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Depression is like a snake haunting its meal in the middle of the night. Thoughts of not being good enough is the snake, and when you realize that you’re depressed is like that snake eating its meal.

As a mental health worker I knew that my field is heavy, and that’s why I go to a therapist on a weekly basis… That and for my anxiety and seasonal depression.

My seasonal depression began about 5 years ago, and when winter comes around I have recently found it hard to talk to my therapist. The past couple of sessions have been me just sitting there and not wanting to be there. That’s not like me at all, because on a normal day it’d be hard to get me to shut up.

Airport’s song, U Feel It 2, is about being trapped with your feelings or a vice. And those therapy sessions have definitely made me feel trapped. But I also know as a mental health worker that sometimes silence can help too. I don’t know why, but it does, so I allow myself to sometimes just sit in silence.

So maybe that’s what people who feel trapped need sometimes…


Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Airports?
  3. Inspiration Behind U FEEL IT 2
  4. What’s Next for Airports?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Airports?

Aaron Lee is the mastermind behind Airports, the Sydney based DIY hip hop, punk, electronic, and pop artist who has garnered attention from independent streaming productions (including Triple J) and global music productions (including Universal Music and Capitol Records). He is an advocate for personal development in mental health, following two life-threatening illnesses and the rollercoaster of being a musician.

Through the journey, Aaron has garnered what he calls an “inspired and understanding” fan base. He says they are “people who understand the journey and want to be part of it!”.

After taking on two life-threatening illnesses and the ups and downs of being a full time creative, AIRPORTS is an avid voice for personal development in mental health. With his eyes set on influencing listeners while traveling the world, the Sydney dwelling artist isn’t afraid to take a non-conventional approach.

LPR Agency (Airports Press Release)

Inspiration Behind U FEEL IT 2

Airports mix of multi-genres are so different, unique, and… Different. Like you can’t put a finger down on who he sounds like.

I love the top 5 songs on his Spotify library, but I am interested to know more about what Mum is about. It’s most likely about his mom or a person who was like a mother figure in his life. Either way the song sounds very sentimental, but I still would like to know who it’s about.

Just about all his songs that I rated 5/5 below will be added to our Indie Unedited Spotify playlist, but I am still trying to figure out if I like Cheddar… My current opinion is it’s a really weird song… Probably going to add it EDM Unedited at some point…

The visuals for “U FEEL IT 2” were filmed during a unique time stamp in history where most of the world is in the same situation, so AIRPORTS decided to invite anyone and everyone to submit videos of themselves answering questions he’d given them about their personal loves and struggles. Aaron explains, ‘The intention of the video was to show that everyone walks the tightrope of this duality in their own lives, no one is exempt from happiness nor suffering.’ The heartfelt video emits a sense of unity and togetherness.

LPR Agency

What’s Next for Airports?

Right now, there are no known releases that are coming up, but future releases will have a little funk and punk in them.

The plan for now is to keep releasing music, and when the pandemic allows for shows then that will come next.

Thank You Notes

I would like to thank Lydia Reed (LPR Agency) for introducing me to Airports, he is an unique talent that has a very bright future.

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Have a wonderful rest of your weekend, and remember to be respectful of everyone. If you have to go into public, then wear a mask because we are still in a pandemic. Thank you for reading!

Party All the Time by Airports (2020)

Simply Vika [unedited] Music Review

Vika and her Shadow
Simply Vika

For the past few weeks, I have realized how toxic the way we as Americans are living is.

A white person most likely will be diagnosed with a mental health problem at least every day, but a black person will not even have enough money to buy a healthcare plan that would allow them coverage for a quality professional psychologist.

Meanwhile, the best Women’s National Soccer (or Football depending where you live) Team in the world is paid less than one of the worst Men’s Soccer National Team in the world. In other words, the USA Men’s National Soccer Team players average $60k while USA Women’s National Soccer Team players average $40k.

This past Women’s World Cup, USA won the national title. This past Men’s World Cup, USA didn’t even make it to the beginning stages.

So why am I bringing this up? Well for one, it’s not to piss people off… That’s the last thing I want to do! I am bringing this up because that’s exactly what Simply Vika is trying to raise awareness for.

