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Halloween Special (2022)



When first listening to Spill the Tea, I got a sense of a different kind of indie electronic. It was an illuminating new experience that opened my eyes to the world of electronic guitars, keyboards, and honesty.

Her debut album Awake & I is a beautiful one, and it is solid and robust. It is a great album to chill out to.

But we are not here to talk about chilling out. We are here to hear about the ghost in the room. The one thing we don’t talk about, the thing that haunts us even when we are doing good.

That’s what I think the song is about.

Halloween is a time to celebrate the things we fear, and this year I hope you as a reader don’t only celebrate the things we fear.

But also the things we fear that is true.

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Marliii?
  3. GH0$t by Marliii Review
  4. What’s Next for Marliii?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Marliii?

NYC-based Marliii is a multi-faceted vocalist, instrumentalist, songwriter, and DJ who has played the guitar for 15 years, apart from other instruments such as the mandolin, keyboard, and ukulele. Marliii got her Bachelor’s Degree in Music and Public Relations from Hofstra University and is an independent music lesson teacher.

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On October 7th, she came out with her newest single, GH0$t, on all streaming platforms, including a lyric music video provided below. The song paints a picture with ominous lyrics around the essence of subtlety, resembling her inherent notion to mend emotions through her craft.

GH0$t by Marliii Review

There’s some magic in Marliii’s music; it’s like a potion mix of electronic and indie rock. It’s nothing like a witch could make it more than that. It’s like something out of Alison Wonderland, and I love how it takes you back.

If you’re a fan of Fiona Apple and other spooky musicians out there in the world, then definitely check out Marliii’s music. If you like what you hear, then like and follow the links below.

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Marliii Interview (10/29/2022)

What’s Next for Marliii?

Marliii is currently working to promote her haunting new single through social media and also getting ready to move to San Diego! Make sure you follow and like the links below to stay updated on how she is doing!

Thank You Notes

I’d like to thank Ange for everything she did to make this Halloween Special article happen. This is my favorite holiday of the year, and I look forward to writing it every year!

I would also like to thank Marliii for always keeping in touch and I look forward to hearing more in the future.




I hope you enjoy your Halloween night, and please make sure you stay safe. Watch out for the Ghosts and Zombies. I hear Jason was thrown in a trash shredder, so you don’t have to worry about him… Or do you…


Marliii | Roof

Halloween 2022 Feed

Sarabean Music


Independent Artist



“I know I am 16, but I feel very deeply (for people who are feeling lonely)… I wanted (I Don’t Mind Being Alone) to be received (like) I’m okay being alone BUT you know it’d be nice (to be with someone),” Sarah told me when we were talking about that song that stuck out to me when listening to Careworn.

“The second verse was about a guy friend I really liked, and then I didn’t do anything about it. And (that was a year ago) and I’m still writing about his a$$,” admits Sarah.

I want to mention a few people I’ve been in touch with on Instagram that are under the age of 18.

Zach (IG: @apollo_zach27), he is 16 and makes wallets from scratch and sells it on eBay as well as his own website. He also just celebrated his first year anniversary with his girlfriend yesterday. He runs his business all on his own, sells his wallets all on his own, and even runs his own ambassador program ON HIS OWN.

Kelsie (IG: @kq_656), she is 15 and struggles with Tourettes. With over 1k followers, Kelsie stands for a lot. On her Instagram page, she raises awareness for Tourettes, Black Lives Matter movement, and the LGBTQ+ community. She feels strongly that racism in America is real, just as much as the stigma around mental health and other things people struggle with around the world. Also, she has a girlfriend and she’s really happy with her.

And of course, Sarah (IG: @hollandsaravh). She is 16 and is the musician I am writing about tonight. She makes her own songs on GarageBand, and promotes her songs and everything else on her own. She is lonely, and she hates this quarantine. But she doesn’t let loneliness stop her from dreaming and doing what she loves.

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Sarabean?
  3. Inspiration Behind Sarabean
  4. What’s Next for Sarabean?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Sarabean?

I wanted to mention these young people because they are the reason I see a lot of hope in the future. The next generations don’t have to look far to find role models amongst each other.

At age 9, Sarah started writing her own lyrics and playing piano. “Listening to other artists through my headphones for the first time when I was younger made me feel safe and I organically just started to do the same and made my own music,” she tells me.

However, it was her Music Technology and Production class she attended in High School as a Freshman that inspired her to start producing her own music. The class taught her more about recording, which she previously tried to learn on her own but never was successful.

