Features | March 2023 (2)

Mariele Jankowski

Mariele Jankowski
Photo credit: Lea May

Cologne-based Mariele Jankowski is a singer-songwriter who mixes indie folk with folk-pop music. Since she was little, she was always interested in music and storytelling. She studied drama and musical theater in Mainz, Germany, and uses her skills to create her music. Some of her songs have been broadcasted via Sam Lee’s Nest Collective’s Singing With Nightingales in April 2021 and 2022.

On March 3rd, she released her debut single, The Long Song of Mary Green. The song tells about the human nature of wanting to reach the end goal of eternal happiness, after which the search for it will finally end. However, ultimately the world keeps turning, and the art of letting go and enjoying life’s journey.

I enjoyed the ambiance in this song, and it reminded me of traveling through Europe. Mariele’s storytelling is excellent and very compelling. I am looking forward to hearing more in the future. I would love to hear what you think about this song, so please leave a like and comment below with your thoughts on this single.

I recommend Mariele’s to The Cranberries fans and other indie folk pop musicians. If you enjoyed what you heard, then please leave a like and follow the links below. Any support for Mariele’s music is greatly appreciated.

The Wren

The Wren
Photo credit: Ursula Bowling

Los Angeles-based musician The Wren is a singer-songwriter who mixes indie pop and alternative pop music. She draws her name from the bird of Arizona, her home state. The Wren pairs contemplative lyrics with intimate vocals and guitar. Singing has always been part of her life, but when she was 12, she began to do songwriting and seriously play the guitar.

On March 1st, The Wren came out with the newest single, December. The song is about removing the rose-colored glasses of infatuation to see a heartbreaker for who they’ve been all along. It is about accepting the truth, seeing the good in not getting what you want, and realizing that you’re better off being single.

This is a standout song in this week’s Features; the Wren’s production overall is the pinnacle of this track. Breath-taking vocals and clear acoustics bring me speechless, and it is a beautiful track that belongs on a Sofar stage—well done. I would love to hear your thoughts on this track, so please leave a like and comment below with your thoughts.

I compare The Wren to musicians like Amy Shark and other influential female singer-songwriters in the music industry. If you like what you hear, then please like and follow the links below.

Tom b

Tom b

London-based Tom b is a bedroom pop musician with lofi-pop and electronic pop elements. Tom is heavily inspired by US acts like The Books and The Microphones. Tom has been producing and engineering for other bands since 2018, but now has turned his attention inward and create the music he wants to hear.

On March 15th, Tom released his newest release featuring vocals by Lucy Wroe; She’s Like A Dream. The song began as a phone recording of some piano chords, and then the voice note transformed into the noisy, trippy, sexy groove it is now. In Lucy’s words, she wrote the song when imagining watching somebody, being in a room that person you’re obsessing over, and watching them glow. Tom b states that he was incredibly and uncomfortably familiar with the song, so the idea directly fed the continued production of the track.

I love this song, but the vocals are too soft. I understand that this song is influenced by Lofi pop, but the lyrics are an essential part of the song. Other than that, the production was well done, and I enjoyed the track. However, I want your thoughts on this track, so please like and comment below.

I recommend fans of Lucky Iris, Sylvan Esso, and other bedroom pop musicians to check this song out. If you like what you hear, then please like and follow the links below. Any support for Tom b is greatly appreciated.

Features | March 2023 (2)

Karen Harding

Based in Australia, Karen Harding is a female singer-songwriter who makes music that mixes indie and commercial pop. Her music has opened up a world of exploration and possibility for Karen, serving as a medium for therapeutic work and promoting personal development.

Today she released her first release of the year, Devil in the Mirror. Compared to the sad ballads she put out in 2021 and 2022, this new single shows how much Karen has grown. According to her, in today’s modern world, we are continually confronted with images of what we should look like, how we should behave, who we should be, and so on.

I enjoy the offbeat nature and the raw honesty behind the lyrics. There is also a mirror between the lighthearted melody and the deep meaning of the lyrics. I love when artists put themselves out there and authentically express their feelings. I would love to hear your thoughts, so if you enjoyed this single, please like and share your thoughts in the comments below.

I’d recommend this single to fans of Fiona Apple and other alternative singer-songwriters. If you enjoy this song and want to hear more, please like and follow the links below.

Luch Stefano

Based in Eastbourne, UK, acoustic singer-songwriter Luch Stefano makes folk-pop love songs with easy-to-listen-to-study vibes. He finds inspiration in artists from Ed Sheeran and Passenger to Eminem and Drake. He has also been a guest on radio and television shows, like BBC Introducing, BBC News, London LIVE TV, and many others.

