YVR [unedited] Music Review


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Today marks 3 years, 1 month, and 1 day since my last relationship ended. I have worked very hard on myself during that time, but there’s no doubt that being single for this long is something I’m not used to.

It’s been lonely at times, but it’s also been a time of self-discovery. I also realized that I don’t always have to be with someone, but I realized that I don’t always have to be single too.

There are times I’ve wanted to reach out to my ex-girlfriend, but I know that wouldn’t be healthy. She wasn’t healthy for me, and I wasn’t healthy for her… That’s just how it is. It’s for that reason that I refrain from reaching out.

“’How Have You Been’ looks back at the impact that our past loves had on us, how even after years of moving on we still carry pieces of them with us. Not in a romantic way, but in a curious, caring kind of way,” (YVR’s press release from Gramophone Media PR).

Prior to releasing their first EP (Night Days) in 2019, Courtney and Stephen Stahl worked with international acts as Jenae (Courtney Stahl) and Buddro (Stephen Stahl). Courtney wrote numerous songs for major acts like Red Velvet, EXO, and Amber Liu. Stephen produced with the likes of Chris Daughtry, Blasterjaxx, and Morgan Page.

The married couple that call themselves YVR have been making music for others with a resume that includes 4 million records sold and a combined ten #1 singles, but are now starting their own journey together as a duo.

What is your fan base like?

“They are fierce, fun and fabulous.”

Songwriting for me has become very personal over the years. Stephen and I have the best songwriting chemistry of anyone I’ve worked with.

Courtney Stahl to American Songwriter (4/20/2020)

Three things that make a 5 star song in my book are: great songwriting, catchy melodies, and an authentic sound.

Basically every YVR song achieves all of these things, which is no surprise seeing Courtney’s success with writing and Stephen’s success with producing. How Have You Been is a great song that adds on to the depth of their music collection.

To narrow down my five favorite songs, I’d have to say Heartless, Unique, Pay, Talking In Your Sleep, and How Have You Been are my top 5 songs.

When a relationship ends, you always hold a place in your heart for that person, regardless of who ended it. The lyrics in (How Have You Been?) reflect on how breaking someone’s heart can sometimes hurt worse than being heartbroken.

YVR (8/14/2020)

Right now, there are currently no releases that I know of that are planned to be released. Whatever direction they make, however, they say they want to be “completely authentic to ourselves in our music.”

If you want to stay up-to-date with future releases for YVR, make sure you follow and like the links below

I would like to thank Brittany Bowler (Gramophone Media PR) for connecting me with Courtney and Stephen Stahl. It took a while, but I am very happy to review YVR.

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Hope everyone has a great week, and remember to stay safe and wear a mask if you have to go out into public. Also, respect each other out there, it’s really not that hard.

How Have You Been? by YVR (2020)

Overall: 5/5

How Have You Been?: 5/5

Night Days: 5/5

Top Song: Heartless (2019)

Elliot Lee Review: Bubble Gum Pop

Elliot Lee

Shore Fire Media


Photo taken by Shervin Lainz


This month I have focused on musicians who are passionate about mental health. If I could give a megaphone to them, they’d all speak strongly in these subjects that they believe in.

The first week I wrote about Sarabean. Sarah is a 16-year-old musician from Florida, and has been open about her struggle with depression and loneliness in her music. She wants to make music that other people her age and/or are lonely too, and let them know they are not alone.

The second week I wrote about Trish Discord. After Trish graduated from college with a degree in psychology, she integrated her love in psychology and music by making songs that talk about mental disorders. She did this by writing about what people with a certain mental diagnosis go through both symptomatically and emotionally. She did this as a way to raise awareness for those disorders.

Last week I wrote about Seepeoples. After Will Bradford and the band decided to halt their music journey in 2011, Will went into rehab because he was struggling with addiction. When he came out of rehab and decided to return from Seepeople’s hiatus, the band continued to be a voice for their fans who have very different opinions and views than most of the society. The band stood for something that others are afraid to stand for, just like how so many who struggle with mental health are afraid to stand up for themselves.

This week I am writing about Elliot Lee. Elliot stands for a lot. She stands for mental health, stigmas, and much more. If you browse through her Instagram, she has been very vocal about standing with the Black Lives Matter movement too. Her music is for the masses as she says in her song Dirt, and if I could give the megaphone to anyone of these musicians I’ve mentioned above.

I wouldn’t hesitate to give it to her.

Table of Contents

  • Editorial
  • Who is Elliot Lee?
  • Inspiration Behind Elliot Lee’s Music
  • What’s Next for Elliot Lee?
  • Thank You Notes
  • Conclusion

Who is Elliot Lee?