Sarah has so far released 2 singles and an album all produced through GarageBand. She has garnered a small fan base that is slowly growing, and she is grateful for everyone of them. She says, “most people I talk to are so lovely. I read every message on Instagram even if I don’t respond! They have made me feel like putting my songs out isn’t completely pointless. It’s my mini community of people who connect with my music. And I cherish it!”

Inspiration Behind Sarabean

(Flux) was (written at the) beginning of quarantine for me and just feeling very sad. Repeating everyday the same it was a very very low point… I would find myself sleeping so much and just feeling very out of it all the time like it was a hobby. I slept constantly because I didn’t want to be present. I like to tell myself that I just had to live life simply for some reason that helped.

Sarah (8/2/2020)

I assume that GarageBand, a production tool that is available for free on all iPhones, isn’t the best way to produce music. However, you can not say that Sarabean’s production quality is very good. If you ask me, she is very talented.

“As a teenager making music right now, I’m trying to get an early start in my career. I want to learn and do as much as I can,” Sarah says.

Lo-Fi is slowly growing on me, and Careworn is one of those albums that is starting to convert me into a Lo-Fi fan. My favorite songs from the album would have to be Purple, I Don’t Mind Being Alone, Flux, and Are You Mad.

The album is unique, as it touches on frustrations of being young and mental health as a whole. If you listen to anything when you are relaxing or just getting ready for bed, then you should really listen to this album.

What’s Next for Sarabean?

I’ve been listening to more artists that have made me start to experiment with synthesizers and more bass in my songs. So far I like it a lot more than any of my previous projects that have much more simplicity to them, (so) my upcoming music will have more instruments and a bigger production.


Sarah is curently working on more music, as mentioned in the quote above. She is planning in the direct future to go live on her Instagram page more as well as putting out more videos on YouTube and chatting with her followers. For the long road she wants to improve her musical and production skills.

Keep a close eye on our social media pages for updates on her music and such! Links are provided directly below in the conclusion of this article.

Thank You Notes

I would sincerely like to thank Sarah for keeping in touch, and I honestly can say that she has been a great friend ever since she and I connected on Instagram. Thank you for being such a good genuine person Sarah, and also being so supportive of Unedited Music Blog as well.


Have a wonderful week, stay safe and respect each other no matter what. If you feel sick please continue to stay at home and away from others and if you have to leave the house wear a mask. Thank you for reading and supporting!

Careworn (2020) by Sarabean

Tia Gostelow [unedited] Music Review

Tia Gostelow | Psycho
Tia Gostelow | Photo taken by Jeff Andersen Jnr. (2020)

Mr. Hutchinson, 36, had not been seen since the early morning hours on Wednesday (May 9th, 2018), when he left a hotel in South Queensferry after sending two cryptic messages on Twitter. He wrote: ‘Be so good to everyone you love. It’s not a given. I’m so annoyed that it’s not. I didn’t live by that standard and it kills me. Please, hug your loved ones,’ and ‘I’m away now. Thanks.'”…

“‘Depression is a horrendous illness that does not give you any alert or indication as to when it will take hold of you’ the (Hutchinson) family said. ‘Scott battled bravely with his own issues for many years, and we are immensely proud of him for being so open with his struggles.'”…

“Scott Hutchinson, the lead singer and songwriter of the Scottish folk-rock band Frightened Rabbit, was found dead on Thursday (May 10th, 2018) near South Queensferry, Scotland, the Edinburgh police confirmed, after a days-long search for the musician, who was said to be in a ‘fragile state’… The police could not immediately identify the cause of death, but said it was not being treated as suspicious”. ~New York Times (May 11, 2018)

I remember reading this article not too long after it was published, and I am almost in tears just revisiting that day. I knew Scott Hutchinson battled a lot of demons, but I don’t think any Frightened Rabbit fan or anyone close to him were or would ever be ready for that day he was found dead.

Scott stood for so much, and he meant just as much to every one of his fans, band members, and family. He will and should never be forgotten.

“I have to say I didn’t really know who Frightened Rabbit were when the offer came through, but I definitely learnt very quickly that they were very important for the music scene worldwide. They were such lovely people and it was really nice to tour with them and be able to appreciate watching them live,” says Tia Gostelow. 

On March 9th, 2017, Tia opened for Scott and his band Frightened Rabbit at The Triffid in Brisbane, Australia. 1 year and 1 day before he was found dead due to suicide in Scotland.