Today Luch came out with his newest single, I Like It On You. According to him, it’s a love song about recognizing undeniable chemistry with someone already in a relationship. The guitar echoes the opening of “HErARTWORK,” the album that will contain 17 tracks and be released this year, ushering you into his music world.

I enjoyed the clear acoustics in this song and the slow build that the music takes at the beginning. This beautiful song is great to listen to at the end of a long day due to its soothing voice with a lot of depth lyrics. I like this song, and I would like to know your thoughts on it as well. So please click like and share your thoughts in the comments section below!

I would recommend this song to fans of Ed Sheeran and other pop singer-songwriters; I think the acoustic nature of the music would resonate with fans of these musicians. If you enjoyed this song, please like and follow the links below.

Features | February 2023

Sano Hill

Galway-based Sano Hill is a singer-songwriter who incorporates elements of indie rock pop, and soft rock into his music. Songs written by Sano are influenced by life, love, and loss and have been performed for audiences in the United States and Ireland on compilation albums that have received critical acclaim. The albums “Origin: See the Light,” “New Horizons,” and “Inundations” are some of the artist’s earlier releases. “Inundations” featured the music of notable international acts such as Damien Rice and Josh Ritter as some of its featured musicians.

Dancer, Sano’s newest single, will be available on all streaming platforms on February 10th, when it is released. This will be the sixth single to be released from his upcoming album, “If Not Now, When?” shows a musician’s journey through the ups and downs of a relationship, from the first glimmer of hope through periods of doubt and denial, disappointment, and finally recovery after the relationship has ended. In the song “Dancer,” the dance and the first sparks of love, and the struggle of making art is explored.

I take pleasure in listening to this artist’s ballad. Exciting and dramatic elements may be heard at the beginning as well as the conclusion of the song. I enjoy how clear and distinct the guitar sounds, and I think the bridge looks quite cool. On the other hand, I believe that there is room for improvement in terms of the vocal volume. The vocals and the acoustic guitar need to be more evenly distributed throughout the track. There is opportunity for growth here.

Although I would put Sano Hill in the same category as other musicians who play indie rock and pop, he is also a part of his very own distinct genre. I am extremely interested in hearing your thoughts on the song; therefore, I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment below with your responses. If you appreciate the content that you are listening to, please show your appreciation by clicking on the links provided below and giving them a like.

Sadie Nix

Sadie Nix is a singer-songwriter who plays the guitar and is originally from Brighton. Her most recent song was selected for broadcast on BBC Introducing. Her work has been influenced by a wide variety of musicians, including Dolly Parton, The Cure, Prince, Taylor Swift, and Brandi Carlile, to name just a few. Sadie’s goal is to compose music that tells a story that listeners can identify with.

The third of February saw the release of Sadie’s most recent song, titled “Oblivious.” The third song to be taken from her forthcoming debut album is now available online. Because a morning breakup is so much more lonely than a typical breakup because it never was or could be, this song perfectly captures the feeling of having your heart broken.

Sadie’s voice has a lot of emotion, and it sounds beautiful in this song. Although I applaud the flawless production, I feel as though the song may benefit from the addition of a few more elements. My prediction is that future releases will include more electronic components. Despite the fact that I am unable to identify a single flaw in this song, I believe that she could improve future releases by including additional material.

When I listen to Sadie’s music, I think of Norah Jones and other female singers who work on their own. Please share your thoughts on this song by leaving a comment below. Thank you. I am quite interested in hearing your opinion on this matter. If you enjoy what you hear, show your support by clicking the buttons below and giving them a like.

Sven Ross

Sven Ross
Photo credit: Willem Tol

Netherlands-based Sven Ross is a singer-songwriter who incorporates aspects of folk music, folk rock, and pop music into his work. He wrote songs when he was young and often found himself dozing off in school after writing songs late at night when his parents and sister had gone to bed. After two years of school, he arrived at the realization that the only reason he was doing it was to satisfy the expectations of others, and he made the decision to alter jobs as a result. After that, he uprooted his life and moved to London in order to enroll in a songwriting course in that city.

Sven’s most recent single, titled “A World We Believe In,” was released on February 3rd of this year. This is the third and final song to be released in conjunction with his impending second EP, which is titled “Now That I’m With You.” This song serves as a rallying cry against the practice of internalized capitalism. The goal is to create a secure environment for one another without cutting ourselves off from the rest of society.