Music has always been a huge part of Elliot‘s life for as far back as she can remember. “My earliest memory is of laying in a red flyer wagon & listening to music on my portable CD player while my mom pulled me around the parking lot on a warm, humid night in Hawaii,” she tells me.

As a child she had to move on from many homes and friends who were her people/things to lean on. At one point she found it hard to open up to people and kept everything bottled up inside her. According to American Songwriter, Elliot said that “I started listening to music that really spoke to me and I realized that I could use music as an outlet for myself”. As a result, she pulled out her ukulele and put her thoughts and feelings on paper as she played various chords.

Today Elliot doesn’t only have music to help her with her baggage, she also has fan base that is like a family. “It feels like life put us through so much & one of our rewards for surviving so long is this comfortable little community of fellow misfits, a place where we can finally feel understood & safe. That’s what it is for me, at least. I hope others feel the same,” Elliot says about her fan base.

(At one point) I went through a really dark time in my life, music felt like the only friend I could turn to. I started using songwriting as a means of venting & coping with my experiences. Since then, creating music has kind of become a survival tactic for me.

Elliot Lee (8/5/2020)

Inspiration Behind Elliot Lee’s Music

There are many people in society that struggle to keep a smile on their face without masking their emotions. There are also many people in society who don’t struggle to keep a smile on their face without masking their emotions. But what music does for everyone rather they like it or not is so powerful. Music finds that happy medium.

Elliot explains that Upside Down is “a deep dive into what it feels like to go through hardships & continually struggle to get out of bed while grappling with all the ‘what if’s’. What if l didn’t care so much about others’ opinions? What if l didn’t always feel inadequate? If I didn’t struggle with all of this, maybe 8 would be strong enough to lead my bubblegum soldiers to the top of the world, but for now I’m content with keeping them company down here. :)”

Music like hers is why so many people like myself consider music as an essential piece of their life, if there was no music then there is no coping strategies, no meaning to life, no purpose to share our thoughts or opinions, etc. This is why I admire her so much, and even the word “admires” doesn’t do the justice of how much her music means to me and so many others.

Four years ago I saw so few reasons to live. I felt like my voice wasn’t worth being heard, so I kept everything behind a closed door. But since finding this outlet, I’ve been able to help people, and that alone is my new reason to live…. I want people to hear my music & know that they deserve to be heard too.

Elliot Lee

What’s Next for Elliot Lee?

Elliot wants to continue making music that allows her listeners to have a safe space, but she also wants to try new things as well. “I sort of just plan to go in whatever direction feels fun & true to who I am as a person!” she says.

But for now, the pandemic is quite literally putting a pause to everything. She wants to meet her fans, but right now she’ll have to wait. However, that is not stopping her from writing and other creative things.

I implore everyone who enjoy her work as much as I do to click on the links below, and keep an eye on them for more content in the future!

Thank You Notes

Not to make Elliot feel bad, but this article literally took over a year to prepare. The reason why it took so long was because Elliot had a lot of moving pieces happening within that year. Long story short, I eventually tracked her down through her record label (Photo Finish Records). Who may I say are very nice and professional people! At the end of the day, everyone including myself is happy, and I wouldn’t of had it any other way.

Elliot Lee’s links:

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Have a wonderful week, and remember to respect other people and to stay safe. If you feel sick then stay home until a doctor or medical professional clears you. If you have to go into public also remember to wear a mask.

GoodBadUgly by Elliot Lee (2020)

Trish Discord Review: Educational Rock

Trish Discord




One of Trish‘s favorite bands is Green Day, not that there newest music is great… Because it definitely isn’t. They definitely are notable for their amazing debut album Dookie. If you listen to a lot of their most famous tunes like Basket Case, Longview, Brain Stew, and Welcome to Paradise talks about something on the lines of what Billie Joe Armstrong opened up about when he was 20.

According to many sources who quoted Billie directly, he felt a form of mid-life crisis were he genuinely thought he was going to die at an early age. That thought process has been in his head ever since.

So as a result, he made music that reflected his thought process. One could even make a case that he was making music about something that he was about, because most of the time that’s all he thought about for a good period of time in his life.

That’s exactly what Trish Discord did when writing her debut album Is This my Mental Breakdown. She took two of her passions, psychology and music, and combined them into a hybrid.

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Trish Discord?
  3. Inspiration Behind Is This My Mental Breakdown?
  4. What’s Next for Trish Discord?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Trish Discord?

In the beginning Trish started to write music in order to release emotions and connect with other people. After studying psychology in college she realized she had a unique opportunity that allowed her to intertwine the world of mental health into her music.

So quite literally she took the mother f***ing DSM V and made songs about some of the most commonly known diagnosis.