At around 7 or 8 years old, Tia was inspired at a young age by Taylor Swift. She taught herself how to play the guitar, since T-Swift played that instrument. “I remember just being so in awe of everything about her, how she looked, the music she made and how confident she is. After that I remember forcing my parents to sit down and listen to me play Love Story over and over again,” she says.

Taylor Swift’s fans have always been loyal and supportive, and fast forward to 2020 and Tia Gostelow has an equally caring and faithful fan base. “I feel like they’ve been with me for such a long time and are watching me grow as an artist and also as a person. I love messaging back and forth with them, it feels really important to have those connections,” she says.

“(Psycho) forced me to really think about the situations and relationships I’ve been in where I have experienced gaslighting and how it made me go f—ing crazy. I constantly thought I was the issue, that everything was my fault and I kept apologizing for things that I later realized weren’t my fault at all.”

~Tia Gostelow (6/17/2020)

I need to clarify one thing before I go forward, as emotional as that intro was on my end… It wasn’t necessarily meant to focus on Scott’s death. Instead, the last paragraph is why I wrote that whole introduction. It was a way to start connecting the dots between these two musicians I personally think mean a lot to the music industry.

I’ve always loved listening to the top modern musicians from Australia, such as Malrat, G Flip, 5 Seconds of Summer, Amy Shark, etc. One thing I find quite similar with most of these artists are their sound and songwriting, almost a chill pop sound with catchy but also mature and creative lyrics. Tia definitely carries this unofficial tradition amongst Australian musicians, especially with songs like Hey Friends (2018), Phone Me (2018), and That’s What You Get (2018).

At the start of 2019, Tia started writing Psycho with her friend Aidan Hogg. “Going into the session I felt like I really wanted to write a song about something that was really prominent in the media at the time and was also something personal to me,” she says.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, gaslighting is “manipulating (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity”. There’s a high chance that you probably will be gaslighted in your life, especially if you’re in a toxic relationship. Please do your research if you’re in a position that could make you feel gaslighted, some great articles to read are from Vox, Pyschology Today, and ABC.

“I felt like I was turning into this psycho person and it seemed like nobody else saw where I was coming from. However, seeing all of these other people speaking up about it, made me deal with my emotions that I had just ignored and I finally felt like I could put all of my anger and frustration and hurt into something that means something,” explains Tia. She hopes Psycho helps people the same way hearing others stories of gaslighting did for herself.

Far before the release of her debut album Thick Skin she has attracted a massive audience from all around the world and even established her own record label (Lovely Records). 4 of her 5 top songs on Spotify hitting 2-10 million streams, and her newest release Psycho is certainly on its way to that milestone as well with close to 200 thousand streams to date. The Queensland Music Awards winner of Album of the Year for Thick Skin has certainly made her name heard, loud and clear.

I really wanted this next record to be inspired by 80’s electronic music but still keeping my style in there. It’s definitely a lot more danceable than my previous music and I’m really excited about that.

~Tia Gostelow

Fans should expect Tia’s next album, that’s coming out later this year, to be heading into a more indie-pop-electronic direction. It sounds like we should expect songs that Oh Wonder, Sylvan Esso, and Marian Hill would make. But I am not too sure, and I could be very wrong.

If you enjoy listening to Tia Gostelow, I encourage you to keep your eyes peeled to our social media for updates. I will keep in touch with Tia and her PR agents, and as soon as I get word of new music I will update everyone as soon as possible.

I want to thank Kershona Mayo of Mora May PR for connecting me with Tia Gostelow (Lovely Records)! She is such an amazing musician who I look forward to setting something up with when she comes touring through Boston.

You can follow Tia Gostelow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as stream her music through YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

You can follow Mora May PR Agency on Facebook, and Twitter.

You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and stream our playlists on SoundCloud and Spotify.

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable extended weekend in the States, and a happy 4th of July! To everyone else, have a great weekend and stay safe.

