Blue Statue [unedited] Music Review

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The alternative indie band from North London, Blue Statue, recently released not just one, but two shiny new tracks which are off their recent self-titled EP.  The tracks, ‘The Scent Has The Air’ and ‘Womb Wave’ signifying their clever grungy style, are navigated by their indie roots and they accomplish that with excellence.

The band have had great success so far by having radio play from BBC Introducing and working with the legendary producer Joe Foster.  This has indeed made them one of the most exciting new bands in the London indie and rock scenes.  With their track, ‘The Scent Has The Air’, it feels like the music has been pressed and wound through the machinations of their grunge spectrum, showing its insides out, evidencing something quite raw and genuine.  There are vast sounds and grandeur to the track which makes it undeniably good.  Blue Statue are masters of the sound they have developed.  The band has defined their music as a fusion of ‘the noisier side of indie’ and yet ‘the grungier side of punk’.  That does really encapsulate how they come across, and the issue of music from that sound is completely driven, immense riffs and chords, and a gritty, edgy soundscape to inhabit for their fans. 

“I Have Fallen In Love With This Band”


The vocals are impassioned and ardent to the music, the guitar sound huge banking along with the vocals. Despite the gritty, tactile texture to the song, the accomplished production has left it somehow finished clean and not left to be a blurred, reverbed mess as some other bands in this genre tend to do with their final edits.  

Without question, this band are going far on this journey they are on, so, if indie rock is where your heart lies, this is a band you will quickly find a place with, they will not disappoint.  Stay tuned!

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