Trish has garnered (my new favorite word) a large audience of musicians and 90’s rock fans to, because afterall Trish‘s music does sound like something the Cranberries would make back in the day.

I started to write songs as a way to release my emotions and decided I could connect with others. I also knew I had a unique background having studied psych so I could write songs about that.

Trish Discord (8/1/2020)

Inspiration Behind Is This My Mental Breakdown?

Although Trish says it wasn’t hard too hard to use the DSM as a reference to make the songs on her first album, “it was actually hard to get the emotional part correct with each song because I knew it had to be realistic and also factual.” As a result she leaned on most of her friends who have struggled with some of these diagnosis in the past.

The human mind is a fascinating thing, especially to a large majority of people who decide to make a living out of helping people just like Trish and I. I definitely applaud her for taking her passions and molding it into a new way of raising awareness for a subject that has been stigmatized for way too long.

I, myself, have already shared about my struggles with anxiety, a horrible terrible beast that can sneak up on someone at any point in their day or life. Now I could give you the definition of anxiety according to the DSM, but lets be honest… No one wants me to because everyone genuinely knows what anxiety is. However, as common as it is, anxiety is just as stigmatized as every other mental disorder.

People who do not fully understand anxiety think it’s not an actual medical illness, even though it is a common diagnosis given by a doctor or professional.

People also think that people with anxiety can just snap out of it if they want to. However, I doubt a person having an anxiety attack can just snap out of it they want to.

I find that the DSM can be very misleading if you are trying to look for answers on why you behave the way you do. I’m not saying that people with depression are depressed because the DSM told them they were. What I’m saying is… That’s not what it’s there for.

In my personal opinion, the DSM is there for two things… 1. For medical personal who are required to diagnose DMH clients, and 2. to show that other people in the world also suffer from these symptoms in more or less the same way.

So while Trish Discord’s album is a great way to raise awareness for mental health, I highly suggest that people stay away from diagnosing themselves for various reasons that can lead to various thinking patterns.

Social is about depression and the stigma that people with it face from their close circle and society.

Trish Discord

What’s Next for Trish Discord?

So what is next for Trish Discord? “I want it to stay indie and if I could achieve something where I could live off my music or make a profit while connecting with a fan base that would be the dream,” Trish tells me. 

While that’s a basic goal for a lot of musicians, it quite honestly isn’t a goal that is often achieved. For that reason, she is pushing as hard as she can to get her music as much exposure as it can get.

She is also aiming to continue raising awareness for mental health in her music. Trish plans to release in the near future another album talking about how the 2016 election had affected people and herself personally.

While she is trying to save up to produce and record this album, you can follow the links below to stay up to date on the progress she is making towards this next album.

Thank You Notes

I would like to thank Trish Discord for keeping in touch with me up, she is a great person, and I am looking forward to working with her in the future.

Trish Discord links:

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Have a wonderful week ahead, and remember to respect each other no matter your differences. When you go out wear a mask, and if you’re sick then stay home… You know the rest, I’ve said it many times before!

Is This My Mental Breakdown? (2020) by Trish Discord

Sarabean Music


Independent Artist



“I know I am 16, but I feel very deeply (for people who are feeling lonely)… I wanted (I Don’t Mind Being Alone) to be received (like) I’m okay being alone BUT you know it’d be nice (to be with someone),” Sarah told me when we were talking about that song that stuck out to me when listening to Careworn.

“The second verse was about a guy friend I really liked, and then I didn’t do anything about it. And (that was a year ago) and I’m still writing about his a$$,” admits Sarah.

I want to mention a few people I’ve been in touch with on Instagram that are under the age of 18.

Zach (IG: @apollo_zach27), he is 16 and makes wallets from scratch and sells it on eBay as well as his own website. He also just celebrated his first year anniversary with his girlfriend yesterday. He runs his business all on his own, sells his wallets all on his own, and even runs his own ambassador program ON HIS OWN.

Kelsie (IG: @kq_656), she is 15 and struggles with Tourettes. With over 1k followers, Kelsie stands for a lot. On her Instagram page, she raises awareness for Tourettes, Black Lives Matter movement, and the LGBTQ+ community. She feels strongly that racism in America is real, just as much as the stigma around mental health and other things people struggle with around the world. Also, she has a girlfriend and she’s really happy with her.

And of course, Sarah (IG: @hollandsaravh). She is 16 and is the musician I am writing about tonight. She makes her own songs on GarageBand, and promotes her songs and everything else on her own. She is lonely, and she hates this quarantine. But she doesn’t let loneliness stop her from dreaming and doing what she loves.

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Sarabean?
  3. Inspiration Behind Sarabean
  4. What’s Next for Sarabean?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Sarabean?