Psycho (2020) by Tia Gostelow
Psycho (2020) by Tia Gostelow

Overall: 4.9/5

Psycho: 5/5

Rush: 5/5

Get to It: 5/5

Thick Skin: 4.8/5

Top Song: Phone Me (2018)

Damien Gibson (unedited) Music Review

Damien Gibson taken by rollovbaer

I was going to add a nice long quote, like I’ve been doing recently for past articles, but you know what… You can’t really philosophies a philosopher. And that’s how I view Damien, he’s wise beyond his years… And those kind of people you can’t really find wiser words than their own. So I will begin this article by saying something Damien would be surprised to hear… I was actually kind of hesitant to review his work. I was afraid that after 2 years of really exploring and taste testing soo many different genres of music, I would change so much as to dislike his kind of music. But I was pleasently surprised because I actually didn’t hate it. I loved and still love his unique videos (especially his new music video for 18 Pañatas) and his tracks that had a feel of Frenship, Drake, Blackbear, and such artists. All in all, I feel like if you enjoy R&B, hip hop, and electropop then you’d definitely enjoy his most recent album called Domenika.

Then, I was going to dive into Damien Gibson’s answers to my questions about his past… But I think he was high cause here are his answers…

John: are you high? Damien: Depends. John: Okay um so, What inspired you to start making music? Damien: Pass John: What influences your songs? Damien: Totally random stuff John: So, What is your fanbase like? Damien: I don’t know. if you mean demographically or numbers. I’ll just say my fan base is amazing and I love them very much.

I took on this blog because I’ve always had a big passion for music and invested a lot of time in my life to discovering new music. The blog was a thing I wanted to do to prove that a boy from a small town can make something bigger than themselves. But not all people are living to improve the person they were, and that’s okay. This is true for Damien. Sure the guy always wanted to make music for his career, but he isn’t doing it to prove a point. He’s doing it to prove that a dream can be fulfilled through a pure passion. And honestly, that’s really cool because that’s why music is music… Now back to his review…

“What makes (my music) different is there an overwhelming sense of impending doom. Like you can just tell my crazy side is about to pop out at any moment.”

-Damien Gibson (8/8/2018)

I find myself listening to Damien’s music on my own time and keep liking it more and more as I do. His favorite song he’s made he said is Media Mirror, however I can’t find that song so I’ll just have to take his word for it. For a very long time I tried to comprehend what it was about his music that I loved so much. I knew that I absolutely loved the alternative sound mixed with electronic and dark pop… But he said it best with the quote above that refers to the sense of “impending doom” in each song. It’s an infectious sound he’s got, and it’s hard not to like and/or appreciate it.

I don’t really have any. Just be an entertainer. Make music that feels good. That takes life to the next level I don’t know about five years but I know that I want to have 1,000 songs before I die so there’s that.

-Damien Gibson

I don’t actually know what is in the works at the moment for Damien, but that’s cause I haven’t talked to him for a while. As soon as he tells me something that he’s working on I’ll probably announce it on Facebook and/or Instagram. Either way as soon as I hear he released new music I will share it on social media.

I wanted to thank Damien Gibson for being very patient with me, it’s been about two years since the interview was done. This article has been a long time coming, and I guess you could say I was waiting for the right timing. Anyways you can follow Damien on Facebook and Instagram. You can listen his music on Soundcloud and Spotify, and watch his awesome music videos on YouTube. You can follow Unedited Music Blog on Facebook (@uneditedmb) and Instagram (@unedited_music_blog). You can listen to other songs that have been previously reviewed on Spotify. Have a fabulous week!!!!

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Make Like a Tree (unedited) Music Review

Photo taken by Arkadiy SosninPhoto of Sergey Onischenko by Arkadiy Sosnin

To Sergey Onischenko of Make Like a Tree, traveling and going outside is the main inspiration behind his music.All tastes, smells, fragrances that stay with me, all strangers who I meet on my way and they turn to be my best friends, all landscapes from bus, train, airplane windows – all these things stay deep inside my heart and later on when I start working on a new song,” says Onischenko. That’s a big reason why I choose Arkadiy Sosnin’s photo of Sergey. The photo represents a man surrounded by water and mountains in the horizon. It is calm… Peaceful… And that’s exactly what Mothernight is.

Sergey Onischenko, singer songwriter for Make Like a Tree, isn’t just a musician. He’s also a traveller. “I travel with a pocket size recorder and do some field sessions capturing nature sounds, noises of the big cities, symphonies of big factories and solos of subway and intercity trains. I’m always happy to use them as a background  for some of my songs where it fits to the ideas of the song,” says Sergey. His influences also include the music he listens to on his own time. He dreams to produce an album where every track is different then the others… “Let’s say after an ambient track – there would be hip-hop track, and then midwest-emo song, then hardcore tune and finishing the album with some classically composed fugue for strings quartet,” says Onischenko. Sergey’s fan base is mainly people who’ve been lucky enough to hear his music played live. He often play small venues of 20-50 people. While he does play larger venues and festivals, he actually prefers smaller venues. “I actually like it a lot as every show becomes a very intimate dialogue between me and audience and I feel like I can really be heard and understood by those people,” reflects Sergey.