Vika is raising awareness for women empowerment, equality, and personal growth. These topics are certianly being focused on across America and even the world.

But in my opinion, it’s something that everyone should be working on EVERYDAY.

Vika grew up in a very musical family, and she felt it was always only a hobby. “But somewhere on the way, during my childhood and teenage years, I heard the phrase ‘singer is not a career’, and it got to me,” she says. When she was 22 years old, she realized how much it affected her as she came out of the army and started going down her own path. At first, she questioned if she even had a career passion, but then she realized how much music meant to her. “Music excites me, music helps me, music is my way to communicate with myself and the rest of the world,” Vika says. 

“Right after I decided that I am going to make my dream come true, I realised that there is a lot of discrimination issues in our world, I started noticing more and more all the things that are wrong, from the smallest things like dynamics at a work place to larger things like harassments”. Vika says these things that she finds unjust is what inspires her music. She felt like she wanted to be one to help provoke a change in the world, and wanted to help make this world be a better place for everyone. She wants people to chase their dreams like she is, and not let other’s opinions to hold them back like it almost did to her.

Vika is in the beginning stages of her career, so it is hard to gauge what her fan base is like right now. She does know that most of the people that support her music are girls and women.

“We are all different in our unique special way, we all are people, and no matter what what race, gender or nationality we are coming from – we are equal, and we deserve to be treated that way.”

~Vika (6/8/2020)

Vika’s songs are very different compared to other songs I usually review, and I am actually happy about that because not only does it allow me to write about something that is very relevant to what’s going on in today’s USA news… But I am also broadening the Unedited music community as well!

Stigma stood out to me as a very poignant song that wanted to get a message apart, and it did very much that. I think that Vika’s voice is very straightforward in this song, and not to mention how important the song’s meaning is. If I didn’t find passion in music discovery, then this blog would never existed in my life. So I am happy to say that I also stand for following your dreams!

Her newest song I’m Trying will have to be my favorite because of how personal and vulnerable the song is. “It’s basically me pouring my heart out. I talk about how hard it is to succeed, how hard it is to stay creative while everyone talks about money all the time, about how hard it is to stay YOU in our society. So literally, it’s about me trying,” remarks Vika. It is indeed a very cruel and sometimes unforgiving world we all live in. But believing in yourself like Vika is everyday is something that always needs to come first before anything or anyone during your daily life.

“Many of my songs are very sarcastic and criticising society. I am here to tell people that if you want music as a career – do it, if you want to be an astronaut – do it, if you want to get married or if you don’t want to get married – do only what you feel is good for you.”


When I asked what Vika has learnt about herself during quarantine, she told me “nothing I didn’t know already. But it proved to me that I am not a home person.  I work the best when I’m busy. I need a crazy schedule to keep moving. Too much free time, I start losing it and I go crazy. My productivity is amazing when I have 0 free minutes on my schedule, so I’m waiting for one craziness to end so my personal one could start again.”

With that said, Vika is continuing to work hard on a project of songs “that (are) going to concentrate on all kinds of abuse and violence,” she says.

After the pandemic clears up enough, Vika is looking into volunteering more with local shelters and organizations to start “change from the inside, to physically help people, listen to their stories, be there for them, support them and help them build a better future. I want to start organizing fundraisers, collect donations and create more awareness,” she says.

These two pieces, her 6 songs she’s working on and the volunteer work she will be seeking out will be molded into what will be her next EP.

I would like to thank Simply Vika for staying in touch and waiting patiently for this article that was in the works for a few weeks.

You can listen to Vika on Spotify and SoundCloud, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

You can follow Unedited Music Blog on Facebook (@uneditedmb) and Instagram (@unedited_music_blog), and listen to other music reviewed on this blog on Spotify and SoundCloud.

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their week, and remember to stay safe and stay at home if your feeling sick! If you are protesting remember to do it peacefully, and know that I want your voice to be heard but wear a mask and remember hand sanitizer!