I wanted to mention these young people because they are the reason I see a lot of hope in the future. The next generations don’t have to look far to find role models amongst each other.

At age 9, Sarah started writing her own lyrics and playing piano. “Listening to other artists through my headphones for the first time when I was younger made me feel safe and I organically just started to do the same and made my own music,” she tells me.

However, it was her Music Technology and Production class she attended in High School as a Freshman that inspired her to start producing her own music. The class taught her more about recording, which she previously tried to learn on her own but never was successful.

Sarah has so far released 2 singles and an album all produced through GarageBand. She has garnered a small fan base that is slowly growing, and she is grateful for everyone of them. She says, “most people I talk to are so lovely. I read every message on Instagram even if I don’t respond! They have made me feel like putting my songs out isn’t completely pointless. It’s my mini community of people who connect with my music. And I cherish it!”

Inspiration Behind Sarabean

(Flux) was (written at the) beginning of quarantine for me and just feeling very sad. Repeating everyday the same it was a very very low point… I would find myself sleeping so much and just feeling very out of it all the time like it was a hobby. I slept constantly because I didn’t want to be present. I like to tell myself that I just had to live life simply for some reason that helped.

Sarah (8/2/2020)

I assume that GarageBand, a production tool that is available for free on all iPhones, isn’t the best way to produce music. However, you can not say that Sarabean’s production quality is very good. If you ask me, she is very talented.

“As a teenager making music right now, I’m trying to get an early start in my career. I want to learn and do as much as I can,” Sarah says.

Lo-Fi is slowly growing on me, and Careworn is one of those albums that is starting to convert me into a Lo-Fi fan. My favorite songs from the album would have to be Purple, I Don’t Mind Being Alone, Flux, and Are You Mad.

The album is unique, as it touches on frustrations of being young and mental health as a whole. If you listen to anything when you are relaxing or just getting ready for bed, then you should really listen to this album.

What’s Next for Sarabean?

I’ve been listening to more artists that have made me start to experiment with synthesizers and more bass in my songs. So far I like it a lot more than any of my previous projects that have much more simplicity to them, (so) my upcoming music will have more instruments and a bigger production.


Sarah is curently working on more music, as mentioned in the quote above. She is planning in the direct future to go live on her Instagram page more as well as putting out more videos on YouTube and chatting with her followers. For the long road she wants to improve her musical and production skills.

Keep a close eye on our social media pages for updates on her music and such! Links are provided directly below in the conclusion of this article.

Thank You Notes

I would sincerely like to thank Sarah for keeping in touch, and I honestly can say that she has been a great friend ever since she and I connected on Instagram. Thank you for being such a good genuine person Sarah, and also being so supportive of Unedited Music Blog as well.


Have a wonderful week, stay safe and respect each other no matter what. If you feel sick please continue to stay at home and away from others and if you have to leave the house wear a mask. Thank you for reading and supporting!

Careworn (2020) by Sarabean

Damien Gibson (unedited) Music Review

Damien Gibson taken by rollovbaer

I was going to add a nice long quote, like I’ve been doing recently for past articles, but you know what… You can’t really philosophies a philosopher. And that’s how I view Damien, he’s wise beyond his years… And those kind of people you can’t really find wiser words than their own. So I will begin this article by saying something Damien would be surprised to hear… I was actually kind of hesitant to review his work. I was afraid that after 2 years of really exploring and taste testing soo many different genres of music, I would change so much as to dislike his kind of music. But I was pleasently surprised because I actually didn’t hate it. I loved and still love his unique videos (especially his new music video for 18 Pañatas) and his tracks that had a feel of Frenship, Drake, Blackbear, and such artists. All in all, I feel like if you enjoy R&B, hip hop, and electropop then you’d definitely enjoy his most recent album called Domenika.

Then, I was going to dive into Damien Gibson’s answers to my questions about his past… But I think he was high cause here are his answers…

John: are you high? Damien: Depends. John: Okay um so, What inspired you to start making music? Damien: Pass John: What influences your songs? Damien: Totally random stuff John: So, What is your fanbase like? Damien: I don’t know. if you mean demographically or numbers. I’ll just say my fan base is amazing and I love them very much.

I took on this blog because I’ve always had a big passion for music and invested a lot of time in my life to discovering new music. The blog was a thing I wanted to do to prove that a boy from a small town can make something bigger than themselves. But not all people are living to improve the person they were, and that’s okay. This is true for Damien. Sure the guy always wanted to make music for his career, but he isn’t doing it to prove a point. He’s doing it to prove that a dream can be fulfilled through a pure passion. And honestly, that’s really cool because that’s why music is music… Now back to his review…

“What makes (my music) different is there an overwhelming sense of impending doom. Like you can just tell my crazy side is about to pop out at any moment.”