“Sometimes I feel that I know most of my biggest fans personally. As I keep in touch with some people who are deeply inspired by my project and it makes me feel very motivated to write new songs and release new albums.

– Sergey Onischenko (Make Like a Tree vocalist and producer) [7/23/2019]

Under Water is the 4th most popular song on his Spotify library and also the opening song for his most recent album Mothernight. The song features Sergey Savenko (Owl Clarinet) and was recorded/composed on the island of Zanzibar. Savenko’s part in the song is his clarinet, sax, and akai ewi melodies that fit beautiful upon creating the song. “I met Sergey long time ago seeing him performing with other bands in clubs of my hometown Kharkiv where we all used to grow up. Some solos that he played from stage got carved in my memory and when coming back home from his shows these melodies were always on repeat in my mind,” says Sergey. Under Water is focused around the feeling of being united with someone for no reason. Unity and togetherness is actually what Sergey discovered during a 3 year journey through the world. “I can definitely say that travelling changed my life, changed myself – hopefully to a better person, helped me to overcome many complexes, get rid of stereotypes and I actually started trusting people much more than in the beginning of my big trip,” reflects Sergey. This world journey was more than just collecting nature sounds for background in tracks like Birdwatcher. It was also a time for him to find himself and his own peace in the world around him. “When I came back from my long journey home (Savenko and I) made our collaboration happen. Being ‘Under Water’ with other people means finding out that you have something in common that makes you feel a strong connection even without knowing each other well,” Sergey says. That connectedness is common when you travel and meet new people he tells me. Mothernight is not only an attempt to connect with more people around the world, it’s also Sergey giving back to the people who he connected with on his long journey.Travelling alone somewhere on the edge of the world and being saved by complete strangers who shared everything with me and never asked anything in return. I feel I came back home as an updated version of myself and I realized that this world has no limits,” Sergey says.

“The main idea of my performance is to take the audience on a journey with the help of my music, photos, and videos to the places and experiences that I have seen and witnessed. The deeper that journey can be – the more my concert and music would mean something special to myself and to my listeners.”

– Sergey

Sergey is currently working on improving his performance in live venues… As mentioned above… He is also focusing on releasing an album sometime around 2021. That way he “will have enough time to work on a more quality record and trying to express my emotions and feelings more accurate in lyrics and music,” says Sergey.

I would like to thank Sergey Onischenko for the response to my questions and being so patient in waiting for this review. You can follow and like Make Like a Tree on Facebook and Instagram. You can listen to Sergey’s music on Spotify and SoundCloud. I would like to also thank Johnattan Suckling and Arkadiy Sosnin for taken the two photos used in this article. You can follow and like Unedited Music Blog on Facebook and Instagram. Finally, you can also listen to previous music that has been reviewed on Unedited’s Spotify playlist. Have a good rest of your weekend and upcoming week!

Mothernight (2019)Mothernight by Make Like a Tree (2019)

Overall: 4.9/5

Mothernight: 5/5

Animal: 4.8/5

Top Song: Under Water (2019)

Eliyya Lane [unedited] Music Review


“I believe that my music is a tool to help people be moved and inspired to love others. The only thing they have to do is accept the love that’s in their hearts already, and once they accept the love, then they are able to give love. I want all of my live shows to be so moving” Eliyya Lane says. From the moment I connected with Eliyya when her artist name was her actual first name (Sereena), I was drawn by her voice. Little did I know that literally everything about her music… From her reasons to make music to her good vibes… was all apart of a revolutionary package that is meant to bring peace to the world or whoever would listen.

Like most artists I have reviewed, Eliyya says that she didn’t really have any inspiration to make music. Instead, it was something she was drawn to at a young age. “My mom would always play Elvis Presley in the car and on weekends she would play the top 10 country countdown music video show on PBS and I loved watching it. I loved watching the artists perform on stage and sing their hearts out” she tells me. Today, Lane is a yoga teacher and an upcoming musician that is purely influenced by what comes to her. “There is no inspiration. There is no genre” says her about page on Facebook. “I could hear a trap beat and love it and create a line over it. But then I could hear a jazz beat with just piano and drums and I would love that too and want to sing over that as well. If I had to pick some influences for my music I guess I would say a little bit of Léon. There’s a little bit of Glass Animals in my songs and a lot of jazz sounds. For some reason my brain really likes those mellow chilled-out beats and electric guitar sounds” she says in expansion. 