The journey that Sven has been on is fascinating, and he comes across as an easygoing yet deeply committed individual. This song’s vocals are incredible, and I can’t wait to hear more from this artist in the years to come. I would also like to learn more about the things that are important to him and that he dedicates himself to in each song.

Sven’s music reminds me a lot of that of Simon Alexander and other independent musicians. Please leave a comment below with your views and opinions regarding this single, as I am very interested in hearing what you think of it. If you enjoy what you hear, please comment “like” and follow at the bottom of this page.

Features | January 2023 (3)


Mumbai-born and Berklee-based student Tarra is a commercial pop and indie pop singer-songwriter recognized by many, including Rolling Stone India as an exciting upcoming musician. She writes thoughtful, relatable lyrics over catchy, classic, pure pop melodies.

On January 13th, Tarra released her newest single, “Time of Our Lives,” on all streaming platforms. The song is best described as adrenaline-filled easy, listening pop that chronicles a weekend beach getaway with a love interest. It was produced by Taylor Franklyn and crossed between Taylor Swift, Lauv, and Jones Blue as a perfect mood booster.

The song has a relaxed indie rock vibe that brings a uniquely uplifting vibe and reminds me of being with friends on a beach. I would compare this to uplifting and upcoming musicians like Kelsey Blackstone and maybe even Salem Ilese. If you like this song, comment below to let me and Tarra know your thoughts!

I recommend this song to fans of Kelsey Blackstone and other peppy indie rockers in the music industry. Please leave a like and follow below if you enjoy the song! Also, subscribe to our email list and follow us on socials!


Photo credit: Shadowbanned

Shadowbanned is a Manchester (UK) based band that mixes indie pop with alternative pop. They combine layers of string quartets, samples, pedal steel, human voices, and more into a collage for the earbuds. They sing emotional stories like love lost and found, wonders abound, and memories hanging around. Joni Mitchell, The Weeknd, Massive Attack, and others inspire them.

On January 11th, Shadowbanned released their newest release, Who Knows Where the Time Goes? featuring Abby Strickland. The song is a contemporary re-interpretation of the Sandy Denny/Fairport Convention classic with gorgeous vocals by Abby Strickland.

I like the song. It’s got an excellent chill beat; the only complaint is that the bass is a little too loud. I also enjoyed the video, but it felt like something other than a music video. Instead, it felt more like a slideshow. Overall, it’s a very old-fashioned production, which many can appreciate. I wish there were a little more to it. If you also liked this song, comment below to tell us your thoughts.

Fans of modern indie rock musicians would love this song. If you like the music, then please leave a like and follow below. I suggest subscribing to our email list for future articles and following our socials for updates on future new music.

Glossy Boy

Glossy Boy
Photo credit: Dani Willgress Photography

London-based Glossy Boy band is made up of Chris Pidsley (vocals and guitar), Ryan Bunce (background vocals, bass, and keys), and Zak Thomas Johnson (drums and background vocals). They’re inspired by The Kooks, Blossoms, and Catfish and the Bottlemen, who they claim as all solid British Indie Pop icons.

On January 13th, Glossy Boy released their newest track, The Girl Who Feels No Pain, on all streaming platforms. Coming off the back of their pop-rock-infused debut, the track is a soft contrast soaked in acoustic guitars and luscious bass lines. A simple track about a ballad of love and hurt also has the power to be a singable anthem for a middle-of-the-set respite.

With a massive Arctic Monkey mixed with a Jeremy Zucker vibe, I would listen to this song daily. The lyrics go well with the vocals that truly bring out the sadness in this song, and I also enjoy listening to Glossy Boy’s whole music collection. If you like this song, please leave a comment below.

This song would be fitting for fans of Weezer and Arctic Monkeys. Please leave a like and follow below if you enjoyed this song. If you want to stay updated with new music, please subscribe and follow all our links and socials.


Photo credit: Andy Denyer

London-based Jewelia is a singer-songwriter who mixes relaxing contemporary pop with folk-pop. She has a unique and evoking sound with a flavor of pop centered around her recognizable vocals, lyrical charisma, and memorable melodies. She is a self-produced musician who’s garnered over 1.2 million views on her YouTube channel and a consistent 20k monthly listeners over the last couple of years.

On January 20th, Jewelia released her newest track, “Life Is A Highway.” The song is a distinctive acoustic sound evoked by Bjork and Kate Bush that shares an inspiring message at the beginning of the new year, taking time to enjoy the view and look ahead at what’s to come.

I like the acoustics in this song; it’s fitting for fans of Vampire Weekend and other musicians of the like. I really enjoyed this song and have no honest criticism, and I look forward to hearing more. Jewelia continues to create such good music, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the music; please comment below!

