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Nothing2 by Strange Souvenirs

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  1. Who is Strange Souvenirs?
  2. Nothing2 by Strange Souvenirs Review
  3. What’s Next for Strange Souvenirs?
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Who is Strange Souvenirs?

Strange Souvenirs are a duo that blend influences from 80s new wave, 90s trip hop and shoe gaze, post-millennial electronica and indie with science fiction soundtracks, video games, and nuggets of nerd culture into a schizoid selection of danceable and disorienting songs. Thomas and Matthias Juhnke make up the duo, while Cameron James Laing as producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist.

Nothing2 by Strange Souvenirs Review

Jilted yet strangely joyful sprawl about feeling nothing and everything at the same time, Nothing2 is a five and a half minute emotional outburst of misery & magic with abrupt endings & unexpected new beginnings. This song is very strange, but in a Nationalist way… Which I guess isn’t a bad thing. I strangely like this song and will be adding it to a Spotify playlist sometime in the near future.

What’s Next for Strange Souvenirs?

The boys are working on something strange at The Famous Gold Watch Studio in Weissensee, Berlin. Follow and like the links below to stay updated on their progress.


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