-Damien Gibson (8/8/2018)

I find myself listening to Damien’s music on my own time and keep liking it more and more as I do. His favorite song he’s made he said is Media Mirror, however I can’t find that song so I’ll just have to take his word for it. For a very long time I tried to comprehend what it was about his music that I loved so much. I knew that I absolutely loved the alternative sound mixed with electronic and dark pop… But he said it best with the quote above that refers to the sense of “impending doom” in each song. It’s an infectious sound he’s got, and it’s hard not to like and/or appreciate it.

I don’t really have any. Just be an entertainer. Make music that feels good. That takes life to the next level I don’t know about five years but I know that I want to have 1,000 songs before I die so there’s that.

-Damien Gibson

I don’t actually know what is in the works at the moment for Damien, but that’s cause I haven’t talked to him for a while. As soon as he tells me something that he’s working on I’ll probably announce it on Facebook and/or Instagram. Either way as soon as I hear he released new music I will share it on social media.

I wanted to thank Damien Gibson for being very patient with me, it’s been about two years since the interview was done. This article has been a long time coming, and I guess you could say I was waiting for the right timing. Anyways you can follow Damien on Facebook and Instagram. You can listen his music on Soundcloud and Spotify, and watch his awesome music videos on YouTube. You can follow Unedited Music Blog on Facebook (@uneditedmb) and Instagram (@unedited_music_blog). You can listen to other songs that have been previously reviewed on Spotify. Have a fabulous week!!!!

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Miles V [unedited] Music Review

Miles V. (Press Photo, 2018)

According to the UK’s Mental Health Foundation, 1 in 6 people for the past week has experienced a common mental health problem. At least most of this population receives help and have a higher chance to overcome or better cope with their condition, but please remember… That’s in the UK, a totally different health care system than here in the USA… Either way, these numbers are small and (although the numbers are small) it feels like a large majority of people we interact with have struggled or are still struggling with some sort of mental health problem. These people can be our family members, our best friends, our colleagues, our close friends, and even our acquaintances. Most of the time the main struggle they’re facing are taking a break from what their minds are fixated on, and they just need someone to talk to. Other times they just feel alone and need to hear someone else’s voice other than whatever is on the television or radio. “It’s True” by Miles V. is about how overpowering our minds can be when it comes to our feelings, and how it can be so overwhelmingly difficult to not give in to our minds. Like I hinted to, most of the time our mind is the mental health problem we are facing. Meditation and mindfulness can help you if that statement is relevant to you or someone you know. I encourage you or them to look into those practices.

Miles started his musical journey by picking up his parent’s old acoustic guitar. “I made this simple riff that I loved and couldn’t stop playing it,” he says. Then in middle school, he formed his own punk rock band and started to write a lot of love songs. (Don’t mind me thinking that punk rock bands write about break ups and stuff (then again I mainly listen to Blink 182 and You Me at Six)). Today he likes to write songs about girls and relationships, but most recently he’s been writing about empathy and spirituality.

“It’s amazing how wrapped up we can be in our own thoughts and made up stories. Thoughts of judgement, jealousy, the future, contentment, am I enough? But something amazing happens when those thoughts stop or you let them pass by like clouds and don’t become attached to them. There’s a sense of peace and freedom that comes with the present moment.”
-Miles V. (1/24/2020)

With a fan base of ages from 16-35, Miles’s influences really reflect what his fans like about his music… 90’s rock and Weezer-like catchy choruses. That’s sort of what It’s True is, but with a touch of pop. To me, it reflects my struggle with anxiety and positive experience with meditation. It also symbolizes the importance of the co-existence of these two subjects nowadays, most of the time people with anxiety are recommended to try meditation. I’ve tried meditation so many times in the past but it just didn’t stick until recently… And to be honest, it’s worth all the hype.

For people in the Las Vegas area, if you want to learn how to play the guitar you can click this link to get connected with Miles for a guitar lesson!

Right now Miles is getting ready for an EP to be released hopefully at the end of the year. His plans are to release a few more singles prior to that end of the year EP. I will certainly keep in touch with him to update everyone on his progress towards the end of the year and beyond!

I would like to thank Miles V. for answering my interview questions and waiting so patiently for this article. I’ve been very busy behind the scenes and I’m very excited for the future all around for this blog so stay tuned. If you would like to follow Miles you can follow him on Instagram and Facebook. You can listen to him on Spotify. I encourage you if you like this article to click those links below to read related posts I’ve previously written. You can also follow Unedited Music Blog on Instagram (@unedited_music_blog) and Facebook (@uneditedmb). You can also listen to other fabulous musicians that’ve been reviewed on Unedited’s Spotify playlist. Have a fabulous week, and happy valentine’s day to all you love birds out there!!!