This song is excellent for Rosie, Chelsea Cutler, and Vampire Weekend fans, to name a few. If you like music, please leave a like and follow below. We will undoubtedly follow Jewelia’s music journey, so make sure you subscribe to our email list and follow us on socials.

Ali George

Bath (UK) indie folk musician Ali George is a singer-songwriter influenced by acts like Bon Iver and John Martyn. George began playing guitar at the age of six and was in his first band at the age of ten. By sixteen, he started his solo act and performed in pubs, cafes, and venues around Bath and the South-West while developing his songwriting skills and recording demo albums.

On January 6th, Ali released his newest single, Dreams within Dreams. The new track explores themes of unrequited love, loneliness, and feminism. It is a clear musical departure from his signature earthy, unadulterated acoustic sound and a venture into a more ambient and atmospheric place. The song was written from the perspective of a lonely woman who feels that her husband has neglected her over the years.

Returning to the Features, Ali George comes out with another chill Jack Johnson song. His voice can be compared to Jack Johnson and The Tallest Man on Earth. These kinds of musicians are highly underappreciated. If you enjoy listening to Ali, I suggest you listen to them. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

This song is great for fans of Mumford & Sons and others of the like. Please leave a like and follow below if you enjoyed the music. Follow our socials to stay up to date, and of course, subscribe to get our newest articles.


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Features | January 2023 (2)

Sabreen Islam

Sabreen Islam
Photo credit: Fabressa Iqram

Auckland-based Sabreen Islam is a singer-songwriter who weaves her signature style with inspirations from Hozier, Conan Gray, and dodie. Her single “Glow” was selected as a semi-finalist in the international Songwriting Competition 2020, and she has performed at Auckland’s famous “Others Way Festival.” In July 2022, she also published a critically acclaimed poetry collection called “Spring Clean.”

On January 13th, Sabreen will come out with a super sweet and catchy new single, “Still Love You,” on all streaming platforms. Like her other singles, this fresh track is about pining for a childhood crush who’s moved on. The song was recorded at Parachute Studios with Sophie Bialostocki and then mixed/mastered by Poynton Studio’s Ariki Perana.

This is a very quirky song, and I like its beat. It’s like a more upbeat dodie song. I love the songs Sabreen’s putting out, but I want more profound songs, and I want them to show the more vulnerable side of her. In other words, super catchy and quirky pop singles are lovely once in a while, but people nowadays also want their musicians to show their vulnerability. Some of the most famous songs nowadays are also some of the most vulnerable ones.

If you enjoy listening to musicians like dodie, you would definitely like Sabreen Islam. Please stay tuned to this artist, and expect us to cover her more in the future. If you like what you hear, please leave a like and follow below!

Lucy Burke

Sydney-based Lucy Burke is a singer-songwriter that converges contemporary pop with commercial pop. Some of her biggest influences include Billie Eilish, Regina Spektor, Norah Jones, The Beatles, and others. She will be having a single launch at the premier music venue, The Vanguard, in Sydney on January 29th. She also shot a video clip for Cliche in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, which is set to be released in mid-January.

Lucy Burke released her newest single, Cliche, on all streaming platforms today. Like all her other singles, the single captures the raw and personal reflection on life and love honestly and refreshingly. The acoustic, ambient piano track is about unrequited love and the frustrations of waiting to be noticed by someone unattainable.

This is an exciting song that I am also tempted to call a ballad, but it feels like something more than a ballad simultaneously. I like the progression in the track; the production is crisp but could improve. It’s missing something.

If I were Lucy, then I’d expand on these lyrics more. In other words, I would provide more detail about this person. This would improve Lucy’s songwriting in the future because it will provide listeners with an even more relatable song and message.

If you enjoy listening to musicians such as Dani Kristina and Mallrat, you would definitely like listening to Lucy Burke. Please also leave a like and follow below if you like what you hear!

Taydem Shoesmith

Taydem Shoesmith is an Indiana-based electronic pop singer-songwriter who mixes dance pop with commercial and commercial vocal dance. She is a new artist who fell in love with music from a young age, and her father always sang to her every night, which sparked her interest in producing music. She found comfort in writing during her first year of high school and was afraid to share, but as time went on realized that others felt the same way she did.

On New Year’s Eve, she released her newest single, “Are You Clapping?” The single made this song out of the frustration she surrounded herself with and society. Taydem says, “We have to act like the perfect person when we talk to people or go on dates. We’re kind of setting ourselves up for failure because we’re acting like someone we think they want to be with.”

Through this song, she says she wants her listeners to have more confidence in their choices, whether in a relationship or a job.