“When you have these different genres or these different sounds in your songs, it’s hard to find that specific fan base. I will say that my target base would be men and women but I really want to speak to women who are around my age. These women are independent, hippie, free-spirited girls that are comfortable with their sexuality and open to new ideas and are not dramatic. These women are in their mid-twenties, have a good job and are down to party. LOL I guess I’m talking about myself LOL.”

-Eliyya Lane (5.27.2019)

There is genuinity and originality in each of Eliyya’s songs, and a majority of the songs have a hip-hop influence to them. “I am really drawn to trap beats even though I don’t listen to a lot of trap music. The producers that I work with and that I choose to work with have hip hop and jazz backgrounds” Eliyya tells me. I love the songwriting in each song, especially because they come from a personal place. So in conclusion, I really think a trap/hip-hop beat with personable and very honest song writing does make for good chill music. And that’s exactly what Eliyya Lane is looking to do.

“The song is called mind abuse because I didn’t know who I was last summer and I was searching for answers and during that process I was dabbling into different mind abusing things. Through the abuse I put myself through, be it depression, self judgement, self pity, etc., I found the love inside my heart that had been there the whole time and I was just pushing it deep down somewhere inside me where I couldn’t get to it.”

-Eliyya Lane

After her musician name change, Eliyya has a lot planned for the future. Her goal will always be “I want my music and I believe my music has the power to inspire people walking on this planet” she says. She has a new song and music video called Fake coming out June 14th, 2019. At the moment, she has over 6k followers on Instagram and growing, so her social media presence is growing. Her favorite song out of the 13 recorded songs that she is working on right now that is not Fake is Feelin On You… “We literally just wrote that song two weeks ago and I’m obsessed with it” she remarks.

“My plans for the future are to form new and beautiful everlasting friendships with good people who see the same vision as me and to change the world in a good way. Because I only have a short amount of time on this planet and I’ve got to make the most of it and I believe my music is the tool to help me do that. The music is just the tool.”

-Eliyya Lane

Another goal is to “tour with the music I have and spread the good news. I want to perform at every single festival across North America and spread the good news. I want people to get off their antidepressants and I want them to be inspired and find good people that they can depend on” Eliyya says.

I want to thank this amazing and awesome musician/person for staying in touch with me. She is truly a great upcoming musician! If you like what I said about her then please go follow her on Instagram and Facebook. I will keep everyone updated on Facebook (@uneditedmb) and Instagram (@unedited_music_blog). Have a great weekend, and go Bruins!

Fake (2019) by Eliyya Lane [coming June 14th, 2019]

Overall: 5/5

Thinking About You: 5/5

Vibes: 5/5

Mind Abuse: 5/5

You Love Me: 5/5

Top Song: Mind Abuse (2018)

Radio for June [unedited] Music Review

Untitled image (9)

An ambient electronic beat with drums in the background and a smooth/echo-like vocals with acoustic guitar riffs also in the background. This is what most of Radio for June‘s songs sound like… Relaxing… Calm… And peaceful, almost as if Thomas and Stephen LaVine are helping you through the emotions of each song. These songs are beautifully made and, although they can sound repetitive, be listened in moments of reflection.

Just like many artists I have reviewed in the past, brothers Thomas and Stephen LaVine always saw music as a way to find meaning in their lives. Thomas recalls beginning to play the drums at around 6 or 7 years old. They draw influences from a wide range of musicians, such as Bear’s Den, The 1975, and The Paper Kites. Thomas feels this eclectic taste of music reflects in their own productions. The boys have a got a good amount of listeners on Spotify (349 monthly listeners) and their songs have gotten a good amount of listens. Distant Days currently stands at their most listened with over 20k listens. 

“I think we just wanted to (start producing music) because we love it. But if we had to choose, probably the Paper Kites (were the reasons why we started).”