Overall: 4.7/5

It’s True: 4.7/5

Cedric Brazle: South Florida’s King of R&B

Cedric Brazle is coming in hot to the South Florida music scene. Motivated by his ability to connect with others through music, Cedric is on the path to hit some of his greatest goals. He hopes to create a non-profit to reach young boys through the power of music. He wants to empower the youth and inspire others to breaking free of their limitations and lead successful lives.

Humble Beginnings

With a talent stemming from a family tree full of musicians, Cedric was destined to fall in love with music. He first flirted with music as a child when he took piano classes. The love grew as he joined a local choir. Today, the piano and vocal chords are still his instruments of choice, but he would love to learn how to play the guitar.

In addition to his musical grandfather and uncles, Cedric is continuously inspired by the support team he has created and the dreams he hopes to make a reality. He is hoping that his music will carry him around the world. Cedric intends for his music to serve as a vessel for other people, as he only sings about things that he feels are relatable.


The Inspiration Behind the Art

Some of Cedric’s favorite musicians are Michael Jackson, Sam Cook, Usher, Brandy and Chris Brown. He hopes to have the positive effect on others that these artists have had on him.

Two pieces of advice that Cedric has for anybody who hopes to be successful are “don’t let others put their fears on you” and “stay out of your head and keep pushing forward.” To him, a huge part of success is connecting with others.

With his glowing personality, heart of gold and undeniably beautiful voice, Cedric will surely go far. Keep an eye out for the big moves he will be making in his music career. You will not want to miss it.

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Jason Ebbs [unedited] Music Review

What inspired you to start making music?


Jason: My mom had me taking piano lessons when I was pretty young. I had been a fan of rock music (the Beatles, the White Stripes, Steely Dan) all along because of my parents, but I was only playing stuff like “Puff the Magic Dragon” and the Star Wars theme song on piano. Then when Guitar Hero III came out, I was playing that NONSTOP like “why the hell am I playing piano” and was immediately influenced to pick up my friend’s guitar and start plucking away. He taught me “Smoke on the Water” and the rest came from there.

What influences your songs?

Jason: When a song of mine is conceived from a lyrical stance, it’s usually inspired by a single event, like a weird party or something that someone says to me that makes me go “that could be a song.” I am somewhat selective though; if someone walks up to me and hands me a grapefruit I’m not gonna go “holy sh*t, a concept album about grapefruits!” If a song of mine is conceived musically, it’s usually at the most inconvenient time. I’ll be about to fall asleep or miles away from a guitar and a riff or chord progression will pop into my head. I’ll either end up remembering it for later or lazily singing it into my phone to try and decipher it when I have a guitar handy. Often I’ll just think, “if it’s really that good, I’ll remember it later.”

What is your fanbase like?

Jason: Well there’s my mom…Most of my fanbase is made up of Facebook friends/real friends who are also music fans or just want to support me, but I rely heavily on word of mouth and written reviews to spread my music (I feel really weird about going to someone and saying “Hey listen to me!” but sometimes I need to…). Also from Spotify stats, a weird percentage of my listeners are in the Philippines; it’s my second most popular country and I have no idea why.

“If a song of mine is conceived musically, it’s usually at the most inconvenient time. I’ll be about to fall asleep or miles away from a guitar and a riff or chord progression will pop into my head.”

-Jason Ebbs (7/12/2018)

Most of your songs in Familiar Villains focus on an introverted-like person, does that reflect the type of person you are?

Jason: Definitely. Sometimes I’ll tell people I’m an introvert and they’ll disagree completely. I wanted to use the songs on Familiar Villains to tell people “this is who I really am, I’m not trying to disguise myself as an alpha extrovert.” The two main “introvert” songs on the record (‘Stone in the Road’ and ‘Brick Wall’) were both written on a couch in my basement and my dorm room on Friday nights. I kept thinking to myself “I really want to party right now, but I don’t want to go to a party” and I feel like ‘Stone in the Road’ captures that pretty accurately. ‘Brick Wall’ basically shows the kind of person I am at a party; I hang out off to the side and don’t say much, but I have a lot of thoughts about the people around me.

Who is the girl you’re referring to in your song Average Joe?

Jason: This is the question people have asked me the most about the record and I always tell them that it’s not about anyone specific, it’s more just a fictional version of myself having regrets. But I mean… it’s obviously about someone, she knows who she is. It was never my intention to try to win her back or anything, and as the song suggests, she probably won’t ever hear it and I am content with that.

“I wanted to use the songs on Familiar Villains to tell people ‘this is who I really am, I’m not trying to disguise myself as an alpha extrovert.'”


What kind of gigs have you played so far?