This song is unique; I love it because people need to hear it more. Many fake people fall into relationships built to fall into pieces because the people in the relationship are not honest with themselves. I love the confidence and production that this song brings.

But what I like the most is the message. People shouldn’t look for love; they should first love themselves, and then love will follow when they find true love.

I recommend this song to fans of Sylvan Esso, Kelsey Blackstone, and other confident electro-pop singers in the music industry. Please leave a like and follow below if you enjoy what you hear, and look out for more coverage in the future.


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Features | December 2022 (2)

  1. Franc O’cher
  2. Karen Harding
  3. Ali George
  4. 7KY

Franc O’cher

New Brunswick-based Franc O’cher is a singer-songwriter who mixes folk pop with folk and acoustic elements. He has been compared to James Bay, James Blunt, JP Cooper, and many others. His musical inspirations include the likes of Bryan Adams.

On November 11th, he released his newest release called So. The single is a letter of love to a step-daughter that has run away to live with another father.

I recommend this song to fans of Bob Dylan and James Arthur. If you like what you hear, then please like and follow the links below.

I recommend this song to fans of Bob Dylan and James Arthur. If you like what you hear, then please like and follow the links below.

Karen Harding

Karen Harding
Photo credit: Susan Bradfield Photography

Melbourne-based Karen Harding is a singer-songwriter who makes acoustic folk-pop with rock and contemporary elements. She has been compared to Sarah McLachlan, Eva Cassidy, and Karen Carpenter.

On December 16th, she came out with her newest single; It’s Okay. The single tells a story of self-frustration of believing you should be somewhere, someone, or somehow different from where you are. Then, allow yourself to drop it and let go of compassion for yourself.

I have covered Karen before, and her music never gets old. I love this easy-listening single; it has a smooth and soothing tone. Sometimes, we all need to know everything is and will be okay. This is a great reminder.

This is great for First Aid Kit fans and other female folk artists today. If you like what you hear, then please like and follow the links below.

Ali George

UK-based Ali George is a singer-songwriter who mixes indie folk with folk rock elements. Ali has released six albums and has performed at Glastonbury and The Village Pump (Trowbridge) festivals, as well as countless other venues in the UK. Acts like Bon Iver and John Martyn additionally inspire him.

On November 25th, Ali released his newest single, Hard to Find. The single is about the struggles of everyday life under the pressures of daily life. It additionally focuses on how hard it is to live with others in a lockdown situation.

I love the guitar riff in the beginning, and the one thing that stands out for me is the vocals. It almost identically sounds like Tallest Man On Earth, and that’s a big compliment.

I recommend Ali to fans of Jack Johnson, Bon Iver, and other similar folk artists. If you like what you hear, then please like and follow the links below.


Las Vegas-based 7KY (pronounced Sky) is a producer, composer, and singer-songwriter who is only 23 years old. He focuses on releasing songs ranging from piano ballads, psychedelic pop, and EDM-centered records. Although most of his sound is familiar, you never know what you’ll get.

On December 8th, 7KY came out with his newest single, Mushroom Fantasy. When he was 20, he saw visions of his future girlfriend while on a psychedelic trip. He is now dating that girl, and this song is for her.

7ky is one extraordinary musician, and he reminds me a little of The XX and other psychedelic musicians. It’s I’d a cool story and inspiring but not to the point where try shrooms…

If you’re a fan of The XX and other indie electronic pop bands, you would like this song too. If you like what you hear, then please like and follow the links below.

Features | December 2022

Nobody’s Wolf Child

Nobody’s Wolf Child
Photo credit: Mike Evans/Chris Stocker

South End-based Nobody’s Wolf Child is a gothic avant-garde and art pop artist who mixes alternative pop with electronic music. She has gained over 10k monthly listeners and has a dedicated audience in Latin America, the USA, the UK, and Europe.

On December 9th, Nobody’s Wolf Child released their newest release, Big Bad Wolf. Taking her trilogy into a darker sound and romanticizes the wolf’s power.

I love the vibe of this dark song; it’s mysterious and reminds me of watching Penny Dreadful on Netflix. If you then go look it up, it’s a great show; it perfectly describes what this song feels like. I genuinely have nothing wrong to say about this absolute masterpiece.

Ifs single if you’re a fan of Holy Wars, Vowws, and other metal or industrial and experimental music, you would also like this band. If you like what you hear, please leave a like and follow below.

Roxy Rawson

Roxy Rawson
Photo credit: Anika Zacchow

UK-based Roxy Rawson is an alternative-folk pop singer-songwriter who mixes art pop with relaxing contemporary pop. In 2019, she began orchestrating a feminist musical craft her new body of work.