I’m Trying by Simply Vika (2020)

Overall: 4.7/5

I’m Trying: 4.9./5

Stigma: 4.5/5

In the Air Tonight: 4.5/5

Mama: 4.7/5

Top Song: I’m Trying (2020)

Damien Gibson (unedited) Music Review

Damien Gibson taken by rollovbaer

I was going to add a nice long quote, like I’ve been doing recently for past articles, but you know what… You can’t really philosophies a philosopher. And that’s how I view Damien, he’s wise beyond his years… And those kind of people you can’t really find wiser words than their own. So I will begin this article by saying something Damien would be surprised to hear… I was actually kind of hesitant to review his work. I was afraid that after 2 years of really exploring and taste testing soo many different genres of music, I would change so much as to dislike his kind of music. But I was pleasently surprised because I actually didn’t hate it. I loved and still love his unique videos (especially his new music video for 18 Pañatas) and his tracks that had a feel of Frenship, Drake, Blackbear, and such artists. All in all, I feel like if you enjoy R&B, hip hop, and electropop then you’d definitely enjoy his most recent album called Domenika.

Then, I was going to dive into Damien Gibson’s answers to my questions about his past… But I think he was high cause here are his answers…

John: are you high? Damien: Depends. John: Okay um so, What inspired you to start making music? Damien: Pass John: What influences your songs? Damien: Totally random stuff John: So, What is your fanbase like? Damien: I don’t know. if you mean demographically or numbers. I’ll just say my fan base is amazing and I love them very much.

I took on this blog because I’ve always had a big passion for music and invested a lot of time in my life to discovering new music. The blog was a thing I wanted to do to prove that a boy from a small town can make something bigger than themselves. But not all people are living to improve the person they were, and that’s okay. This is true for Damien. Sure the guy always wanted to make music for his career, but he isn’t doing it to prove a point. He’s doing it to prove that a dream can be fulfilled through a pure passion. And honestly, that’s really cool because that’s why music is music… Now back to his review…

“What makes (my music) different is there an overwhelming sense of impending doom. Like you can just tell my crazy side is about to pop out at any moment.”

-Damien Gibson (8/8/2018)

I find myself listening to Damien’s music on my own time and keep liking it more and more as I do. His favorite song he’s made he said is Media Mirror, however I can’t find that song so I’ll just have to take his word for it. For a very long time I tried to comprehend what it was about his music that I loved so much. I knew that I absolutely loved the alternative sound mixed with electronic and dark pop… But he said it best with the quote above that refers to the sense of “impending doom” in each song. It’s an infectious sound he’s got, and it’s hard not to like and/or appreciate it.

I don’t really have any. Just be an entertainer. Make music that feels good. That takes life to the next level I don’t know about five years but I know that I want to have 1,000 songs before I die so there’s that.

-Damien Gibson

I don’t actually know what is in the works at the moment for Damien, but that’s cause I haven’t talked to him for a while. As soon as he tells me something that he’s working on I’ll probably announce it on Facebook and/or Instagram. Either way as soon as I hear he released new music I will share it on social media.

I wanted to thank Damien Gibson for being very patient with me, it’s been about two years since the interview was done. This article has been a long time coming, and I guess you could say I was waiting for the right timing. Anyways you can follow Damien on Facebook and Instagram. You can listen his music on Soundcloud and Spotify, and watch his awesome music videos on YouTube. You can follow Unedited Music Blog on Facebook (@uneditedmb) and Instagram (@unedited_music_blog). You can listen to other songs that have been previously reviewed on Spotify. Have a fabulous week!!!!

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Cafe Disko [unedited] Music Review

Cafe Disko
Photo posted on Instagram

“(The next generation) might rely heavily on electronics, tapes. I can kind of envision one person with a lot of machines, tapes and electronics set up singing or speaking and using machines.” This quote from the famous Jim Morrison, who’s quote found it’s way on a Skrillex 2011 track, can be directed towards any of today’s DJs, producers, and musicians that are categorized under any electronic genre. Cafe Disko is one of these artistic duos, and while there’s no doubt Paul and Patrick are talented and know what they’re doing… But I’m going to focus on their undeniably infectious vibe that they bring to every track… A vibe that even Jim would appreciate.

Paul and Patrick have always had a strong passion for music, and they said it was “only a matter of time before we started making it!” Cafe Disko pulls their inspirations from many different angles, such as the artists they work with and their fans who listen to mostly pop and hip hop music.