Jason: JUST ONE. We played a gig last night and had a 45 minute set and it was a great time, but a bunch of our songs were covers. Before I start gigging regularly, I really need to build a stronger “base” in terms of trusted band mates and usable content to create a decent show. No one is going to house shows to hear Green Day covers.

What are you going to do differently in the future with your music?

Jason: In terms of songwriting and musical content, I am really trying to make my songs more intricate because I’ve been playing music for over ten years now, but I admit some of my writing isn’t as mature as that. I think I’m capable of a lot more but that’s not worth very much if I don’t do anything about it. I’d also like to be better acquainted with my demos before I record them in the studio because I feet like with some of the songs on Familiar Villains, I’d go into the studio days after finishing a demo and find myself relearning parts or thinking about what I could change; at that point to me, it’s too late to make changes when using valuable studio time.

Where do you see the band in 5 years? (Optional question)

Jason: I’m a bit of a realist but I’ve been trying to ditch that mindset. I can’t even see myself one year into the future, but five years from now, I want to have a name for myself. I want to be playing shows that people won’t just stumble into; they’ll deliberately come to hear my music and jam along. Hopefully…


What are your plans for the future?

Jason: I just take things one day at a time. Everyday I try to do at least one thing that contributes to my music or my overall presence. I’m just enjoying myself every step of the way and hoping it all adds up.


When are you planning to release the future tracks?

Jason:My first full length album is being heavily planned at the moment, I’m doing a lot of writing and really getting in touch with my influences. I hate to force my writing and I like it to come naturally so I’m just trying to collect experiences and thoughts to write about. The first single should be recorded and released within a few months.

I would like Jason Ebbs for answering these questions, and I’m sorry that I didn’t get to do a double proper review. I’ve been extremely busy lately and when I’ve come home I’ve just been VERY tired to much of really anything. Maybe it’s me needing to drink more caffeine… or maybe it’s me needing to get adjusted to my schedule. Either way this will be the only interview post for at least this month. I want people and the musicians I review know what I think about their music, and I’m very aware that posting an interview isn’t how you go about doing this. If you like what you hear on his Spotify then you can find him on both Facebook and Instagram. You can follow Unedited Music Blog on Facebook (@uneditedmb) and Instagram (@unedited_music_blog), and listen to my favorites on Unedited’s Spotify Playlist. Have a great rest of the week and weekend, and happy holidays to everyone!!!!

Overall: 4.1/5

Superego: 4.5/5

Familiar Villains: 4/5

Top Song: Stone in the Road (2018)

King Calaway (unedited) Music Review

There is a bar that was set in the 90’s when the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC came on the scene for boy bands. Then everything seemed to shift… To me the first shift was One Direction‘s song Night Changes. Then it was 5 Seconds of Summer. This band and song came to my interest in a matter of a few years… To summarize why they caught my attention is because of their genres. While OD were mainly a very pop boy band, their song Night Changes was a more alternative pop song. 5SOS are, in my opinion, an alternative pop rock band. King Calaway has set their own bar by storming into the music industry with an alternative pop country theme… To me that’s good progress for where boy bands seem to be headed.

King Calaway are made up of 6 unique musicians… Chad, Jordan, and Simon are the primary frontman singers, while Chris, Austin, and Caleb back them up with their own instruments. Their shared influences for KC are bands like the Eagles, Keith Urban, and Ed Sheeran. I was fortunate to get Chad’s main influence as he answered some interview questions, “for me, it all started with Elvis Presley. I started listening to him when I was around 9 years old and my whole world changed. He had energy in his voice that I so badly wanted to have”. King Calaway have been so lucky to achieve already so much together, they’ve had the chance to play on James Corden’s Late Late Night Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and multiple other large venues and tours. They have also been very successful with their solo careers, including anything from CMA Award performers to BBC TV appearances. But what is more important to them is their fan base. “We’ve been so fortunate to make fans that range across different generations. From people who grew up spinning classic country vinyl, to kids who live in a world with Spotify and TikTok. We love getting to meet fans of all ages and backgrounds, and we welcome everyone. It’s been amazing to see how people relate to certain songs and what each one means to them,” says Chad.

“For ‘Rivers’, we wanted to find songs that could help us develop a new, unique, and original sound. We were all heavily influenced by The Eagles, CSNY, and other classic harmony-based bands, so we wanted to incorporate those inspirations with a contemporary sound.”

-Chad Michael Jervis (King Calaway Frontman/Vocals) [10/18/2019]

I’m really happy that I had the chance to review King Calaway, especially since country is a genre I’m beginning to listen to a bit more of. I’ll say that my favorite songs by KC are Rivers, Grow Old, and World For Two. Those songs are really catchy, but the rest I don’t really feel the same about… I’m sure I will further down the line, but for now I’ll jam out to those three. Furthermore, I want them to expand and push their sound and abilities. They have a lot going for them right now and I would just love to see them keep the ball rolling.