On November 18th, she released her newest single, Running Up That Hill. This cover is inspired by her upbringing and the troubled perception of God in an environment of Mormonism.

The first thing I notice about this video is the raw emotions behind it, but I also feel the song’s pace is too fast. I would have built more time between the verses in this song because the production and choreography are beautiful.

This song is great for fans of Regina Spektor, Angel Olsen, and London Grammar. If you like what you hear, please leave a like and follow below.

Alas de Liona

Alas de Liona is from a small town in the Mojave Desert with dreamlike songwriting sensibility, unique lyrics, and melodic musical experiences. In late 2020, she recorded her Radio Astronomy EP, a collection of space lullabies and cosmic folktales. The EP was officially released this summer after the pandemic delayed its release.

On November 11th Alas released her newest single, Spirals. The song is one of two singles she released with her band, the other single being Vortices.

Alas’s production is full of beauty in this song too, and the video is intriguing as well. At the beginning of the video, I would provide more context and make the music video feel more like a short story. I think that’s the path she was going with video production.

If you’re a fan of spacey modern singer-songwriters who also tell cool stories, then you would like Alas, too. If you like what you hear, please leave a like and follow below.


Photo credit: Official Snap Studio (Green Bay, WI)

Green Bay and Stockholm-based married couple indie pop duo, 7000apart, is the project of Amelie E ding and Jon Kresin. The duo got married in 2016 after spending a long test of time 7,000 miles apart.

On December 6th, they released their newest EP, Feel Your Feelings. The duo has never written anything more radically honest or viscerally vulnerable than their songs on this EP.

I love what this EP stands for and is about; I think vulnerability is essential in music production. It doesn’t only attract people like me, but it is therapeutic for everyone involved and listening. My favorite songs include the whole EP. (HEHE)

If you are a fan of YVR and other modern-day alternative pop musicians, then you’d also like 7000apart. If you like what you hear, also make sure to follow and like the links below.

Clinton N

Dublin-based Clinton N is a dream pop and chillstep musician. He is influenced and inspired by the likes of Porter Robinson, Said the Sky, and shallou.

On November 26th, he released his newest single, circles. The song is about people who repeat their daily routines and do not go anywhere in life.

I love the drop in the b ginning; it’s an excellent way to start a song. The vocals are a bit too soft to begin the track; I would personally like the vocals to be more upfront. The same goes for the rest of the track, but readers should expect to see more of Clinton.

If you’re a Porter Robinson and Sylvan Esso fan, then you would also like Clinton N. If you like what you hear, please leave a like and follow below.


Europe-based commercial pop Anate is a duo that mixes beat with commercial pop and alternative pop. Formed in 2019, Anate was formed by Andrea was searching for a vocalist to work with for a trip-hop project.

On December 2nd, the duo released their newest single, I Want You. The single is the latest off of their second EP, Fume.

The song overall is well produced, but I would like to hear more of a contemporary style than a commercial pop style. That is just a personal preference, however.

If you’re a fan of commercial pop, then you’d like this song. If you like what you hear, please leave a like and follow below.

Features | November 2022 (4)


Photo credit: Dan McClanahan

Des Moines-based MINT is an alt-rock pop band that mixes indie pop with soft rock. They recently reunited after a six-year break due to lead singer and guitarist Bradford getting treatment for his drug addiction after a decade of touring.

On October 15th, MINT released their newest single following their hiatus, Devil. The song is the suicide note of the demon that gave Bradford complete control of his life for a decade because of self-hatred and bitterness.

Bradford’s journey inspires me, and I had the pleasure of talking to him about this single a little bit. I can confirm he is as kind of a man as I expected him to be. I will cover more of this band’s music, which I’m happy to say because this video and the production are unique and well done.

If you are a fan of Red Hot Chili Peppers and any modern rock bands, you will dig this single. If you like what you hear, please leave a like and follow below.

Sano Hill

Sano Hill
Photo credit: EL Putnam

Sano Hill is a Galway singer-songwriter who mixes anthemic soft rock with rhythm and blues. His songs are inspired by life, love, and loss. He has played to audiences in the USA and Ireland with his critically acclaimed albums and is currently finalizing his newest album for release in March 2023.

Today, Sano released his newest single from his upcoming album, Feel Love. The song is a profound expression of the power of love within us all to overcome. He is connecting with the aspect of ourselves and realizing the interconnection of everyone and the world among us.