Up to right now, Cafe Disko has already opened for the likes of Matoma, Robert DeLong, and Autograf.

According to Bandsintown and Facebook

As I said in my introduction, I wanted to focus on Cafe Disko’s vibe because they’re undeniably talented. They’ve played and worked with equally as talented musicians, and continue to master their sound and improve with each release. But what I find fascinating about their music is how easily they work with hip hop, pop, and rock elements. For instance, just listen to their fantastic remix of Heart Shaped Box (originally by Nirvana). In this remix they took the familiar guitar riff and replaced it with a similar electronic version. Then they put an absolutely crazy drop that pleases the ears. In other songs they take rappers like Austin Filmore and Divmond and combine them with crazy drops and a popish beat. They have done a very good job with basically all their tracks, and I can’t wait to hear how they will continue to grow in the future. I also want them to collaborate with other type of hip hop and pop musicians, artists similar to Blackbear, Khalid, and such.

Confirmed: Chance the Rapper approves of Cafe Disko. If that isn’t a reason you should, then something is terribly wrong with you!

Proof: Instagram

As of right now, the guys are finishing up a few songs that they’re really excited about, two of them already came out and both were remixes of All These Pretty Girls (Milk N Cookies and Flynninho). They have confirmed with me that these two remixes are the only ones that they will be releasing, and the rest of the tracks will be their original songs… Those will come out in the next few months. Their past tracks have touched on “hip hop/pop/future bass” and they tell they like the sound they’re coming up with. “We are always looking for new ways to push our sound to the next level so we will continue to try new things and see where it takes us,” they tell me.

I would like to thank Cafe Disko for keeping in touch with me during this process, even though we lost touch for a months between 2018 and 2019. I was really really excited to get to this article, and I’m really excited to hear what other people think of this review. You can follow Cafe Disko on Facebook and Instagram. You can vibe with their music on Soundcloud and Spotify. You can follow Unedited Music Blog on Instagram (@unedited_music_blog) and Facebook (@uneditedmb). You can also listen to Unedited’s Spotify playlist of other musicians that have already been reviewed. Enjoy your day and I hope work goes swell for you next week!!

We Came to Dance (Ftr. Divmond)
by Cafe Disko

Overall: 4.7/5

Heart Shape Box: 5/5

Sleep In My Shirt: 4.9/5

All These Pretty Girls: 5/5

SOS: 5/5

Lindsay Loh (Uh Oh): 5/5

Santeria (ftr. Divmond): 5/5

Love Is War: 5/5

We Came to Dance: 5/5

So High: 4.5/5

Take Over Me: 5/5

Don’t Let Go: 5/5

Top Song: We Came to Dance (2018)

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Cedric Brazle: South Florida’s King of R&B

Cedric Brazle is coming in hot to the South Florida music scene. Motivated by his ability to connect with others through music, Cedric is on the path to hit some of his greatest goals. He hopes to create a non-profit to reach young boys through the power of music. He wants to empower the youth and inspire others to breaking free of their limitations and lead successful lives.

Humble Beginnings

With a talent stemming from a family tree full of musicians, Cedric was destined to fall in love with music. He first flirted with music as a child when he took piano classes. The love grew as he joined a local choir. Today, the piano and vocal chords are still his instruments of choice, but he would love to learn how to play the guitar.

In addition to his musical grandfather and uncles, Cedric is continuously inspired by the support team he has created and the dreams he hopes to make a reality. He is hoping that his music will carry him around the world. Cedric intends for his music to serve as a vessel for other people, as he only sings about things that he feels are relatable.


The Inspiration Behind the Art

Some of Cedric’s favorite musicians are Michael Jackson, Sam Cook, Usher, Brandy and Chris Brown. He hopes to have the positive effect on others that these artists have had on him.

Two pieces of advice that Cedric has for anybody who hopes to be successful are “don’t let others put their fears on you” and “stay out of your head and keep pushing forward.” To him, a huge part of success is connecting with others.

With his glowing personality, heart of gold and undeniably beautiful voice, Cedric will surely go far. Keep an eye out for the big moves he will be making in his music career. You will not want to miss it.

