halloween Special article later this week! So stay tuned and stay safe!!!!!!!

Muse by Simon and the Island (2021)
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