Love is hard to find in this divided world we live in, well, except for this song. I like the old feel of this song, and it is a well-produced video. I want the vocals to be more profound, but for this single, it is perfect for the feeling it gives off.

If you’re a fan of the Beatles and Rolling Stones, then you would like this modern-day version of these musicians. If you like what you hear, please leave a like and follow below.

Freya Alley

London-based Freya Alley is an alternative pop singer-songwriter who mixes alternative pop with soft rock and rock pop. She is a free spirit who bases her sound on a unique combination of ambient pop music, indie pop, and hauntingly beautiful melodies.

On October 18th, Freya released her newest single, Your Love. The song is inspired by Lana Del Ray’s song The Sadness and the haunting melodies of Ry X. The track is a beautiful ode to a never-ending love that’s all-encompassing and all-embracing.

I love the guitar riff in this song, and it reminds me of Simon Alexander. He would appreciate this song just as much as I do, it’s got a beat that catches your attention, and I like this product in general. I would like to hear more from Freya.

You would like this single if you’re a fan of Simon Alexander and other modern singer-songwriters. If you like what you hear, please leave a like and follow below.


Photo credit: B. Caron

Vancouver-based Rooms is an indie rock and indie folk singer-songwriter that is a musical project for Beshele Caron. Caron started the side project for extra songs for other music projects, but then picked up and eventually became Caron’s Amin songwriting focus.

On June 21st, Rooms came out with her newest single, Get Out of my Room. This new single is a part of her 3rd full-length album, Don’t Be Yourself. The album will focus on love, lullaby, grief/loss, home/work, Solitude, and the spirals of motherhood.

This is an excellent song to chill out to and relax on the front porch. I also like the guitar in this song; it is the only instrumental drive to it. I would like to see Rooms use more instruments in future releases.

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Basel-based xivra is a deep house, and EDM DJ mixes commercial pop with euphoric pop. He started his journey in music by playing piano and organ at age 12. He later found his passion in music production and songwriting and began collaborating with many upcoming musicians in the industry.

On August 25th, he collaborated with Valen Eslava to release his newest single, LALIMU. Big dance tracks of the 80s influenced the deep house track.

My only problem with this single is that I reviewed it without knowing anything about it. Besides that, the single is good, it’s got an excellent beat to it, and her vocals are beautiful. If I were to hear more, I would like more substance to the song.

If you are a light EDM house music fan, then you’d like this song. If you like what you hear, then please like and follow the links below.

Hana Lili

Sully-based Hana Lili is a singer-songwriter who mixes folk pop with alternative pop. Hana gravitates towards writing about personal experiences, hardships, relationships, and friendships through storytelling. Her tracks are similar to a diary, honest and candidly authentic.

On November 11th, Hana released her newest single, Solitude. The song is about finding comfort in being lonely, confiding in the feeling of isolation, and learning to make friends with her mind. The song follows a chronological lyrical journey to discovering happiness in solitary.

I love this haunting single, and it’s got a lot of exciting vibes in it. I love this song and would love to see a music video. I like how she uses the entire band and her haunting vocals to tell an exciting piece about coming to terms with isolation.

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Ljug Aldrig

Ljug Aldrig
Photo credit: Absalon

Stockholm-based Ljug Aldrig is a singer-songwriter who mixes relaxing acoustic folk-pop with indie folk music. Musicians like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Iceage, and Roy Orbison inspire Ljug.

On December 30th, Ljug will release their newest single, Seashells (featuring Elliphant), on all platforms. Written in 2007, the song is an explanation from one young person to another about the need to create, which seems more robust than duality.

This song is something to look forward to and relax when listening to. Readers and listeners should look forward to sitting by the fire before the new year and being thankful for all the creativity that the year has brought.

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Ziggy Alberts | Dancing In The Dark


I want to go to Australia.

I don’t just want to go there because of the scenery, kangaroos, and massive jet lag. But it’s also the impeccable hidden talents there. There’s not a lot of global respect for their music, and that’s a shame. Mallrat, for instance, is an amazingly ridiculous Aussie singer-songwriter who needs more attention.

Ziggy Alberts is quickly becoming one of those impeccably ridiculous talents from Australia.

He is not only a musician but also owns a label, a book publishing label, and I can only assume much more. He’s an unstoppable force of nature in today’s music industry, and who doesn’t love that energy?

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Ziggy Alberts?
  3. Dancing in the Dark Album Review
  4. What’s Next for Ziggy Alberts?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Ziggy Alberts?

Australian singer-songwriter Ziggy Alberts is an alternative folk-pop musician who mixes commercial pop with contemporary pop. He has been compared to the likes of Ben Howard and Jack Johnson.