“It was one of the first songs pitched to us for the record. We have the best time playing the song live, and the chorus lyrics really speak to us. ‘I know where we belong, I know where we feel free.'”


King Calaway are currently working on promoting their music as much as possible, their PR Advisor (I’ll mention him below) said to me that they were working on putting the band on the Today show. I’m not sure if that has happened yet however. For their sound, Chad tells me, “we’re always gonna be evolving our sound. I think though, no matter where we go with the music, it’s mostr5 important to us that we always keep a live feeling to our sound. We recorded the album mostly live, recording the instruments altogether, as well as the vocals. I want us to keep that element of our sound alive in our future songs and albums.” In fact, they’ve already started working on their second album with bunch of Nashville musicians… And they are hoping to hit the tour bus in 2020. So it looks like everything is on the way up for King Calaway.

I would really like to thank everyone of my readers and friends I’ve made in the music industry. I never thought I’d get to know so many amazing musicians and people. I also wanted to address the weird things that have gone on this Halloween week, whoever or whatever that was let’s hope it’s the last of them… But I have my suspicions that it won’t (if your out of the loop then just check Unedited’s social media (link below))… Thank you to Asher Alexander from Republic Media for reaching out for a review. You can check Asher’s page on Facebook! Also, go follow and like King Calaway on Facebook and Instagram as well. You can listen to Rivers and other music by them on Spotify and SoundCloud. Finally, Unedited Music Blog can be found on both Instagram and Facebook. You can also listen to the other music I’ve reviewed on Spotify. Good night now! I hope everyone had a happy Halloween, just don’t finish off all the candy (you’ll be very sick tomorrow when you go to work or school!)

IMG_0527 Rivers by King Calaway (2019)

Overall: 4.7/5

Rivers: 4.7/5

Top Song: Rivers (2019)

Rags and Riches [unedited] Music Review


Speed of Sound is definitely a hit that should be their top song on Spotify, and itś also the type of song they should consider making more of. They are the type of band that I would compare to the likes of Imagine Dragons and American Authors.

Peyton and Tanner Whitt have been playing music for a little over eleven year now as brothers. ¨We started at the same time, I remember our parents bought drums for Peyton and an electric guitar for me. Everything came very natural to the both of us,¨ Tanner tells me. Tanner also says that a lot of different things influence their songs, such as a melody or a word and then they go from there. They now have a growing fan base made up of over 3.8k likes on Facebook, over 2.6k on Instagram, and just under 15k monthly listeners on Spotify. ¨Whenever we make a new fan, it’s a lot of dedication and a feeling of ´all in´ from them. We love that about our fans!¨

¨Speed of Sound basically came from a moment where I started to feel overwhelmed with time and having no control of each moment. It’s more of an encouragement for people to take advantage of every second and never stop moving forward.¨

– Tanner Whitt (7/18/2019)

To say that I like both the original version of Speed of Sound and itś remix version is an understatement, because I probably listen to it about 3 or 4 times a day. Other great songs that I enjoy listening to are Arrival and War Cry. I do not really care for X because I just don´t understand what X stands for in the song. Tanner says that their will be more remixes in the future, which I´m happy to hear because JackELś remix of Speed of Sound is a really well produced remix and I am looking forward to hearing more remixes  like that.

What is your favorite song that you are working on?

Tanner: ¨There is a new song we recently started working on called, ´Not A Stranger´. I started writing the chorus back in 2017, so to see the song finally coming to life is such a thrill!¨

The main focus for Tanner and Peyton is to always stay relevant but to never get stuck to a single genre, so in the future they are preparing to play with different genres. They have a larger tour coming in October, ¨we will be going full-time at that point with RAGS AND RICHES. We are very much looking forward to that!¨ They also have some songs coming out between now and the tour. Those songs will be coming out at some point this month!

I want to thank Tanner for filling out my interview questions with really good answers and providing great information. Thank you as well for the kindness and staying in touch! If you would like to follow Tanner and his brother Peyton in their music journey you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook, and you can also listen to them on Spotify. You can follow UMB on Facebook and Instagram (@unedited_music_blog) for updates in the future, and listen to past music that has been reviewed on Spotify. Have a great weekend, and for all readers please take note that I will be on family vacation next week so there will be no article… Instead I will be relaxing and probably making poems for future open mic nights ;)!


Overall: 4.5/5

Arrival: 4/5

Speed of Sound (JackEL Remix): 5/5

Speed of Sound: 5/5

Top Song: Speed of Sound (2019)