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  1. Who is The Lost Gecko?
  2. Brothers by The Lost Gecko Review
  3. What’s Next for The Lost Gecko?
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Who is The Lost Gecko?

Cork-based modern folk trio, The Lost Gecko are made up of Malcolm Urquhart (songwriter/guitarist/vocalist), Elaine McCarthy (songwriter/cellist), and John O’Connor (songwriter/drummer/precussionist). The have been making music ever since their 2016 EP Unphotographable that has become a fan favorite.

Brothers by The Lost Gecko Review

Brothers is a song that talks about community and compassion for our fellow human beings in time of need. The song is inspired by the story of the Choctaw Native American tribe which raised $170 for the plight of the Irish during the famine, even though the USA was in it’s very own poverty struggle. Malcolm reflects that the song was being played for 4 years, and has just now been recorded. Brothers was mixed and produced by John Burke at the Claycastle Studios and Nils Elders at Blairwood Studios.

What’s Next for The Lost Gecko?

There are no known plans for future releases, but there’s no doubt they are working on more material! Follow and like the links below to stay up to date.


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