Thomas Lavine 

After listening to all of Radio for June’s Spotify music, I got to see that the boys are really not focusing too much on their instrumental sound. Don’t get me wrong, I like how they are instrumentally but it definitely sounds more geared towards vocals and songwriting. They both have perfect voices for their desired sound, and chill pop definitely seems to be working for them. My favorite songs are either Lorelai or It Was There, but Not For Me because the songs both compliment their overall sound… That being vocally emotional, complimentary drum and guitar, and electronic chill beat. I am interested to hear more songs that sound like these, because I certainly think they have driven home their ability to make good acoustic songs like Dysania and Canyons

What is your favorite song?

Stephen: Everything Can Burn

Thomas: either Miami or Lorelai

This is another article I have put off for a while now, so I don’t know where they are at with their music production wise. I assume they are still working on their songs, but seeing that they haven’t released anything… I just don’t know what they’re up to right now. I’ll keep everyone updated on Facebook and Instagram!

I would like to thank Thomas and Stephen Lavine for keeping in touch with me, and for sending me their music to review. Please feel free to like them on Facebook, and listen to their music on Spotify and SoundCloud!

Untitled image (3)

Overall: 4.5/5

Canyons: 4/5

It Was There, But Not for Me: 5/5

Miami: 4.2/5

Color: 4.5/5

Black Ice: 4.7/5

Glow In The Dark: 5/5

Where Home Is: 4.5/5

Top Song: It Was There, but Not For Me (2018)


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Being [unedited] Music Review

Original UMB Review

Within a tone of darkness, Being seems to have a lot of room for a deep understanding of things a lot of musicians struggle portraying in other genres. “We write songs from a very authentic place, looking retrospectively at real-life events that are often uncomfortable to talk about,” they tell me. Their vocals are unlike any other I have heard, and are meant to be very raw and authentic. Rage is a perfect depiction of what Being is trying to symbolize, and I believe they’ve successfully done this within their music video.

To the two who form Being, music is a form of natural self-expression that has turned into a necessary part of their lives. “It’s a part of who we are and always will be,” they explain to me. After announcing their debut album shortly following our interview in November 2017, the two have played a show in Iceland in March 2018 as well as shows across the UK. Other events that happened after our interview was the release of Rage’s music video, which came out on 11/17/2019.

“We don’t consciously have a genre in mind when we write so we find it hard to define ourselves in a specific genre, we just make music that’s genuine to us. Once after a show once we got described as ‘dark but interesting’ and we think that’s a very good description of what we do.”

Being (11/3/2017)

Every band has a very unique element and/or voice, and that’s usually what makes the most profound musicians go far in the music industry. Being are grateful to depict to their listeners and fans their dark tone. They are content to release personable and minimalistic music, such as Over which has a very intense feel to it’s music video. “It’s written from the perspective of suffering from a long term illness which I’m now fully recovered from”, one of the two tells me (name possibly will be released ASAP). Happy Miserable (their debut album) is exactly what they were going for, raw and provoking. Rage and Tempers are my highlights, however, the other tracks (Don’t and Run for Your Life) are great too. Following this album release, Healthy was released on May 7th of 2018. Healthy is another raw track with the same minimal beat as Rage, as well as provoking thoughts of what is actually healthy within the lyrics such as “I love/ To hate you”.

This year has seem to bring a new sound to their creations, including You Saw Me which has become my new favorite (with Rage being a close second). These tracks (You Saw Me, For the Taking, and Brittle) were all recently released in the last 6 months, has a new element added to their sound. This component is an acoustic guitar. Rather it is distorted (like in You Saw Me, and Brittle), or simplistically strummed (like in For the Taking)… The guitar ultimately fits Being’s puzzle, and actually makes their music more intriguing to listen to.

“We feel our songs are honest moments of reflection and melancholy and the musical ambience underneath the vocals compliment the emotions and the atmosphere of the songs well.”

There is no doubt that Being has certainly pulled me into their music as I write this review, they seem to challenge people to think and somewhat meditate while listening. Being are dedicated to continue to explore new sounds, travel with their music, and potentially gain a bigger audience. However, right now I guess Being and I are content to produce for themselves and others who are willing to explore our work. Which you can’t help but to admire.

I would like to thank these guys for reaching out, and I want to say thank you to whoever reads and/or listens to their music. I hope you enjoy both productions. These guys are beyond intriguing to me, so I will gladly be updating this article with more reviews of future tracks in the future!

Rage (2017)

Overview: 4.9/5

Over: 5/5

Happy Miserable: 5/5

Healthy: 4/5

For the Taking: 5/5

Brittle: 5/5

You Saw Me: 5/5

Top Song: You Saw Me (2019)

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