On November 4th, he released his newest album, Dancing in the Dark. Written in real-time over the past year, the 10-track musical collection is a time capsule in today’s experiences.

Dancing in the Dark Album Review

The album is a perfect end-of-the-day kind of music. It’s a relaxing and easy-listening musical collection. I love all the instruments used in the songs; they are very well blended. I would love to see Ziggy expand his musical genre in his next album, for instance, putting a little spice of electronic music into it.

There’s no question Ziggy has talent, and he’s got a fantastic voice that’s perfect for any genre. He could make a splash in electronic music, the same way Vance Joy and Sylvan Esso have been doing for the past few years. This is a great start to expand Ziggy’s listeners’ reach.

If you enjoy listening to Vance Joy, Gretta Ray, Mallrat, and other unbelievable Australian music, then you would like this upcoming artist too. If you do like what you hear, make sure you leave a like and follow below.

What’s Next for Ziggy Alberts?

Currently, Ziggy is focused on promoting his album through his label, Commonfolk Record. He also manages his own book publishing house, Commonfolk Publishing. Future releases are in the works at the moment.

I am thoroughly looking forward to hearing more, and I will also look forward to hearing his other works after I write this article!

Thank You Notes

I would like to thank Ziggy for asking for the review, I really think he is a musician to watch for the year of 2023! This man is talented, so make sure you keep an eye out for more!


Ziggy Alberts


This was a really fun and relaxing review for a talent that is most definitely the future of the music industry. It was my pleasure to review this album for Ziggy Alberts. I hope to do more for him in the future, please keep an eye on this page for more!

I want to thank you for reading this article, and I hope you have a nice rest of the work week. Please be mindful of your national health guidelines, and please be respectful of others!

Features | November 2022 (2)

Micki XO

Micki XO
Photo credit: Lindsey Nicole George

Portland-based Micki XO is a pop singer-songwriter who mixes alternative pop with art pop. Her music covers many subjects like mental health and relationships.

On October 10th, she came out with her newest release Fake Gold. The song is about struggles she had felt like she couldn’t escape the effects of her mental illness and the constant fear of something happening, putting her right back at square one.

I like the unique metaphor in this song, and the music sets the tone for the rest of the article. The bridge is excellent and capturing. I love the piece overall, and it’s a great message.

I recommend this song to fans of Chelsea Cutler and other modern female artists. If you like what you hear, please feel free to like and follow the links below.

Danielle Mattachini

Danielle Mattachini
Photo credit: Danielle Mattachini

Canadian-based Danielle Mattachini is a singer-songwriter who mixes alternative with contemporary pop. She is inspired and compared to Taylor Swift, Julia Michaels, Olivia Rodrigo, and others.

On November 4th, Danielle came out with her newest single, Never Be The Same. The song was written two years after I recovered from a devastating breakup, showcasing her journey to self-love.

Before starting this song, I had to take a deep breath as I’m struggling with this. But when I pressed play, I felt empowered. The music is beautiful, and this song should be on the radio.

You will love this song if you are a fan of Taylor Swift, Chelsea Cutler, and other empowering voices of today. If you like this song, please leave a like and follow below.

Eyði Horsdal

Eyði Horsdal
Photo credit: Mirjam Jorgensen

Torshavn-based Eyai Horsdal is a singer-songwriter who mixes relaxing alternative and indie folk. He grew up listening and is inspired by Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon, Teitur, and others.

On November 10th, Eyai released his newest single, Foolish Blue. The single is the 4th of the much-anticipated debut album, Songs with Eva, which will be released next year.

Eyai’s vocals sound eerily like JR August, haunting. I wouldn’t call this studying music in my book, and I would call this more coffee house music. I also would like the song to be a little longer, but that might be because I like the song.

I recommend this song to fans of James Bay and JR August. If you like what you hear, then like and follow the links below.

Kelsie Kimberlin

Kelsie Kimberlin
Photo credit: Brett Kimberlin

Washington-based Kelsie Kimberlin is a singer-songwriter who mixes alternative pop with dark and contemporary pop. Kelsie prides her work on fearless honesty and a connection with an authentic audience unlike any other.

On September 20th, Kelsie released her newest single, Right Place Wrong Time. The single is an anthem for the heartbroken and the means to rebuild through a powerful sensory experience.

WOW, I love this song. I would look out for this artist and watch her for the future of music. I love the vocals, beat, and everything about it. The music video is above; watch it. It makes the song even more powerful.

If you like powerful and empowering music, definitely listen to this single. If you like what you hear, leave a like and follow below.