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Eliyya Lane [unedited] Music Review


“I believe that my music is a tool to help people be moved and inspired to love others. The only thing they have to do is accept the love that’s in their hearts already, and once they accept the love, then they are able to give love. I want all of my live shows to be so moving” Eliyya Lane says. From the moment I connected with Eliyya when her artist name was her actual first name (Sereena), I was drawn by her voice. Little did I know that literally everything about her music… From her reasons to make music to her good vibes… was all apart of a revolutionary package that is meant to bring peace to the world or whoever would listen.

Like most artists I have reviewed, Eliyya says that she didn’t really have any inspiration to make music. Instead, it was something she was drawn to at a young age. “My mom would always play Elvis Presley in the car and on weekends she would play the top 10 country countdown music video show on PBS and I loved watching it. I loved watching the artists perform on stage and sing their hearts out” she tells me. Today, Lane is a yoga teacher and an upcoming musician that is purely influenced by what comes to her. “There is no inspiration. There is no genre” says her about page on Facebook. “I could hear a trap beat and love it and create a line over it. But then I could hear a jazz beat with just piano and drums and I would love that too and want to sing over that as well. If I had to pick some influences for my music I guess I would say a little bit of Léon. There’s a little bit of Glass Animals in my songs and a lot of jazz sounds. For some reason my brain really likes those mellow chilled-out beats and electric guitar sounds” she says in expansion. 

“When you have these different genres or these different sounds in your songs, it’s hard to find that specific fan base. I will say that my target base would be men and women but I really want to speak to women who are around my age. These women are independent, hippie, free-spirited girls that are comfortable with their sexuality and open to new ideas and are not dramatic. These women are in their mid-twenties, have a good job and are down to party. LOL I guess I’m talking about myself LOL.”

-Eliyya Lane (5.27.2019)

There is genuinity and originality in each of Eliyya’s songs, and a majority of the songs have a hip-hop influence to them. “I am really drawn to trap beats even though I don’t listen to a lot of trap music. The producers that I work with and that I choose to work with have hip hop and jazz backgrounds” Eliyya tells me. I love the songwriting in each song, especially because they come from a personal place. So in conclusion, I really think a trap/hip-hop beat with personable and very honest song writing does make for good chill music. And that’s exactly what Eliyya Lane is looking to do.

“The song is called mind abuse because I didn’t know who I was last summer and I was searching for answers and during that process I was dabbling into different mind abusing things. Through the abuse I put myself through, be it depression, self judgement, self pity, etc., I found the love inside my heart that had been there the whole time and I was just pushing it deep down somewhere inside me where I couldn’t get to it.”

-Eliyya Lane

After her musician name change, Eliyya has a lot planned for the future. Her goal will always be “I want my music and I believe my music has the power to inspire people walking on this planet” she says. She has a new song and music video called Fake coming out June 14th, 2019. At the moment, she has over 6k followers on Instagram and growing, so her social media presence is growing. Her favorite song out of the 13 recorded songs that she is working on right now that is not Fake is Feelin On You… “We literally just wrote that song two weeks ago and I’m obsessed with it” she remarks.

“My plans for the future are to form new and beautiful everlasting friendships with good people who see the same vision as me and to change the world in a good way. Because I only have a short amount of time on this planet and I’ve got to make the most of it and I believe my music is the tool to help me do that. The music is just the tool.”

-Eliyya Lane

Another goal is to “tour with the music I have and spread the good news. I want to perform at every single festival across North America and spread the good news. I want people to get off their antidepressants and I want them to be inspired and find good people that they can depend on” Eliyya says.

I want to thank this amazing and awesome musician/person for staying in touch with me. She is truly a great upcoming musician! If you like what I said about her then please go follow her on Instagram and Facebook. I will keep everyone updated on Facebook (@uneditedmb) and Instagram (@unedited_music_blog). Have a great weekend, and go Bruins!

Fake (2019) by Eliyya Lane [coming June 14th, 2019]

Overall: 5/5

Thinking About You: 5/5

Vibes: 5/5

Mind Abuse: 5/5

You Love Me: 5/5

Top Song: Mind Abuse (2018)

Oscar N. [unedited] Music Review

Photo 16-10-2018, 17 03 16

Housemania manager Martin Tharaldsen continues to send amazingly talented musicians. First it was Nikadermis, and now Oscar N. These music producers have both started from scratch, teaching themselves how to produce and make music. Both definitely have a long way to go until they reach their full potential, but don’t let that take away from how far they’ve come from the beginning. Oscar is a wonderful producer, nice guy, and a hard worker who’s releasing more and more tracks each week. I am honored to be reviewing his work and continue to keep in touch with him!

All of his life Oscar loved to listen to music, and one day he started to think “maybe I can make some on my own?” he tells me. So he did exactly that about a year ago. He began making music heavily influenced by Skrillex and Jauz, and inspired by the goal to be known throughout the world and to hopefully make a living out of music producing. Right now his fan base are mainly friends and family since he hasn’t released a lot of music, but he is still aiming high.

“I don’t want to go for the same genre so it’ll be most likely a nice mix of dubstep, bass house, house, future bass etc.”

-Oscar A. Naas (4/16/2019)

The only song I generally don’t like from Oscar’s collection so far is Liberty Cap because it just doesn’t match what he seems to sound like in my opinion. Despite the great drop, the vocals are too club-like. That’s the only song I don’t like, the other songs are good. Way to Far, Love on Fire, Private Paradise, and etc are all great tracks. The only small suggestion I have for Oscar is to try to mix up the lyrics. As a musician, typically I would want to tell a story through my music, and I am really intrigued what it would sound like if Oscar chooses to do something like this. I understand that by saying this I may be overlooking songs like Private Paradise, but in my opinion even that song sounds like a big 4-minute loop. In conclusion, I think a strength of Oscar is most definitely his drops, but his weakness can be found in how he seems to loop the lyrics in most of his songs.

“My favorite track I’m working on right now is BTFU that is a bass house track that I think will hit hard on festivals etc.”

Oscar’s plan for the future is to release more of his music, and probably getting more gigs. By Your Side will be released later next month, but Oscar is also working on an EP at the moment. As soon as the tracks are done he is planning to release them, and as soon as a few of them have been released I will update everyone on Oscar’s progress.

I would like to thank Oscar and his manager Martin for requesting this review, and as previously mentioned Oscar is releasing more and more music each week. I will keep tabs on his progress and continue to update Oscar’s progress on Facebook and Instagram. Have a good night!

Private Paradise by 2nd Life, Oscar N., and Svniivan

Overall: 4.7/5

By Your Side: 

Way To Go: 5/5

Private Paradise: 5/5

Liberty Cap: 4.5/5

Back To You: 5/5

Love on Fire: 5/5

Stay: 4/5

Top Song: Back to You (2019)

SprightXMusic [unedited] Music Review

SprightXMusic, the North London singer-songwriter, has recently released his new single, ‘Selfless’, a track loaded with cool, strong vocals and stunning atmospheric landscapes of production. As it gains popularity and recognition, this will truly be a track to impress.

SprightXMusic, also known as Jeremiah Balintuma, is a supremely talented artist with a golden voice and a charmed path ahead. With this most recent release, he conveys his clever sound through his blends of R&B, neo-soul and electronic music, lending his clever and textured narrative to all he creates. The track is anchored in plenty of choice layered sounds, making ‘Selfless’ easy to keep on repeat and one to fall for. It is an altogether talented display in a single, and based in solid, quality production, building an escapist track to really get lost in.

“Londons Finest Up And Coming R&B Star”


Crediting influences such as Favela, Honne, The Japanese House, Drake and James Blake to name but a few, SprightXMusic then takes that platform he inhabits and elevates it to another level. With production provided by Chris OG, ‘Selfless’ is a track that deserves to be in the charts given its epic bass line and stellar production. Jeremiah’s accomplishments as a song writer are well above his contemporaries and puts his clever talent to work on this track with outstanding results. The vocal prowess of this artist is evident through the relaxed, effortless lyrics and their delivery, lending great soundscapes to the song. The finished project results in a track that is a clear indicator of solid ability.

If chilled R&B accented by talented songwriting and clean, clever production, then this release is for you and one not to miss. SprightXMusic is definitely an artist to keep up with in the coming months for sure!

You can keep up to date with SprightXMusic by visiting his official website here.